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Yummii Oishii

I’ve read Q8 Black Market‘s review about Oishii and I was very tempted to try it! Believe me, my temptations were in the right place! The mini sushi burgers were really yummiii and nice, along with their sushi platters which by now everybody is used to them coz of the massive spread of Japanese restaurants in the country. I really loved it, and their prices are somehow reasonable 🙂  

Mini Sushi Burgers (5 pcs) KD 3.000

Kaishi Ura Maki (6pcs) KD 3.250 & Crazy Ura Maki (6pcs) KD 2.750

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ABC New TV Show: Happy Town

Happy Town, ABC new TV show will premiere tonight! Now, I have something to watch 🙂 It’s all about mysteries, abductions, murders, etc in Haplin, Minnesota. Obviously this show will be a thriller and will have lots of twists, just what i’m looking for! But I gotta wait and see how this show will turn out to be! Hope it won’t be a failure!

Starring: Sam Neill (The Tudors), M.C. Gainey (LOST, Bones), Geoff Stults (Reunion), Steven Weber (Brothers & Sisters), Amy Acker (Angel), Jay Paulson (Mad Men), Robert Wisdom (Supernatural), Abraham Benrubi (ER), Stephen McHattie (2012), Greg Bryk (Crash & Burn) etc.

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If You Don’t Know How To Be A B****! Act Like ONE

What the hell is wrong with you women?! I really HATE the society of women! Where each one treats the other as her prey and attacks when ever she feels like it! Grow up a little bit and see the big picture in this life! It’s not all about winning the fight or spreading the rumors or looking more beautiful than the others! Life is much bigger than those silly games you think you’re having fun playing and that you’re gonna gain all the attention that you NEED!

It’s really exhausting keeping up the smily face for those who hate you just to piss them off! Okay, sometimes it’s fun to piss them off but when will it stop?! <- When all women die :D. One week they don’t say HI to you and the next, it’s like you’re their new best friend huh?!!! and the same thing happens to the other unique nice ladies around! Why?? I can’t seem to understand how does the mechanism of those mean bitchy women’s minds work? but I’ve figured out something; If you can’t be a b****, then just act like one 😛

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I Love: Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal is one of the best Indian Fashion Designers along with Manish Malhotra. He started his career back in 1986 along with his brother. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago, he had a heart attack, so I guess we will not be seeing new designs for a while!

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Back OFF iran!!!

What The Hell is Wrong With This Country?!!! When will the threats to the Arabian Gulf will STOP?! Isn’t IRAQ enough for you?! you got what you want, now back OFF! Oh wait, yeah Iraq isn’t enough! In fact, you want to conquer the whole area! IN YOUR DREAMS!!!

To the people of iran, try solving your inner problems in there before taking over the problems of the Arabian Gulf Peninsula! Most of your people are against you, and you continue your outrageous actions and accusations toward them and toward us!

Is this right?! Hanging teens!!! and in front of people?! How cruel can you be? Their mothers could have been there watching their sons die in front of their eyes!!!

Stop your non-sense and all the threats to the Arabian Gulf Countries! Do you think we would give a damn if you ban your airplanes from landing on our lands just for calling the our gulf The Arabian Gulf instead of the “Persian Gulf”!! Since when it was called the Persian Gulf @@?! It’s the Arabian Gulf and it will always be!!!

And they say his days were bad?! What do you call the days of Najadi now!?

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I Love: Josh Groban

Josh Groban (My Love) is one of the finest singers of all time! In my opinion he’s the best singer in the whole world and this is not an exaggeration at all! Those who listen to him regularly know that for sure 🙂 

I remember when I first heard his song, I instantly fell in love with his magnificent angelic powerful voice. It was at the end of the movie Troy at the theatre (Marina Mall), at that moment everybody was leaving but I just couldn’t move when the song Remember Me started to play!

From that moment I couldn’t stop listening to his songs and what’s unique with them is that they have this beautiful melody and overwhelming amazing lyrics that you can never get bored from! You can listen to his songs at any time, morning, evening. In any mood, sad, upset, happy 😀


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Movie Review: Gamer

So here’s the weekend, at the end of the month, almost broke & a dusty weather! What do you do? you stay home and watch a movie! That’s what I did 🙂 I have lots of movies lying over there, so i picked Gamer and started watching it!

Honestly, the idea of the movie is kinda unique, I don’t think they’ve made a movie like that before with the same concept! Losers or criminals or poor people are being played by rich, wealthy ones in a real life dangerous game where they confront each others (losers/poor) in battles, controlled & guided by rich ones! How it’s done is explained in the movie (kinda difficult for me to explain it in here)!

Gerard Butler is as always, magnificent in action roles. Dexter,,,I mean Michael C. Hall couldn’t get any meaner, they guy is meant for these kinds of roles. I hated Milo Ventimiglia’s role, it was meaningless and totally disgusting! Logan Lerman was very cute and sweet, he did his part in the movie in a good way.

