Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan

I’ve just finished watching this movie and let me tell you that it put a big smile over my face and it made me laugh out loud (not all the time but in some scenes). Don’t expect anything unique in this movie, it’s a chick-flick, romantic-comedy, and a very light one to watch and enjoy with ur sister, ur friends, or just alone like I did 🙂

It’s all about pregnant women, What do they go through, mood swings, hormones,,,and how men deal with it!!! Naaaaah, that’s not the big picture, it’s totally something different, i’ll leave it to you to find out! Jennifer Lopez is stunning as always and Alex O’Loughlin is hotter than ever 😛

Watch it online: The Back-Up Plan

I liked J Lo’s song from the movie’s soundtrack

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10 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan

  1. شكله حلو بشوفه ان شاءالله..


  2. Maku

    I’ll watch it soon ;D..I love JLo’s acting style..

  3. Alex naaaaar badddaa3 !! abi wa7d methela shloon? ;p

  4. Maku:yes do watch asap, she’s amazing 🙂

    DK: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhn ana ham ba3ad abi wa7ed methla shlooon @@?! entay hnaaak shofi wen ga3ed o yebi weyach berraj3a 😛

  5. I llllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee! jlo!!! just love her!!! and all her movies!!! she’s my latina! Sister!!! I love her and marc! they rock with the music! have you listened to her spanish songs???? awesome!!! just awesome!!!! I wanna see this movie!! so badly!! I can’t wait! wooo hooo!!!! Thanks for making me smile, today… ((((((hugs))))))))

    • Kristiiiiiiieeee ur comments always make me smile 😀 hehe

      yeah i’ve listened to her songs and Marc’s also, though i don’t understand that much Spanish but i love the music! Alex will put a bigger smile on ur face, oh wait i forgot u’re married 😛

  6. Ohh! Shawagtini! I soo wanna see it now! ^^

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