Obika-Italian Cuisine

Powder smsed after work to meet at The Avenues and eat in her favorite place Obika-Italian cuisine. She introduced me to it long time ago but then I wasn’t blogging 🙂 Today, I tried new things in the menu and I had the opportunity to take pictures and introduce those who haven’t tried it to this amazing Italian Cuisine where you can taste the best Mozzarella pizza ever among other things 🙂

Pictures if the Place;


And here are some pictures of our order;

Italian Soda avec Grenadine

Fried Mozzarella, Zucchini & Eggplant

Best French Fries ever 🙂

Lightest Pizza ever

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23 thoughts on “Obika-Italian Cuisine

  1. lord have mercy 3ala me3detek woman! masha2a alllllllllllllah walla at work if you say am hungry i will beat you! let’s get back the main question, who’s the you know what?!

    • I’m depressed :/ and HALT is one of the reasons!!!! khalas im starving myself starting tomorrow and when u come back u’ll find me dead 😐

    • 3 or 2 or the one and only?! LOL

  2. Saku

    My sis went there and tries thier main dish >>something goes with pasta madre..and loved it..and looooved the staff..Bel 3afia ;D

    • yeaaah their staff is friendly and their food is yummy, beside the place is very quiet 🙂

      allah y3afech

  3. احب الاكل الايطالي وشكله يشوق..

    بالعافيه يارب..

  4. I waaaaaaaant, laish ma5athaiteeni weyaj !
    Tawney re7t avenues 5thaina yougurt men napket o rdaina elbait 😦
    I need to go out properly after the lousy examz 😦

    • hehe it was a random 6al3a 🙂 and i ate icy yogurt from napket too, the melon was deliciouse 😀

  5. Moody Panties

    THATT LOOKS YUMMYY !!! hmmmmm maybe i should try this place for a chance ! weird that i have never heard about it before!

  6. I have to say, you really know how to take good pictures 😉
    The food looks very yummylicious!!

  7. Khalifa_N

    Good Pictures wil akel shakla 6ayeb .. 3awafii inshalaa .. shda3wa ma 3azamteena 😛

  8. i seriously wanted to try obika from quite some time now but end up going else where…nice review will go there soon 🙂

  9. i have always wanted to try obika but some how end up going elsewhere…nice review..the food looks yummmm…will give it a try soon!! 🙂

  10. yuuumyyy , good day

  11. woooooooooooooooooooooow

    i like it

    Will try it soon

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