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Yummii Oishii

I’ve read Q8 Black Market‘s review about Oishii and I was very tempted to try it! Believe me, my temptations were in the right place! The mini sushi burgers were really yummiii and nice, along with their sushi platters which by now everybody is used to them coz of the massive spread of Japanese restaurants in the country. I really loved it, and their prices are somehow reasonable 🙂  

Mini Sushi Burgers (5 pcs) KD 3.000

Kaishi Ura Maki (6pcs) KD 3.250 & Crazy Ura Maki (6pcs) KD 2.750

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ABC New TV Show: Happy Town

Happy Town, ABC new TV show will premiere tonight! Now, I have something to watch 🙂 It’s all about mysteries, abductions, murders, etc in Haplin, Minnesota. Obviously this show will be a thriller and will have lots of twists, just what i’m looking for! But I gotta wait and see how this show will turn out to be! Hope it won’t be a failure!

Starring: Sam Neill (The Tudors), M.C. Gainey (LOST, Bones), Geoff Stults (Reunion), Steven Weber (Brothers & Sisters), Amy Acker (Angel), Jay Paulson (Mad Men), Robert Wisdom (Supernatural), Abraham Benrubi (ER), Stephen McHattie (2012), Greg Bryk (Crash & Burn) etc.

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