That’s IT

That’s IT,,,,I’m starving myself!!! It’s the best solution right now. I’ve tried many things but they ain’t working so starvation is the right thing to do!

I’m gonna be living on water, coffee, juice, & soup. That’s it nothing more and nothing less! and i wish that i will become anorexic fora couple of months! Just a couple of months, it won’t hurt me at all! I’ve said it once to my aunt but she said say elhemdella (thank god) that u’re healthy! Okay, thank god i’m healthy but being anorexic isn’t smth bad!!!! Actually it’s smth good for chubby people like me šŸ™‚

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20 thoughts on “That’s IT

  1. Moody Panties

    WHATT !!!!! R U CRAAZYYY !! ur not fat nor chubby !! get a life and eat !! cuz that picture is disgusting

  2. Yaaaaay yala me too mn hl dgeega

  3. You can eat normally but try skipping dinner, I usually have breakfast, then snack, then a big lunch and a snack around6 and that’s it until the day after.. IF i get hungry at night i usually drink some herbal tea or get myself busy ..

  4. Mooodyyy: i am :S i need to faint or go into a come to feel that im dieting for real lol

    DK: yalla foga, im starting today and let’s see if i can make it šŸ˜›

    Zabooo6a: Herbals aint good for my stomache, and im eatinf normally means getting fatter for me šŸ˜€

  5. i cant lol to this >:?

  6. …. That’s insane! I prefere to be fat than to be just skin and bones!!

  7. lol the picture’s gross! but i know that feeling i used to always say i wanna starve myself and wanna b anorexic 7imdila wilshikir..bas mu gadha! i love chocolate too much to go thru with i do diet care:P and im not even fat just zawa2id bil mukan ilghala6..i cant believe just a few years ago i wanted to gain weight! i wanna take it all back

    • im hungryyyyy right and now and i only ate a tiny brown bread sandwich with biscuits :/ im hoping that i can hang on til night šŸ˜›

      and the picture is sexyyyyyy šŸ˜€

  8. Sarah

    Hey Sarah,

    Shekla you flopped on your diet lol :p. Shoot me an email and i’ll help you out so that you can jumpstart your diet following a simple plan and lose a good 10-15lbs the first month depending on how much you weigh that is. The program I followed kept me full and easily lost the weight now i’m just living healthy.

    • not shakla ella mn galb *hungry face*, i really dunno what to do?!!

      I’m very hugry right now :S

  9. I get this feeling when I watch gossip girl …b3dain at3awath mn blees :p…. so what have you been watching l8ly :p?

    • lol well a couple of days ago i watched a movie for Kareena Kapoor and God she has lost alot of weiht and became really skinny, thats when i decided to starve myself šŸ˜›

  10. wet knickers

    kareena kapoor apparently got a lot of cosmetic surgery – weight loss ;p ;p
    and and!!!
    i want the plan where i can lost 10-15 pounds…
    can you ask you friend to hook me upp pleasee??? ;p

    • hahaha Damn her, she became really sexy!!! I think it’s the saifu-effect šŸ˜› get urself one lie him and u will start losing like u’ve never lost before šŸ˜›

      a nice reader of my blog sent me a diet plan, if u want it plz let me know šŸ™‚

  11. wet knickers

    please please please send me the plann!!!!
    i would love it!!!!
    the 10-15 pounds weight loss in the first month plan (which i already asked fer eh???)
    ;p ;p
    send it my way pleaseee ;p ;p
    get my email/number from Moody Panties ;p ;p
    i got whatsapp šŸ˜€

    • Finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy šŸ™‚ congrats hehe

      I can see ur email from here lol and i will send it to u asap šŸ˜€

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