Happy Belated Birthday @Jacqui


She’s the best friend ever. She will make you happy just with her genuine smile and white heart. She knows what you like and what you hate and she wouldn’t bring the thing you hate close to you ever. She’ll make your life as happy as she can with all her gifts, designs, or ever just her whatsapp chats.

I’m talking about my T.V. Shows junkie friend Jacqui or as Juju calls her “Samoona” as in “Jumana” lol :P She has turned 31 last Thursday *Old Woman* :P and I wish this year will bring joy and happiness and more success nshallah as I’m sure that she’ll shine one day and become this big person in our society with great power.

As we wanted to make something in return for all her efforts and gifts to make us happy. We decided to throw her a surprise birthday party before her actual birthday without her noticing anything. So we created a whatsapp group behind her back to plan everything. I took care of the food, Danderma took care of the balloons and decorations and PinkGirl, well the whole thing happened in her house/tent and she took care of decorations and food also.

She came very late and we were very hungry on that day because we didn’t have lunch, we were saving extra space for all the food we were going to eat on that night. Of course she was surprised and didn’t know about our plans :P We bought some Elevation Burgers and made them as a cake for her and another cake but this one is the delightful orange Kenafa which was really delicious, I loved it.

We love you Samoona, may all your wishes come true. I know one is coming within few days ;)

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Lunch At The Gathering Bistro


So remember last Monday’s Gathering? Well, they had a little competition for all of us and we had to guess the ingredients of a new signature dish they had, which was Iced Parmesan Salad. I guess right and I won an invitation for 2 persons, yeeepppeee (I love winning) :D

I took my sister with me as she has been nagging forever to try this place. We arrived around 2pm on Friday afternoon and it was really quiet and serene. The weather was extra nice and made the whole atmosphere really nice. We wanted to try other dishes we haven’t tried last time but we ended ordering some of the dishes we ordered last time because they are really good, like the Mushroom Soup, Iced Parmesan Salad and the T-Burger.

But let’s check out what we ordered this time for lunch:

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أنين هند-عبدالعزيز العوضي


أسلوب روائي جديد على مجتمعنا، ربما هناك روايه تحمل نفس الاسلوب و لكن لم اقرأ نفسها من قبل. اسلوب جميل و خفيف و سهل جدا يمتع القارئ حيث لم استطع ان اضع الكتاب الا بعد ٤ ساعات متتاليه استطعت ان انتهي من قراءتها. النهايه جميله جدا لم اكن اتوقعها، شخصيات محببه للقلب. حوار مميز يجعلك تشعر بالاسى حتى على الحاكم الظالم. طريقة السرد كانت مستفزه نوعا ما و لكن ربما اعطت للروايه نكهتها. .هي روايه من وحي الخيال و لكن من خلال قراءتي لها احسست بانها تتحدث عن واقع دولنا العربيه المخيب. عليكم بقراءتها بمعرفة ماذا اقصد

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Lunch at @VapianoKuwait


Last week, I received a lovely invitation from Obai & Hill Bahrain to try the new dishes or season specials added to the menu of Vapiano which has recently opened in The Avenues Phase III. We went last Friday afternoon and I though it was going to be quiet but I was wrong. It was very crowded and vivid. So many families were having their lunch there and it’s a good restaurants for parents with kids.

I put my dad in charge and went to order us some food. We were very hungry as we both didn’t have breakfast that day. Let’s take a look at what we’ve ordered:

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الغيمة التاسعة-محمود شاكر


كل ممنوع مرغوب و هالروايه نمنعت بالكريت و لكن قدرت احصلها. روايه رومانسيه جدا رائعه. للبعض يمكن تكون جريئه شوي و يمكن يقولون شوهت معنى الحب و لكن نقدر نقول انها غيرت معنى الحب شوي من وجهة نظر بعض الناس. بالنسبه لي كانت جدا جميله، طريقة السرد كانت جريئه شوي و لكن الكتابه مافيها شي و تم اختيار الالفاظ بطريقه ممتازه.

الشي الوحيد اللي ماعجبني طريقة الانتقال بين سرد الاحداث بالماضي و الحوار بالحاضر، كان فيها شوي تشويش على القارئ.

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Sky Lounge @RBlu_Kuwait


Have you ever heard of Sky Lounge? I have, but i’ve never tried it until last Thursday. I received a lovely invitation to visit the place and try it out, check their menu and enjoy the lovely weather. I gotta say, my experience was beyond amazing. The place was so blueish with a green touch. The decoration was so classy and cozy. We wanted to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze. We took the table at the top and the view was marvellous. The sofas were very comfy, heaters were everywhere so it wasn’t cold at all, waiters were all over the place not like other restaurants where you need to wait for ages to catch a waiter come outdoors.

From 6pm til 11pm everyday they serve sushi platters along with other dishes. Of course if you are a sushi lover then this place is definitely for you. We ordered some appetisers that turned out to be awesome and the sushi platter was really huge, it’s good for 4 persons. We were 3 and couldn’t finish it all. The desserts was classy and delicious. We didn’t want to leave the place, it was really nice.

