Back OFF iran!!!

What The Hell is Wrong With This Country?!!! When will the threats to the Arabian Gulf will STOP?! Isn’t IRAQ enough for you?! you got what you want, now back OFF! Oh wait, yeah Iraq isn’t enough! In fact, you want to conquer the whole area! IN YOUR DREAMS!!!

To the people of iran, try solving your inner problems in there before taking over the problems of the Arabian Gulf Peninsula! Most of your people are against you, and you continue your outrageous actions and accusations toward them and toward us!

Is this right?! Hanging teens!!! and in front of people?! How cruel can you be? Their mothers could have been there watching their sons die in front of their eyes!!!

Stop your non-sense and all the threats to the Arabian Gulf Countries! Do you think we would give a damn if you ban your airplanes from landing on our lands just for calling the our gulf The Arabian Gulf instead of the “Persian Gulf”!! Since when it was called the Persian Gulf @@?! It’s the Arabian Gulf and it will always be!!!

And they say his days were bad?! What do you call the days of Najadi now!?

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6 thoughts on “Back OFF iran!!!

  1. Fahad

    متابعتج السياسية جيدة

    الله يحفظ دول الخليج العربي من شرهم مع إني أعتبرهم نمر من ورق مثل ما اوصفوهم

    و موباط جبدي الا الجراقي اللي يتباهون فيه ويسمونه صواريخ

    يبيلهم لسبه إتأدبهم

    ماخذين مقلب إبنفسهم

    • والله عاد انا مو ذاك الزود مع السياسه و الهسوالف بس هالموضوع من صج باط جبدي! كل مابطلت الجريده ايران تهدد ، ايران تهدد! ماعندهم الا دول الخليج و لا شنو بالضبط!

  2. khaled

    totally agree with you i live in LOS ANGELES for the time being btw they call it LOS TAHRAN because of many persian people that left iran in 1979 an came to the states i always talk to them asking about the old era of the shah of iran they always cry when they talk and told me iran was the best.
    most of the people were rich there was freedom of speech if you wanna know more about it see bbc or pbs documentary about the shah days

    kind regards

    • I do search n read about this subject coz it’s the only political issue that I’m interested in! They were very rich n the country was wealthy! Look how it turned out to be now!

      Thanks alot khaled for ur comment 🙂

  3. Wow! brings back tons of memories! AS Khaled said, there were tons of Iranians trainee pilots in, Del Rio, Texas. In 79 when the shaw took over and crap hit the fan! alll of the Iranian pilots, along with the Saudi PIlots! were on a bus! within 1 hour!!!! crazy, huh? You know, I remember I was very little! and so many of the pilots would come up to me and say, awww! sooo cute! LOOOOOOL I would cry! and run. I was so afraid of people from the middle east. Why? I have nooooooo idea!!!!! I am Mexican/American! and My dad is darker skinned! like “some” Arabs! I think it was the way the media portrayed the Arabs/Iranians. Ya, that’s it!

    Just think… I am married to a Gulf Arab, now. LOOOOOOOOL Funny!

    Iran is soo messed up!!! wow. They’ll never change! that’s why they alll want out!

    Khaled, these men who fled to stay here, are now in their 50’s? or late 40’s.. Sad, sad sad!

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