To My GUST Family,,,With Love

This post is inspired by Moody Panties’ Obsession and dedicated to my great colleagues/friends/family at GUST. I miss you all.

I still remember all the days I spent at GUST. The happy and the sad ones, the gloomy and the joyful ones and how all of you helped me through the worst!!! It wasn’t easy getting there coz after i graduated, i went there full of hope that i will get their easily but since i was a fresh graduate, they told me either u work as a secretary or secretary, i didnt have nay other option because i didnt have any experience, i refused ofcourse. I’m an english literature BA graduate, how can u hire me as a secretary?!  I jumped from job to job gathering experiences from here and there until i had the courage to go back again and tell them there you go! surprisingly, the HR director remembered me and hired me immediately as an administrative Assistant in the college of Business Administration. I didn’t want to be in that post but i didnt have any choice back then, i was trying to escape from teaching, so i said yes! and after 6 months i was clever enough to convince the HR director to take me coz i was dying to be an HR Officer.

HR was boring but the team made exciting with all the digging, gossiping about new employees, who’s getting what and who’s gonna be kicked out. It was really fun and our boss was one of a kind Mrs. Fawziya Sultan, she was the best. I remember every morning we gather up in her office around her table, sipping our coffees and just chatting about random stuff. aahhhh i miss those days, it was heart breaking news we had to deal with when she resigned to stay with her sick mom and help her through her illness, but we had to deal with it! We managed to work without a boss for almost 6 months til that monster came from the US, he was American Lebanese who got fired from his work over there and came to make our lives as hell as possible! I had many great Lebanese friends and no one seemed to have any kind of attitude like this guy had. Mr. Abdulhaleem Qassim, yes that was his name (I HATE YOU)! He made my life like hell! he used to make smth big out of nothing! I tried to make his life as hell as i can and i did but it was exhausting! I got fed up and it made cry everyday! Until i got the courage to resign after 2 beautiful years i spent over there with kindest nicest people you will ever meet in ur life 🙂

Hanan Yaasin (My sweet baby, she was the first I knew), Nelli Alrifaie, Heba Shehab, Ahmed Al-Abdullah (Miss you bro), Lina Al-Qanni, Mhmd Al-Mudhaf (Miss ur mom’s chocolate cakes :P), Maram Abdulqader, Hessa Al-Qadhibi (naughty girl), Muneer Al-Hayen, Savina Rahman & Raji Rajan (the evil twins ehehe), Dina Sweilem, Amani, Dr. Kamel Benameur (you’re the best), Fatma Al-Bidiwi (miss ur fashion), Mr. Moustafa Al-Dabous (bo khaled), Hana Deabas (Hennooo), Bushra Ashkanani (my paaaaaal), Faten Irhiem, Wilma Abdel Wahed, Dr. Adam Savage . . . I miiiissss you all (I hope I didn’t forget anyone).

My temporarily office 😛

That was last April 2009

The day I met Mhmd Saeed Harib, the creator of the hit cartoon Freej

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12 thoughts on “To My GUST Family,,,With Love

  1. Nellie

    Hy Saroonnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa, Hayaty we missed u alot, me myself i really missed ur days here with us in GUST, especially Hawally Days, i missed your looking when u get angry from someone and want to kill him/her, I missed your Fashion Clothes, Watches and Bags especially those you bought from MALAYSIA (HEHEHEH). Habebty i wish you all Success and Happiness in your life, and looking forward to see u In shaallah.

    • Nelliiiiiieeeeee hehe Hayatiiii :*** I miss u toooo and yeah i miss those days (6) they were the best 🙂 If i travel again i will pass by to show u my new fasion haha 😛 love uuuu ❤

  2. Moody Panties

    awwwwww !! that sounds like fun 😀
    no wonder i wana be there…..SEEEE SEEEE !!!!

  3. Hanan

    Sooooooooos this is so emotional .. really touching amwaaaaaaaaaaaah we all love you so much

  4. Miss you 2 sis 😉
    wallah don’t be sad at all 😀
    alllaaaaah kateb lena kel shai 7elooo 7ata lo kaaan mooor !! its for our own seek ;D
    inshallah we will see u soon oo bs dont right ena u cried la astqeil oo ayeih ajabel 7alawech ;p

    • Ahlaaaaan 🙂 hehehe i know u miss my candy 😛
      I’m done with crying and i can see how allah has put me in the right path even though it’s away from the greatest family in the world 🙂

      i’ll make sure that i will pass by the campus real soon 😉

  5. واااااي ايين الجوو .. ما شاءالله

    • thak elyom ma3arafna neshteghel bs mjableen edereesha etgoleen mo shayfeen mo6ar 😛

  6. Mashallah from job to another was6aat “J/K” :]

    • Only the teaching job was with was6a 😛 elbagi kella me!!! well ymkn also this marketing job has the essence of was6a in it 😀

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