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I Love: Vera Wang


I love this lady ALOT! she’s simply amazing with her simple designs 🙂 She’s an American Fashion Designer descendant of Chinese origins. She was the senior editor for Vogue magazine for 16 years, after that she went to work for Ralph Lauren for 2 years, then she opened her own design salon in NY. Her designs are very simple yet complicated, it can turn heads if they were worn by the right ones 🙂 I fell in love with her when I saw Victoria Beckham’s wedding gown and knew that she designed it.

I’ll leave you with some of her designs

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Lakoocha: Frozen Water?!!

So I went to this new place that serves froze yogurt because I was craving for some and wasn’t in the mood to wait hours to get me some from Pinkberry, not to mention hours til I get a decent parking space!!! I went to Lakoocha, a new place located in Galleria 2000 (worst mall ever) to hv some!!! Guess what . . . it turned to be a total failure, it was tasteless, not like Pinkberry! This one felt like you were eating frozen water, and the fruit wasn’t as fresh as it is supposed to be! I was really disappointed!

Mix Berries frozen yogurt was what I ordered, but It wasn’t close to any kind of berries! I didn’t have a choice with the toppings because that what was there . . . not much of a choice!

And then it became like a juice which I drank at the end! I admit, i ate it all. Only for the sake of the KD 2.750 I have paid 😛 I didn’t want to see that go to waste!!! I will never try it again, not to mention the place sucks, the people there are very weird, and the parking makes you really nervouse!

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Dumb Blonde

I want to become a dumb blonde!!! yes, that’s what I want . . . a dumb blonde caring about nothing but Brands & Make-up!!! No use for me in this world except the air I breath . . . No feelings, No caring, No listening to anyone and No one to give a damn about!!! That would be a relief if it happened! I will live my life smiling to everyone, not feeling tensed or pressured, sad or upset! Will that ever happen?! I doubt it!!!

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NBC are really my HEROES for creating such an amazing show and keeping the storyline going with interesting twists and plots keeping the audience excited all the time 🙂

I’ve been watching the show since it started back in 2006, but then I stopped because I got busy with other TV shows! Last week I started watching season 3 and I finished it in 3 days (all 25 episodes) and I just couldn’t help it but continue with season 4 which i finished in 5 days (busy working days)! The best season was “3”. It was really good for it was divided into 2 Volumes (Villains & Fugitives) . . . Season 1 was great by showing how all the heroes started knowing their abilities and powers leading them all together to one destiny “Save The World”. Season 2 was not what I expected, maybe because of the writers’ strike, but I managed to watch it all (it was really short). Season 3 was a HIT! How good is becoming evil and evil is becoming good! Now Season 4 introduces another villain (other than the twisted Sylar) wanting to expose all the people with abilities to the whole world by creating a massacre!! and it’s up to the HEROES to save that from happening but guess what happens!? and also, season 4 explains everything from how it all started (the company, the powers, the good and the bad) it’s all there! everything will make sense to you, unlike other TV shows (LOST, which is killing me by the boring plot that’s going on right now).

Now, the cast of  HEROES are very well selected, and all portrayed his character in a very convincing way, specially the lunatic SYLAR (i love him). Simple cast, with simple acting (not exaggerated) makes it all simply perfect 🙂

What makes HEROES very interesting and exciting is the variety of the good and evil characters that either develope in each season or introduced to the audience;

1- Peter Petrelli’s personality development is seen in season 3 and season 4, how he’s overwhelmed by revenge but then he realizes tha forgiveness is better than revenge for the greater good.

2- Gabriel Sylar’s vulnerability is one of the amazing things you should prepare yourself to (if you haven’t watched season 3&4). Seeing him fighting the evil side inside him, and doing good deeds were really unexpected!

3- Elle’s death was a shocking, didn’t want that to happen for she would have made the perfect evil pair with Sylar, but I guess the creators had other things in mind 🙂

4- Claire’s character is getting more and more matured, but I hated the lesbian part “yakh”! but she messes up everything at the end of season 4.

5- Emma’s introduction in season 4 added some excitement and how she and Peter develope a relation between them.

6- Hiro’s character is awesome, the guy is super funny, he makes me laugh all the time.

7-Suresh is simply boring, I didn’t like his character that much but I guess he’s essential to the storyline.

8- Angela & Arthur Petrelli’s characters portray the fight between good & evil (you hv to watch the show to figure that out).

