Benefit Never Disappoints you . . .

NEVER NEVER NEVER . . . this cosmetics brand has the best of the best! I’ve always liked their products and still do. beside, the good quality of their make up products, their prices is suitable to almost all individuals unlike other brands, like Chanel, ESL, Guerlain . . .  etc!

Recently, i’ve bought a perfume from them and OOHHH LAA LAAA . . . this is my favourite perfume so far! it has this seductive essence in it that makes you wanna smell yourself over and over again . . . simply sexy and seductive 🙂

why we love it:woody oriental – an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry & patchouli.

a seductively provocative scent with a “flaunt it if you’ve got it” attitude.what else you need to know: a poem to describe Gina…

gina lives to seduce,
to tempt & flaunt

and knows you should always
get what you want.

so sinfully sexy
her allure is unjust,

but as they say…
“all’s fair in love & lust.” ”

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3 thoughts on “Benefit Never Disappoints you . . .

  1. powder


  2. wee?! tsk tsk

  3. weee on both of ya :Pp

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