Serendipity 3-Las Vegas


A friend recommended this place to me and I said why not? It’s located in Caesar’s Palace and I called in advance to make a reservation because I didn’t want to stand in a long queue and wait to be seated. Guess what? Even with our reservation, we waited like 7 minutes :P

The place is really huge and it faces the strip, so it gets really busy at night but the view is beautiful. Imagine eating your burger and watching the lights of Las Vegas change, people passing by, cars coming and going, it’s just beautiful and so alive.

We ordered The Asian Chicken Salad, The ABC Burger, and The Portobello Mushroom Burger. Every dish turned out to be amazing especially the Portobello Burger, all juicy and tender. But what we didn’t like is that it took them 25 minutes to serve our orders, it’s really long but the waiter told us this is the normal time for the orders to be prepared and also it was too pricey for burgers, our bill came around $75 which is too much.

We tried and it was delicious but I don’t think we’ll go to it again if we happen to be in Vegas :P

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride Experience-Las Vegas


One of the things that we wanted to see was the Grand Canyon, it was a must-see destination. We wanted to book from the internet but then decided to check the strip shops when we reach there and yeah we got great offers from a shop across the street. They gave us a good price for a 4hrs trip by helicopter, we pass by the famous sights of the Grand Canyon, land there, take photos, have a picnic and then get back home passing by the strip. The price was $405 per person, it was a good offer, so we booked it.

The day came and we were picked up from our hotel by a limo :D Oh yeah, that fancy hehe :P We reached our destination, the Helicopter base was located near McCarran Airport, so many helicopters were there. We were greeted by a very friendly staff, they took our weights, gave us a name tag to put on our clothes and then they asked us to watch the instruction on TV.

Our pilot was called John, he was really nice and funny. My husband asked him for the from seats and he gave us the front seats :D The view was amazzzzing. When we took off, it was verrry scary for I’m afraid of heights, i was about to cry, but my husband was worried that i’d throw up :P But everything started to become cool after 10 minutes or so. i started enjoying the view.

We passed by The Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Black Canyon, Colorado River and an active Volcano that damaged the land before. The view from the top was beautiful. We landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, took amazing photos until our table was set to have a light dinner. As you can see the pictures, the basket was really cute, it had cookies, and apple, pasta salad and Turkey sandwich. They offered us Sodas and Champagne lol, we had the sodas of course :P

The way back was alas beautiful, we passed by Lake Mead again and saw some lands, also passed by the strip and Fremont street experience. The ride was really cool, i wanna ride a helicopter again, it was totally worth it :D

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Jean Philippe Patisserie Experience-Las Vegas


I’ve heard a lot about this place and how famous it is in Las Vegas. To my luck, it was located in the hotel we were staying in Aria Resort and Casino, but whenever we want to try it, we leave because of the marvellous line standing to get breakfast or snack, it was always crowded except for a time or 2 where we got lucky to try some of the items on the menu.

This place is owned by the famous award winning French Chef Jean-Philippe Maury. There are 2 branches in Vegas, one in Aria and the other one is in the Bellagio hotel which is bigger than the one in Aria. The items on the menu are a lot, you can’t decide what to get because everything seems to be delicious and especially when you’re hungry, you want to eat everything :P

Let me tell you what we tried; We got the cinnamon roll, cherry danish, blueberry danish and chicken pesto panini (some of the items are not photographed). Everything was amazing and delicious, also very fresh, but my favourite was the cherry danish, it’s a must try, trust me :D

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Five Guys Experience-Las Vegas


One of the many places that were on my list was Five Guys burger place. It was a must-try for me, I wasn’t planning on leaving the US without trying it of course.

