Loom Bracelets Time with Baby Jana


On the week of Mother’s Day, Jana & I received a gift from Fantasy World. Once Jana saw the wrapped gift she started singing Happy Birthday :P

When I opened it I was surprised to find that it was Loom Bracelet Mega Kit. To be honest, I didn’t think it was suitable for Jana’s age and I myself don’t know how to use it.

I googled some youtube tutorials and from there I picked up the basics and sat with Jana on Saturday morning to do just one bracelet.

It took us around 40 minutes to do that mini bracelet you can see in the pictures below :D but I loved the time Jana & I spent together putting that bracelet together. It wasn’t easy at first but later it got easier.

I’ll be doing a bracelet every Saturday or Friday morning with Baby Jana :D

Thank you @FantasyWorldToys

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Brothers Experience


Last week, we were sitting doing nothing waiting for the next day to come to he’d to work and I didn’t want to spend it at home. It was Wednesday evening when I asked my husband to go out and have dinner in a new place.

I suggested the newly opened burger place called Brothers located in Almubarakiya in the recently revamped corner called Somo and the husband agreed.

We arrived there around 7pm and it was really quiet on weekdays, loved the whole atmosphere, the lights, the music and the place itself was really cozy.

We ordered Brothers Classic Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger and Fries with Caramelised Onion Mayo sauce. We loved the beef classic burger ALOT, it was moist and juicy, the fries were really good along the sauce and the grilled chicken burger was ok.

I’d love to go back and try the other burgers and fries sauces.

Instagram @BrothersKW

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Nomad Kitchen Airstream Food Truck Experience


Slider Station, Cocoa Room, Open Flame Kitchen and now Nomad Kitchen.

A 1973 airstream food truck that serves delicious and amazing food in the middle of nowhere or in certain places. This truck was created by the talented Basel Alsalem and serves some famous and special dishes to the public. It moves from place to place and you find it only on weekends.

I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I’ve known about it from instagram but I couldn’t go to Bnaider 267 road where it serves food on Friday and Saturday. And when I had the chance to go to Bnaider, the truck wasn’t there :( I was really disappointed.

Last week, I came to know that they’ll be serving their delicious food at GulfRun festival which was held in collaboration with KidsVille carnival at Sirbb Circuit. I’ve never been there before but it wasn’t difficult to find. Too Jana around 4pm and when we reached there, the place was kind of quiet. I kept searching and looking for the truck and there it was intront of my own eyes. It has been a very long chase.

Went immediately to check the menu even though I knew what I wanted to order but I had to see what they served on that day. Delicious food. I wanted to order the whole menu but unfortunately I couldn’t. So i decided to order their famous signature dishes. The Srirarcha Glazed Lobster Rolls & Rockin’ Shrimps with Hot Honey Glazed Sauce.


You have to try their food if you haven’t yet. Follow them on instagram to check the mazing photos of their dishes @NomadKitchen

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Salt Fine Dining at @Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel


Last week, I received an invitation from the Marketing Department of Jumeirah Messila Beach Hotel to attend the re-opening of Salt restaurant and try their new menu. If you remember my first post about the hotel Read Here which was 2 years ago when it first opened its doors to the public and we were all fascinated about the decoration, the rooms, the lobby and everything related to it.

Now, imagine how would the restaurants look like if the hotel was like that!

I’ve heard a lot about Salt and wanted to try it so many times but I couldn’t or time wasn’t in my favour. But when the opportunity came, I really wanted to make time for such event.

Husband and I arrived on time and we were greeted by the lovely ladies from the Marketing Team Carole, Laila & Amna. All were so sweet & nice. The waiter welcomed us with non-alcoholic Champagne and we started chatting for a bit.

Then a short speech from the Chef and the GM. There was a display of some of their dishes which we tried some of them, not all of course.

The food was superb, loved the Lobster Butter, it was fabulous. The Salmon Salad was really light and full of flavour. The steak so moist and melts in your mouth not to mention the seafood platter. Jumbo shrimps were grilled to perfection.

The desserts were really good. Fresh fruit, coffee molten cake, macaroons and so many.

Loved everything about the place.

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Fotos & Food


It has become an addiction for me to take photos of food. I started taking photos of food when I started this blog back in 2009. I used a very regular camera. But when it became an obsession, I upgraded my camera til i bought the love of my life which I’m using these days Nikon D7100. It’s like my second baby after Jana.

What I’m missing is good lightening and a set up corner. Hence I’m living in a small apartment, it’s very hard to find a good corner. And I’ve noticed that taking photos in the morning is way better than at night when you don’t have professional lighting which I’ll be getting soon.

Now, there was a really good workshop for food photography weeks ago which I wanted to go to but couldn’t because of work :( I wish they’d make another one because I’d like to learn more about food photography, the right corner, angle, lighting and more.

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The Taste of Kuwait Exhibition


Last week, I visited The Taste of Kuwait Exhibition which was held at Mishref Fairgrounds. I received 2 tickets from the lovely Fashionet to attend the exhibition. They had regular tickets and VIP ones. Unfortunately, the VIP tickets had nothing extra except for VIP parkings and 5KD vouchers, that was it. People complained about buying VIP tickets for KD25 which were very similar to the regular tickets which were for KD3.

Talking about the exhibition. I thought it will be HUGE considering the advertisements I’ve seen in so many places. Instagram, twitter, blogs etc. But it was kinda small. It wasn’t crowded at all. I don’t know why there wasn’t a lot of audience even though there was a great amount of ads everywhere. Anyways, I hate crowded places :)

Talking about booths, restaurants and food. On the first day, I tried Mini Falafel from Dakakeen, Pistachio Gelato from Angelato and Red Velvet Mushroom with Cheese from Cravenation.

