Turkish Lang Classes in Kuwait ^_^

On a lonely Day, i opened my photo album and started taking a look at my old photos with my sweet lovely mom (RIP) and i came upon our photos in Turkey back in 2002 (OLD)!!! Suddenly, i became overwhelmed with feelings i couldnt explain to myslef!! I remembered beautiful places in that beautiful city Istanbul . . . I remembered Abdulrahman, a very beautiful waiter who used to serve our table at Sultan Ahmet Cafe (Near Topkapi Museum), i remembered their beautiful malls and streets . . . my god that country is blessed with beauty πŸ™‚

And their songs! yup i remembered their beautiful rythem and music . . . their was a particular song which we used to hear in every street we go to (Takseen, Bakerkoy) i didn’t know what was it but i started searching YouTube and taaarrraaa . . . i’ve found it, it’s called Aramazsan Arama by Gokhan Ozen . . . yaaaay this singer has a voice which brings butterflies to your stomache . . . just try and listen to one of his songs!!! you will be flying!

So, i’ve decided to take Turkish Language classes to master it and to be able to understand such beautiful songs! and also, incase i went their again (inshallah) i’d like to talk with their lovely people with their own language πŸ™‚ so i’ve surfed the net but NIL, there was nothing! i called their Embassy and guess what!!! they’ve just started Turkish Lang Classes . . . yeeepppeeee and it costs nothing, only KD 30 for 6 weeks Mon & Wed from 6-8 pm at the Turksish Embassy Culture, Tourism, & Information Office in Subah Alsalem !!!! ofcourse, i’ve regestered late but hey what the hell, i will try to catch up with them! beside i hv a lil background πŸ™‚



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3 thoughts on “Turkish Lang Classes in Kuwait ^_^

  1. DouDou

    wow!!sousou we must visit together turkey :p i think it’s a great place !! :))

  2. Yeaaaah Doudou we must dooo that foir suuurrreee we have tooo,,,and marry Turkish men LOL

  3. Good luck it is always fun learning a new language!

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