We were shopping in the South Premium Outlet in Las Vegas and then we got hungry so we decided to check the restaurants in the outlet and guess what? Five Guys place was there yeeepppppeeeee “shake it”. I got really excited when i saw the signs and went there immediately :P yum yum

We ordered the double cheese burger, fires and coke. The burger turned out to be amazing, really good. Everything was prepared in front of us, the staff were really nice and efficient. It wasn’t crowded, maybe because it was located in an outlet “maybe”. The price was very good for 2 persons. All in all it was a very nice experience, and we’ll visiting the restaurant again before we leave the country :D

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Kuma Snow Cream-Las Vegas


One of the things I came across on instagram was Kuma Snow Cream that is located in China Town, just outside the strip. We just googled the location on our gps and it was easy to find. Usually, it gets crowded at night so we decided to get there in the afternoon so we won’t find a long line and we didn’t. We greeted by a lovely girl and introduced us to the menu, flavours, then toppings and then sauce. We choose mango and strawberry and added strawberry and mango sauce and chose some weird toppings but they turned out to be really great.

The place isn’t that big, it’s ok but I don’t think it can hold a lot of people at night. They have 3 sizes for the snow, like mini, ninja and sumo. Sumo looked like a real sumo wrestler, it was HUGE.

If you don’t know what is “snow cream” it’s snow mixed with sweetened dairy to make an ice cream substitute. I thought it’s not going to turn out good but it was delicious, loved it a lot and i’d recommend it to anyone heading to Las Vegas, you have to try it.

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Aria City Center-Las Vegas


Our hotel was called Aria Resort & Casino City Centre. We chose it because it’s located in the middle of everything and the rooms are very spacious. To our surprise, the hotel was really huge and when we reached there it was crowded and many people were checking in. We were very tired and worried that we’d be standing for a long time but it the line moved quickly and we finished checking in in 10 minutes. The employees were very helpful and professional.

You pass through the casino to get to the guest rooms which is kinda fun seeing all the action, people shouting because they’re winning and people yelling out of frustration coz they’ve lost their money lol :P Oh and there’s a mall in the hotel or next to what, it’s just one door away.

When we got to our room it was really big, even though it’s the smallest room in the hotel. The technology in the room was amazing. One thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t provide us with complimentary water with coffee and tea, and also we weren’t allowed to put anything in the fridge, that was it but all in all, we had great fun staying in Aria.

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The Buffet Experience-Las Vegas


The show we booked had an offer, a buffet dinner at The Buffet. When we got there, it was really crowded, we were kinda upset because we were very hungry and the crowd was unbelievable. But the staff were very fast and professional, we were seated after 15  minutes waiting or maybe less.

The Buffet was HUGE. We just couldn’t believe how huge it was. Everything we desired for dinner was there. You name it, Asian, American, Latino, Mediterranean, Seafood, Sushi, Italian, Indian etc. We wanted to try a little bit of everything but we couldn’t, it was too much. Everything was really delicious. If you wanted special food, like if you were allergic from something, there were chefs on every station that can help you with your order.

The service was really good, even though it was very crowded, everything was served properly and on time. Try it if you’re heading to Vegas.

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Zarkana Cirque du Solei-Las Vegas


One of the things that I really wanted to do is watch as many cirque du solei shows as possible. I love such shows and I’m intrigued by the decoration of each show, music, costumes, make up, performance,,,you name it. Everything is spectacular in these shows.

We arrived really really tired, so I planned this day in advance. I didn’t want to waste it in bed, so I got a good offer for Zarkana show and dinner at The Buffet, both in the same hotel we’re staying in. The Buffet was very crowded (post coming) but we were seated after 15 minutes waiting. We finished dinner then headed to the theatre which is very close to The Buffet restaurant.

All staff were very helpful and we were directed to our seats by so many persons, each has his own section to direct you where to go. The theatre was really amazing, so many people, I think it was almost full house. We loved the show, it was marvellous. Loved the live performance of the singers and songs were really nice :)

This is a youtube video if you want to have a look.