The bloody make-up is simply intelligent and makes all the scenes very real. Wendy Lynn did a great job 🙂

There are speculations about the certainty of season 5 because of the low rates season 4 gathered! Maybe it was because of the winter olympics, but the creators didn’t announce that season 4 was the Final one! Instead, the episode finale left things hanging in the air after Claire’s stunt in season 4 finale, and introducing a new chapter Volume 5 “Brave New World” which indicates for sure that there will be season 5 (may be the final one) . . . And also the last episode ended with “to be continued”, that’s also an indication that there will be season 5.

I love HEROES very very much, and it pains me to see it coming to an end! What will I watch next? Nothing will be as exciting as HEROES was . . . even FlashForward (I’m watching now) is not as good as HEROES! A season 5, and a closure will be great to all the fans . . . We really need another season! I NEED ANOTHER SEASON 🙂

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Madelaine Chocolate Mint Truffles

I got this chocolate box as gift from someone (Thank you very much) from Dubai . . . It smelled really minty, the smell was all over my nose, I couldn’t resist it! Although, i’m not a chocolate-mint lover, i wanted to try it . . . Now, I can’t close my mouth . . . it’s heavenly, insanely delicious 🙂 I’m on diet and this is pure torture to keep it there infront of me and not touch it!!!!

I can smell the picture 🙂

This is how it looks like 🙂

Madelaine Chocolate

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My BoyFriend’s Jacket

Finally!!! I got myself a “Boyfriend Jacket”

Today, I was reading Glamour Magazine at work and I came upong this new trend (well, it’s not that new but it takes me a while to absorb any new fashion going on), it’s called “Boyfriend Jacket”. I’ve been seeing lots of ladies wearing them and it looks nice on them but I just couldn’t take the step! Today, I couldn’t help it!!! I wanted the BF Jacket so bad, I even couldn’t concentrate on anything except getting THAT JACKET!

After work, I went straight to the Avenues where I can find various stores but what I’ve found was awful, all the BF Jackets I saw in ZARA, Top Shop, River Island, etc. were really short and very tight! It didn’t feel manly! and not like the ones I saw in the magazine!!! While I was going through all the stores, I came by H&M Men’s section 😛 Yes, men’s section, and guess what?! I’ve found what I wanted, the IT Jacket *jumps*, ad there were so many colors and styles, I was confused, but i went with the Khaki-Oily colored one without even noticing the size, which looked really large but that’s what I wanted 🙂

Too Large 🙂 the tailor will fix it 😉

But it looks elegant at the same time . . . I simply love it 🙂

Men’s sizes . . . I have no clue what size is that for women 😛

Now, to tell you the truth, the Jackets in the men’s section at H&M are really cool but not for MEN!!! coz they are more feminine!!! and if, and i emphasize on IF my BF would wear those kinds of jackets, i for sure will doubt . . . will believe that he’s gay 😛 not only the jackets, also T-Shirts, Pants, Blouses, they’re all very feminine, hehe 🙂 I guess are trying imitate us or something?! I seriously don’t care as long as i’m benefiting from them 🙂

Various Styles of Boyfriend Jackets/Blazers


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Teen Fashion Gone Wrong?!

I’m trying to remember how I used to dress up when I was a teen-ager?! And all I can remember is simple, nice, decent clothes?! But it seems that fashion is changing with time, to the worst!!!

Last week, I went shoppig for some mags and I bought this Seventeen Magazine (I know I’m 10 yrs older than that magazine or so) but I had my reasons!! Nina Dobrev was on the cover and I’ve heard some rumors about her hooking up with Ian Somerhalder . . . I know I could have googled the gossiping but reading it from the magazine is much more fun! 🙂

While I was going over the magazine for the sake of the KD 2/- I’ve paid . . . I came over the Teen Fashion Section and I seriously was going to have a heart attack from the awful scene my eyes came upon!!! Seriously??!! What went wrong through the years?! I thought we were becoming better and better regarding fashion but it seems that we’re getting backwards!!! Even in the back old days, this hideous fashion didn’t exist!!!

Guess What?! I saw girls wearing such flowery pants!!!

I have no words for this!!!

At the end, I didn’t get what I wanted in that boring teen magazine except for crazy-awful fashion and silly topics such as “I get attracted to bad boys” and she’s only 15!!!

She took Ian with her to buy her Audi so she won’t get ripped off or smth!!! That’s what I got :/


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Casey James *Thumbs Up*

thaaaaaaat song got me SHIVERING!!!!! Best performance of the week 🙂

P.S. Lee was great too but not as  great as Casey “YeeeeeHaaaaa”

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World Cup Official Song 2010

I’ve been listening lately to the World Cup Official Song 2010 but I just can’tget  it in me!!! When you listen to such event’s song, it has to get stuck in your head, but I just can’t digest it. It’s performed by Akon, I know it has a beautiful melody but it’s kinda normal, not unique like the other ones! beside, they could have used a more beautiful, unique  African melody not a very usual one!!!