Now, let’s explore what we ordered;

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ذكريات ضالة-عبد الله البصيص

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.12.59 AM


صعوبات الحياة قد تجعل منا شخص آخر لا نعرفه. فقد نولد اطفال بريئون و لكن قد نتحول الى مجرمين في لمح البصر. هذا ملخص الوراية التي تحكي قصة من الواقع، واقع البدون المرير و واقع التعامل معهم. تدور احداث القصه حول شخصيتين او بالاحرى ثلاث و لكن التركيز ينصب على سلمان و حميد. فقد كانوا اصبحوا اصحابا بعد ان انتقلت عائلة حميد الى العيش في نفس منطقة عائلة سلمان، و تشاء الاقدار ان يتفرقوا بعد الغزو العراقي الغاشم ليلتقوا في ظروف لم يتوقعها احد ابدا.

الروايه ممنوعه في الكويت و لكن استطعت الحصول عليها من موقع في الانستغرام. الكتابه رائعه و سرد القصه ممتع و لكن يحتوي على الفاظ نابيه و حساسه لبعض القراء و لكن من وجهت نظري بأن هذا النوع من الالفاظ قام ببناء خلفيه عن المستوى الاجتماعي لعائلة سلمان و الشخصيات الاخرى في القصه.

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The Gathering Bistro New Menu


Last Monday, The Gathering Bistro held an event with Senyar company where they introduced or launched their new menu. To be honest, I haven’t tried their food before so that was my first time in the restaurant. The location of the place is really beautiful with all the red flowers and fire heaters that made it so cozy and wintery, not to mention that it was raining that day.

We were seated outdoors because the weather was amazing, we were given the new menu and we had a variety of dishes to try. Everything was just amazing, some dishes were ordinary, some were wow but nothing under the average.

Now let’s explore the dishes we’ve eaten and my verdict;

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@DallahKuwait New Caramelised Pecans Cheesecake


When the door bell rings and I see a Dallah huge bag, then I know something delicious coming to my tummy. Last week, Dallah introduced their new item on the menu which was Caramelised Pecans Cheesecake. Can you imagine the taste? I bet you can’t. Yum yum.

The cheesecake itself covered with caramel and topped with caramelised smoked pecans. Btw I don’t like pecans at all, but in this cheesecake they were extremely delicious and I had to pick them all and eat them :P The cheese layer was light and delicious and the bottom was so crispy and yummy. I loved it it.

Thank you Dallah and wish you all the best <3

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يابعده-علياء الكاظمي


هذا أول كتاب اقرأه للكاتبه علياء الكاظمي حيث شدني الغلاف و تلاهف الناس على شراءه. فقلت ما المانع؟! في الحقيقه تكاسلت بعض الشيء كون الكتاب يحتوي على عدة صفحات و لكن ما ان بدأت بقراءة القصه حتى عشت كل لحظه كتبتها الكاتبه عن الفتاة الجميله بسمة. بعض الاحداث او التفاصيل كان لا داعي لها فاحسست بان القصة طالت على الفاضي كما نقول ولكن ما ان وصلت الى منتصف القصة بدأت الاحداث بالتسارع. ابكتني القصه كثيرا حيث ان بعض الاخداث ذكرتني بالماضي الاليم. كم هي مؤلمة الحياة! و لكن دائما ما يأتي الفرح بعد ذلك لينسينا ما حدث.
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متحف الأرواح -عبدالوهاب السيد الرفاعي‎

أول كتاب اقرأه للاستاذ عبدالوهاب الرفاعي و ان شاء الله لن يكون الاخير. استمتعت جدا بقراءة هذه الروايه اللي غيرت رأيي بالكتاب الكويتيين. هناك
بعض الكتاب الذين يريدون فقط الكتابه للشهره و لكن البعض الاخر يكتب ليبدع و من امثالهم عبدالوهاب الرفاعي. فالقصه نفسها غريبه و النهايه اغرب و اروع.
تبدأ القصه ب “صغيرة” التي تنتقل للعيش مع اخوها الكبير بعد رجوعها من الدراسه في الخارج حيث انه والدها متوفي و لايوجد الا بيت اخيها الكبير لتسكن فيه. تحدث بعض المشاكل فيقرر الاخ بأن يرسل صغيره للعيش في بيت جدهم الذين لم يروه منذ سنين طويله و الذي تبرأ منه ابيهم بسبب السحر و جرائم القتل التي حدثت في ذلك المنزل. لم تستطع الرفض فذهبت صغيره الى بيت جدها طريح الفراش الذي لايتكلم و لا يتحرك، و بدأت حياتها هناك. فبعد ان قررت تنظيف تكتشف غرفه صغيره تم دفنها و الختم عليها. تحتوي هذه الغرفه على عدة تماثيل واحد منها يشبهها تماما و الذي احدث الرعب فيها حيث انه جدها لم يرها من قبل. و تبدأ هذه التماثيل بالتجول في البيت بعد ان تم فتح باب الغرفه المدفونه. لا أريد ان اكمل فنهاية القصه لاتطرأ على البال ابدا و لكن يجب القول بانها كانت حزينه جدا.
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IKEA Soft Toys Campaign


Every year in November & December IKEA holds a campaign for Children’s Education around the world and donates 1 Euro for every toy sold in all IKEA stores around the world. The donation goes to Save The Children & UNICEF.

“The projects improve education in Asia, Africa, and Central and  Europe. With the funding, our partners help schools become more child-friendly with well-trained teachers for all children, girls and boys, including those from ethnic minorities and those with special needs.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a small gathering, just 4 mothers (bloggers) and their children. We had light lunch and got introduced to the whole idea of IKEA Campaign to improve education in undeveloped countries.

Our children are blessed enough to have proper education and we are thankful for that. Go to IKEA, buy your kid a soft toy (which doesn’t cost that much) and help another kid get proper education.

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