On the second day, I went at night and it was more lively. I tried Burger Factory Classic Burgers and Rainbow Ice-Cream cake from Angelato. Everything was so delicious.

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Cali Burger Experience-Miral Complex


I received an invitation months ago to try the newly opened burger place called Cali Burger. I couldn’t go on the same day but it was on my mind to try it some other day.

That some other day was last weekend. When we had a very long break and we went on a family trip to Alwafra, then Bnaider, and finally ended the day at Cali Burger.

I was eager to try their Wild Style (Animal Style In-N-Out) fries, that they say it’s almost like In-N-Out. And we also ordered the classic cheese burger.

The burgers were good but not wow. The size, the cooking, the bun and the sauce, all were really good but as I said, not that WOW.

Now, talking about the fries. NOTHING, and I mean it, NOTHING can reach the  goodness of the Animal Style Fries of In-N-Out no matter what you do or say. The fries were good and the sauce was nice but it wasn’t like In-N-Out :)

My humble opinion. If you want, you can try it and see what I mean :D

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All Berries with Swiss Chocolate Tart-Gardenia Bakery


The best thing you receive from other people is something that you can eat, enjoy and share with either your family or friends.

Last week, the lovely Sarah from @SarahDish who makes the menu for @GardeniaBakery sent me their new item who has been recently added to their menu. The tart is covered with Swiss chocolate and pecans, covered with custard and whipped cream and topped with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

What I loved about this tart is being very light and easy on the stomach. You can eat as much as you want from it without feeling full or heavy.

It is now available in their bakery or for delivery. Call them or drop them a visit.

Thank you Sarah & Gardenia Bakery :*

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Yasmin Farms-Alwafra


I received a very lovely and hearty invitation form @Ghalia & @Albandairy to join them on a trip to Yasmin Farms in Alwafra City. Sadly, a sand storm hit Kuwait on Friday and my dad became worried that something will happen the very next morning (Saturday). So he advised me to stay home and by advised, it means that I had no choice.

The very next weekend, I arranged for a day filled with adventures starting Yasmin Farm in Alwafra. We reached the place very easily using google maps. The place was really crowded, we didn’t get the chance to try the farm tour but we walked around the cafe, the shop and the backyard where you get other food stations serving you all kinds of food (or not all, maybe some). We ate falafel as a snack before the heavy meal we had later on (Cali Burger post coming).

The farm wes really nice and lovely, as if you’re not in Kuwait. Their shop was kinda small, it needs to be bigger because it cannot hold a lot of people.

I think i’ll be going there again for the tour because everybody says it’s really nice.

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Attila Mongolian Grill-Miral Complex


Last week I was invited to taste the food of the newly opened restaurant in Miral Complex located after Hilton Resort Mangaf.

All the way from the USA, comes to you Attila Mongolian Grill. All about healthy food. They serve Mongolian and Japanese dishes. The concept behind this restaurant is to eat fast food but in a healthy way. Almost like subway sandwiches but this one has noodles and rice.

The Mongolian dishes are cooked in front of you. You pick your tray, then get a bowl of your choice from either beef, chicken, fish or shrimp. Then move on to the other station, get a bowl of fresh vegetables. A bowl of noodles or rice noodles or just rice (their noodles is approved by Dr. Abdulla Almutawa) healthy indeed. Then the last station is to get your cooking sauce, if you don’t know what to choose, there will be someone to help you, but actually everything is clear and easy to pick.

You take your tray to the chef who cooks everything in front of your own eyes. You can ask him to cook your food with either a little bit of oil or with water. When your dish is ready, you’ll hear the bell ringing behind the chef to tell you that your dish is ready. I really loved both our Mongolian dishes, so delicious and yummy especially the rice. The noodles was so light and yummy :)

Now let’s talk about the Japanese dishes. We loved the Edamame salad. It was really great, so delicious and crunchy. The shrimp tempura was okay, just like any tempura. The sushi was really yummy and crunchy. My favourite was Wahabi Maki *yum yum*

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@VapianKuwait New Menu Tasting


Last week, I went to Vapiano (The Avenues Mall) to try their new menu. I have to say this; I love their food, how it’s cooked/made in front of you, the sauces/dressings they use are really good and not to mention the rosemary plant on your table to use on your dishes directly.

This new menu is all about GOAT cheese, and I’m a goat-cheese-lover. I really love it. Not every restaurant use the best quality. I remember visiting another restaurant and the goat cheese they used was really dull. But the one used in Vapiano is high quality for sure.

We arrived around 5:30 pm and I was starving. I didn’t eat anything all day.

Let’s check their new menu, shall we?

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The Choco Gate Restaurant Experience


I received an invitation from the newly opened Cafe/Restaurant located in The Gate Mall. The invitation came for one person only, which was kinda weird because who would go and eat alone in a restaurant? It would look really weird but the good thing is that I went with PinkGirl ;) and it didn’t look weird for us.

We went their around 1pm and it was still empty. We greeted by the staff and chose our table. The place had so many kinds of seatings; sofas, chairs, bar etc. We got the red sofa which made the pictures look really good.

The food came really late, like after 35 minutes from our arrival and to be frank, this wasn’t expected from our side, because the vent was supposed to be from 1 tip 3pm, so i’d expect everything to be ready by 1:15pm.

Anyways, that was all forgotten when the delicious food started coming and yes, it was really good. I loved most of the dishes that were served except for one dish which was very spicy.

Instagram @TheChocoGate

Now, let’s explore the menu;

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