I miss last world’s cup official song! It was much better and you can get the vibes inside your veins when you listen to their beautiful strong voices, performed by non than the amazing Whitney Houston and the marvelous IL DIVO!!


Also Ricky Martin’s world cup official song in 1998 was a massive hit! everybody used to sing it and dance on it . . . even my own father used to ask me to play it for him just to enjoy the melody and do his dancing moves 😛


* What do you think people? Do you like teh 2010 world cup official song or do you prefer the previous ones??!

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Indian Masala

Although i’m pissed off at the increasing population of the Indian nationality at my work, I have to say my word regarding their movies and defend them . . . Whenever I try to talk to anyone about an Indian movie, they start mumbling unreasonable words! That they exaggerate in their action and thriller movies! and that brings me to Hollywood movies! If I’m not mistaken, they also tend to exaggerate in their action movies, just as in Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise being the Superhero and being able to hang from the cliff of the mountain without falling?!! Did anyone comment on that?? Naah they didn’t, it was a huge hit all over the world! but when i saw Dhoom 2 with my family they were like “Oooh Indians, they’re always like that”!

Vah Vah Vah

And when they also complain about their extra-emotional-movies & that they’re very sad and depressing such as Devdas for example! I admit, it was a very sad and depressing movie where you may feel sorrow for almost a week after that movie, but people get to dance on the lovely rhythm of its songs, like; Dola Re 🙂

Stunning Madhuri & Aishwarya

But did anyone say anything about Kevin Bacon’s movie Rails & Ties?! Nop, it was ana amazing movie too despite the fact that it was very very depressing & you won’t be able to stop crying from the beginning until the end of it!!!

Very Depressing

The latest hit in Bollywood was “My Name Is Khan”!! It was magnificent! and what do I get from people??!!  “it was okay” !!! and they also commented on how an AUTISTIC man can do all that?? Damn you people! get over the idea of “who-was-able-to-do-it” and look at the hidden massege behind the movie . .  which was very obvious!!! I don’t give a damn if he was an autistic-wheelchaired-disturbed-man! Just watch the movie, enjoy it, and learn from it!!!

Watch it if you still haven’t

There are lots of great Indian movies out there such as; Taare Zameen Par, Jab We Met, Water (nominated for Oscar), Black, 3 Idiots, Fashion etc.

My favourite actor in the industry is Shahid Kapoor (Yummyyy)!!! I can’t skip any of his movies, watched all of them, the goods and the bads! He’s so talented that people call him the next-Shahrukh Khan:)


Kaminey-One of his best movies ever!

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Movie Review: Whisper

What the hell was I thinking about?!! Josh Holloway <— Yeah that’s what I was thinking about, DUMB!!!


Is it supposed to be a HORROR or THRILLER or just a WHATEVER?!!! a bunch of people kidnap a rich kid and ask for ransom! Why? Because they’re losers and they need money . . . the easy way! Anyways, this child turns out to be a demon, duh?! bla bla bla . . . I will not ruin the excitement for you if you’re thinking of watching it but I have to mention the ending!!! This child is a demon for no reason, no background, no origins, no nothing! how is he able to do all that evil whispering?! You will have no idea, just watch his evil power!!! Okay, fine . . . but then he’s killed at the end of the movie by an axe . . . ahaaaa,,,how can you kill a demon with just an AXE?!! aren’t they supposed to be burned or beheaded or smth kinda disgusting?!!!

Whoever wrote that movie is one hell of a creative-writer!!!!!! But thanks for casting Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies . . . If the movie had some audience at the theatre, then let me assure you it was because of these 2 actors!

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ABC . . . Don’t Kill Bryce!

Have you ever became so attached to a fictional character that you seriously pray he/she won’t be killed in the show?! I do that frequently! When ever I become obsessed about a TV show, that means i become emotionally attached to one or two of the characters on that specific TV show and I do really pray that the network won’t kill him/her (mostly him 🙂 )! because immediately i will hate the show and just stop watching it! and that what happened when Toney Almeida died in season 5 in 24! but then he came out of the dead so i’m back to watching 24 😀

Anyways, now i’m hooked to Flash Forward and my favourite character is Bryce who has cancer (spoilers) it really pains me to see him like that but i’m all hopes that he saw hope in his flash forward! and i really like his duo with Nicole! I know they will get hooked up sooner or later and I really wanna see what will happen when Keiko shows up . . . tempting 🙂 So please, please ABC don’t kill Bryce!!! I know he has terminal cancer but you also have creative writers, so work it out and let us have real HOPE 😛

Call me crazy but i do really have a wild imagination 😀

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