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Road Trip to Las Vegas


Oh yeah, finally we reached Las Vegas. It’s like a dream came true. I can’t believe my eyes, as if I was in a movie :D We’ve always seen Vegas on TV but never thought I’d be there one day among all the crowds walking down the strip :P

When we landed in LAX and finished with immigration and costumes, I have to say that it was the easiest airport ever. Everybody told me that it’s one of the busiest airports and that we’re gonna have to wait in line for a long time but guess what? We finished everything and went out of the airport in less than 20 minutes :D We landed around 8am, the airport was empty, our flight was the first one I guess but then other flights started coming and the queue started to stretch a bit.

We took our car from Hertz who were horrible with us, the gave us a very bad car, unlike the one we booked from their office in Kuwait (unhappy post coming soon about them). And we faced some problems with it on the road but then we exchange it in Las Vegas.

Anyways, the road to Las Vegas was really nice, it took us more than 4hrs because we had one stop to grab bite. But all in all it was a nice experience. It was very cloudy and rainy, omg the rain was really strong, we couldn’t see the cars in front of us for sometime.

Now let the fun begin :D

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Cathay Pacific Business Class Experience


My husband and I try to explore different airlines every now and then offering good prices. On this trip we decided to try The Cathay Pacific heading to Los Angeles. Yup, that’s a very long way but who cares? We booked the trip Business Class. I have to admit, the trip was really long, it took us more than one day to reach our main destination but it was totally worth it. The whole trip was to land in Los Angeles and then head to Las Vegas with our rented car.

Now let me talk about the Cathay Pacific Business Class Experience. It was amazing, all the air-hostesses were amazing, friendly, nice, sweet unlike other airlines (no need to mention names but you know which). They attended to all our needs especially the flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles where they didn’t have Halal food, everything was either with pork, bacon or wine. We asked them for some cheese and fruit and they managed to find us some.

The trip from Dubai to Hong Kong took aroun 7:30 hrs, then we stayed for 4hrs in The Wing Business & First Class Lounge which was like a hotel, all facilities you needed were there. The shower room was amazing, I didn’t wanna go out (as you can see in the pictures). The atmosphere was so relaxing and cozy. We loved it.

The flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was really long, took us 13hrs to reach LAX :/ but as I said it was worth it. We had a very nice experience on the Cathay Pacific and for sure we’ll be flying on it again. It deserved the first place and hopefully it will stay like that forever.

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Chiara Ferragni Look Alike Kids Loafers


I’ve written about this account before and I’m still writing and will always write. It’s an instagram account that I enjoy looking at and exploring the new goods posted everyday. Remember Juju’s Birkin which I bought for her last year in Eid? Read Post and this year’s Juju’s Gerge’an outfit along with the head peace were from the same account Read Post. And this Eid I got Juju these Chiara Ferragni’s look alike loafers :D Aren’t they cute? Wallah I’m in love, I can’t wait for Juju to wear them.

I woke up around 3pm and as always, I tend to check instagram once I open my eyes in bed, I was scrolling down and voila, so many Chiara Ferragni loafers for babies and toddlers :) I immediately contacted the sweet lady and asked her to deliver them today before futoor asap and she did :D I’m so happy, I just love dressing Juju with the latest trends.

You can check her account and order from her @cristeaux

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Thank You @ZainKuwait عيدكم مبارك


Waking up this afternoon to a beautiful and fancy Eid gift from Zain Kuwait Social Media Team … What an amazing day. These people have been with us ever since we started blogging, they were our friends, blog-colleagues, brothers and sisters etc. You name it. We love them and we can open up easily to them, either complain and or suggest something or whatever we want to say, we can say it to them. They showered us with their love, kindness and generosity. They treat everyone the same way unlike other companies.

The huge black leather box contained Arabian perfume, Bukhoor, Mubkhar, Coal and Coal lighter, oh and a mini travel bag for the whole set, yes you can take the whole thing with you if you cannot be separated from you Bukhoor and Mubkhar. So fancy.

Thank you Zain :)

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