Inside: ZAIN Expo-2 days before the event

I was unlucky enough to get a sneak peak at ZAIN Expo 2 days before the opening! The place was hot and nasty, it was like a construction area! Well, it was a construction place with all these workers trying to set their booths. A guy named Ahmed Fadhel from ZAIN was kind enough to help us in our queries regarding setting our booth (allah yjazi elli kan esabab). Anyways, what really made me upset is the hot atmosphere . . . why wasn’t the AC working!? I know it’s not the opening yet but for god’s sake there are human beigns working and trying to set all things right, don’t they deserve a cold weather to ease things for them?! That is my only remark, i’ll leave you with some pics 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Inside: ZAIN Expo-2 days before the event

  1. Saku

    I supposed to be there with dad today at 10:00 am..but i canceled after seeing your post i regret 😦

    No Regret – Edith Piaf <<love the song..theres english version of it

  2. Saku

    I will be but not tomorrow cuz ZA7MA

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