NBC are really my HEROES for creating such an amazing show and keeping the storyline going with interesting twists and plots keeping the audience excited all the time 🙂

I’ve been watching the show since it started back in 2006, but then I stopped because I got busy with other TV shows! Last week I started watching season 3 and I finished it in 3 days (all 25 episodes) and I just couldn’t help it but continue with season 4 which i finished in 5 days (busy working days)! The best season was “3”. It was really good for it was divided into 2 Volumes (Villains & Fugitives) . . . Season 1 was great by showing how all the heroes started knowing their abilities and powers leading them all together to one destiny “Save The World”. Season 2 was not what I expected, maybe because of the writers’ strike, but I managed to watch it all (it was really short). Season 3 was a HIT! How good is becoming evil and evil is becoming good! Now Season 4 introduces another villain (other than the twisted Sylar) wanting to expose all the people with abilities to the whole world by creating a massacre!! and it’s up to the HEROES to save that from happening but guess what happens!? and also, season 4 explains everything from how it all started (the company, the powers, the good and the bad) it’s all there! everything will make sense to you, unlike other TV shows (LOST, which is killing me by the boring plot that’s going on right now).

Now, the cast of  HEROES are very well selected, and all portrayed his character in a very convincing way, specially the lunatic SYLAR (i love him). Simple cast, with simple acting (not exaggerated) makes it all simply perfect 🙂

What makes HEROES very interesting and exciting is the variety of the good and evil characters that either develope in each season or introduced to the audience;

1- Peter Petrelli’s personality development is seen in season 3 and season 4, how he’s overwhelmed by revenge but then he realizes tha forgiveness is better than revenge for the greater good.

2- Gabriel Sylar’s vulnerability is one of the amazing things you should prepare yourself to (if you haven’t watched season 3&4). Seeing him fighting the evil side inside him, and doing good deeds were really unexpected!

3- Elle’s death was a shocking, didn’t want that to happen for she would have made the perfect evil pair with Sylar, but I guess the creators had other things in mind 🙂

4- Claire’s character is getting more and more matured, but I hated the lesbian part “yakh”! but she messes up everything at the end of season 4.

5- Emma’s introduction in season 4 added some excitement and how she and Peter develope a relation between them.

6- Hiro’s character is awesome, the guy is super funny, he makes me laugh all the time.

7-Suresh is simply boring, I didn’t like his character that much but I guess he’s essential to the storyline.

8- Angela & Arthur Petrelli’s characters portray the fight between good & evil (you hv to watch the show to figure that out).

The bloody make-up is simply intelligent and makes all the scenes very real. Wendy Lynn did a great job 🙂

There are speculations about the certainty of season 5 because of the low rates season 4 gathered! Maybe it was because of the winter olympics, but the creators didn’t announce that season 4 was the Final one! Instead, the episode finale left things hanging in the air after Claire’s stunt in season 4 finale, and introducing a new chapter Volume 5 “Brave New World” which indicates for sure that there will be season 5 (may be the final one) . . . And also the last episode ended with “to be continued”, that’s also an indication that there will be season 5.

I love HEROES very very much, and it pains me to see it coming to an end! What will I watch next? Nothing will be as exciting as HEROES was . . . even FlashForward (I’m watching now) is not as good as HEROES! A season 5, and a closure will be great to all the fans . . . We really need another season! I NEED ANOTHER SEASON 🙂

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14 thoughts on “My HEROES

  1. Hey , i liked it for a while , but then i started to hate it , i dont know felt like a tasteless show , weak production , they should change the Camera Crew , camera’s frame was insufficient. story is used at least once 🙂

    • now that depends til where u saw the show! if it was til season 2 the i’d agree with u! but season 3 gets more exciting, along with season 4 🙂

  2. Heroes is an amazing show. I too have been watching it since it first premiered (and have waited “patiently” for every episode since then). My favorite character has to be either Hiro (adorable, funny, and extremely cute), Sylar (his evilness is sexy ;p), or Peter ( I love to see his character development). I still can’t decide on one.

    • I LOVE YOU :***

      yesss i love them all Peter, Sylar & Hiro, can’t decide which one is my favourite hehe 🙂

  3. watch ‘v’

  4. i only watched 3 Episodes in season one .. and that was it 🙂

    • haha u didn’t watch anything then! how can you judge the show by watching only 3 episodes :P?!

  5. I started watching this and then stopped! I can’t be bothered in going back and seeing what has happened. 😐 I am stuck on lost!!!! yay!

    Hey sis! come join my sisters group!!! we have a movie forum! I would love that! email me, if you wanna! love you!

    • LOST is getting on my nerves!!! did u watch last week’s episode?! it was meaningless!! what r they thinking about?!

      sure i’d love to 🙂

  6. I love them ❤

  7. brownsuger

    Oh is heroes still on, i stopped watching it after the writers strike. which season is it now?

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