Movie Review: Whisper

What the hell was I thinking about?!! Josh Holloway <— Yeah that’s what I was thinking about, DUMB!!!


Is it supposed to be a HORROR or THRILLER or just a WHATEVER?!!! a bunch of people kidnap a rich kid and ask for ransom! Why? Because they’re losers and they need money . . . the easy way! Anyways, this child turns out to be a demon, duh?! bla bla bla . . . I will not ruin the excitement for you if you’re thinking of watching it but I have to mention the ending!!! This child is a demon for no reason, no background, no origins, no nothing! how is he able to do all that evil whispering?! You will have no idea, just watch his evil power!!! Okay, fine . . . but then he’s killed at the end of the movie by an axe . . . ahaaaa,,,how can you kill a demon with just an AXE?!! aren’t they supposed to be burned or beheaded or smth kinda disgusting?!!!

Whoever wrote that movie is one hell of a creative-writer!!!!!! But thanks for casting Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies . . . If the movie had some audience at the theatre, then let me assure you it was because of these 2 actors!

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8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Whisper

  1. Never heard of this movie, it looks creepy=good 😛

  2. I don’t watch horror movies!!

  3. I wanna see this!!!!

  4. Lol!! Swair I don’t blame you for watching a movie simply because of Josh Holloway. That’s a perfectly understandable excuse.

    I’d watch a movie with Josh Holloway even if didn’t contain anything but him running around in deserted place.

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