If You Don’t Know How To Be A B****! Act Like ONE

What the hell is wrong with you women?! I really HATE the society of women! Where each one treats the other as her prey and attacks when ever she feels like it! Grow up a little bit and see the big picture in this life! It’s not all about winning the fight or spreading the rumors or looking more beautiful than the others! Life is much bigger than those silly games you think you’re having fun playing and that you’re gonna gain all the attention that you NEED!

It’s really exhausting keeping up the smily face for those who hate you just to piss them off! Okay, sometimes it’s fun to piss them off but when will it stop?! <- When all women die :D. One week they don’t say HI to you and the next, it’s like you’re their new best friend huh?!!! and the same thing happens to the other unique nice ladies around! Why?? I can’t seem to understand how does the mechanism of those mean bitchy women’s minds work? but I’ve figured out something; If you can’t be a b****, then just act like one 😛

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12 thoughts on “If You Don’t Know How To Be A B****! Act Like ONE

  1. Saku

    Wooow u changed your blog template ;D.. love the Bow..Maybe they have fam problems fa malha-5elg tsolif a7ad..or maybe cause its morning..or maybe harmonatha ;D

    • Yeah I did I was bored from the old one 😉
      ohh believe it’s nothing compared to hormones or prblms or just morning mood swings! We all hv that n we deal with it! Sm women are just meant to be mean :p

  2. Sarah

    lol well they can just go and touch themselves haha

    Some people just have some serious issues going on. Best thing to do is to not even bother.

  3. Ukh!! Women!! >_<
    If you can't be an itchy witchy bitchy, then just act like one 😛

  4. Saku

    Awww thts a serious u have ;/

  5. Sarah: They do hv serious issues el7mdella wesheker 😛

    P-Chang: that’s what am doing 😀

    Saku: u cant even imagine 😛

  6. Moody Panties

    hahahah…thats funny ! sad but true..
    I have always seen myself different than those women, cuz i seriously dont care about all of that ! why bother you know ! but maybe am different, so that means they are normal and am not ! hmmmm

    • no u r right why bother?! but if they do things that will harm u then hell i will bother (6) 😛

      • Moody Panties

        lol ! u know the way i “bother” isnt really exactly how women usually bother ! so i do try my best to avoid that, but if they keep asking for it, then watch out, the b***h is comming !

  7. and im right behind ya 😀

  8. hormones hormones hormones!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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