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Morticia’s Look Alike?!

Dear Lord, I now officially look like Morticia Addams!!!! I’ve just dyed my hair black-burgandy and it reflected very badly on my skin color! My skin is fair and I look like a ghost :/ I ain’t gonna re-dye it again! I think I will just play the role of Morticia for a while and then I will think of changing it 😛

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No Season 5 for HEROES, but!!!!

This is really not fair! Like seriously not fair 😦 How could they do thaaaaaaaaat!!! I’m really pissed off! Canceling FlashForward by ABC is something I had to deal with but now HEROES gets cancelled by NBC!!!! I’m hurt, really hurt, such stupid shows like LOST and Vampire Diaries and Paris Hilton’s stupid reality show get to air but a mind-blowing tv show like HEROES gets to be axed!!!!! But they said that their will be a 2 or 4 hour event to wrap up the series which will air mid-season! Does that count for something?! Hell NO, i’m not satisfied!

No Peter, No Sylar . . . How will I be able to survive??!! I love these 2 😦


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