What I didn’t like in the movie is the nudity scenes which were really ALOT! and pointless, they could have done the movie without them!

Mean Dexter

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Nail Station Salon Products

As you know from my previous post about my first experience at Nail Station Salon, I instantly fell in love with them, the place, the staff, the products, and the lovely owner Nadine 🙂 I’ve been visiting the place on monthly bases since they opened! and today I went to them early in the morning to relax and to enjoy my Honey Whip treatment! But I also went for their new nails inc products and the limited edition ones with the charms 🙂 

Limited Edition with Charms

So Cute 🙂

OPI Collection

Some of ZOYA’s Collection

I snapped some pictures of the place

I just couldn’t resist 😀

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Belgium to Ban Islamic Burqa

I arrived to work really sleepy and started my day by reading some of the world news on CNN website. I came over this news that Belgium is going to ban the Islamic Burqa which is worn by some Muslim women. Read Here

If you want my opinion, I’m against it because it’s not required by Islam. It’s not something that we HAVE to wear. But what really pissed me off while reading that article is their stupid reason for banning the Burqa. They say they want to protect the dignity of women!!! Whaaat? By covering her face and her body from head to toe she’s losing her dignity?!! What do you call those women showing all their body parts on beach and the streets of Europe? Do they even have %1 of dignity?!

Their argument is totally stupid and doesn’t make any sense!!! If it’s for their dignity, then it’s up to them to decide whether they want to keep their dignity or lose it! Another argument is regarding the safety of the public, that they should not cover their faces and bodies from head to toe. hhmmm, will they be wearing bombs under their clothes? What about the nuns? They’re also covering their bodies from head to toe except for their faces! How can we know they’re not wearing a bomb under their clothes?!

Does she have a dignity?!

aaah this is the dignity Belgium is talking about?!


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Pen Pal-ING is Amazing

I’ve been pen pal-ling now for more than 10 years! It all started back in highchool, where I used to buy those teen magazines and you see some addresses of people who share some mutual interests, you write to them and you become their pen pal 🙂

I know technology has developed where people invented emails, facebook, msn and other stuff but man writing letters and receiving them never lost its essence! I love the touch of the folded papers and the arrival of the letters, the moment you open them eager to see/read what’s in there!!!

I’ve been writing for this Dutch girl for more than 10 years now. I’m planning to go to Germany this year inshallah! so i’m really hopeful to meet her soon . . . isn’t it fun 🙂 The above picture is for all the letters i got from her!

The 1st letter I got from her 🙂

That was back in 2006 where the last world cup took place in Germany, i love it 🙂

One of Inga’s letters, she is so sweet 🙂

I know some people will laugh at me for keeping this thing going on even with the technology getting better and better everyday! but the writing, the sending, and the waiting for the reply is worth it! It makes it special 🙂

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Inside: ZAIN Expo-2 days before the event

I was unlucky enough to get a sneak peak at ZAIN Expo 2 days before the opening! The place was hot and nasty, it was like a construction area! Well, it was a construction place with all these workers trying to set their booths. A guy named Ahmed Fadhel from ZAIN was kind enough to help us in our queries regarding setting our booth (allah yjazi elli kan esabab). Anyways, what really made me upset is the hot atmosphere . . . why wasn’t the AC working!? I know it’s not the opening yet but for god’s sake there are human beigns working and trying to set all things right, don’t they deserve a cold weather to ease things for them?! That is my only remark, i’ll leave you with some pics 🙂

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Inside: The Upper Cabinet

I came back from work, took a nap and then woke up having no plans for the day! I don’t know how it came to my mind but I said to myself let me check the upper cabinet in the semi-mini living room 🙂 *sighs* memoooories of the good old days back in uni came to me once I opened the cabinet . . .

My researches & notebooks

uni books 🙂

Literature books 😀

One of the craziest courses I’ve ever taken with Dr. Bruce Merry 😛

More literature books *smiles*

No Comment 😛


What does that say about me 😀 ?!

Oh yeah baby, I was an A student! This was Criticism, one of the best courses I’ve ever taken with one of the greatest Professors in the whole world Dr. Hanan Muzzafar (I love u)! I remember taking A- in this course and in the Drama course with Dr. Eman Al-Qallaf. Now, both Drs are known for their tough teaching method but I simply loved it! Students used to warn me from them but I took my chances and VOILA, look at the grades! It’s not easy to take A or A- in these courses, simply because they’re categorized under “Literature”. It’s not like memorizing and writing it down on papers! It’s more like reading what you have in their and twisting it with your imagination supported by verses or lines from the books you have read, easy ha?! It was for me because I loved it 😀

LOOL 🙂 Now that cracked me up! back in highschool days, how we were all obssessed about those bands “Backstreet Boys, Five, N’Sync, 911, Take That etc”


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