Pearl Salon Services


A couple of weeks ago, I visited Pearl Salon located behind Mogul Mahal restaurant. They invited me to visit their newly opened salon and try some of their services.

I went their early in the morning (love mornings) and it was really beautiful. The whole place is decorated in white and a lil bit of light grey. I love white, it gives the place a lovely vibe, and you feel more relaxed sitting their and being pampered.

I tried their ginger hair treatment which was really good. The smell and the texture of my hair afterwards was really nice. Also the pedi and meni was good. They have a separated place for pedicure and menicure with some of greens for your eyes to enjoy and a tv to keep you occupied. Their massage was verrry nice.

Thank you Pearl Salon for the lovely time and I hope you keep up the good work forever.

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Hello MADO Kuwait


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to Torrero restaurant to have lunch their and somehow it turned out to be a very bad experience which I’ll talk about later on. I didn’t want to go back home upset so I suggested we drop MADO a visit, and off we went.

Mashallah the place is always crowded even on weekdays in the afternoon but we managed to have a table inside because it was kinda chilly outdoors. We were welcomed with a lovely smile from the manager and then the waiter took us to our table. Most of the staff speak Arabic, so it won’t be a problem dealing with them, not like in Turkey when you face some people who don’t speak English and you have a difficulty connecting with them.

The decoration was really lovely, as if we are really in Turkey, with all the Turkish staff, Turkish music and not to mention The FOOD. Speaking of food. I was surprised to see that they do offer meals suitable for lunch and dinner. I always went to MADO in Istanbul just for the dessert and never bothered to look further in the menu. So if you’re going there, try their Turkish food either for lunch or dinner, I bet it will taste good.

Now, let’s talk about what we’ve ordered. Husband chose Muhalabiya which came topped with 2 scopes of ice cream and I got the Pistachio Burma *OMG*. The Pistachio Burma was heavenly delicious, I really loved it. Husband loved his Muhalabiya, he said it was amazing. The ice cream is almost like the one they offer in Turkey if not the same.

The service was really good. The staff was very lovely and we got our orders on time. The Turkish Tea was just perfect and the prices were very reasonable. Loved the whole thing.

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Magnolia’s Famous Banana Pudding

1 10.32.19 AM

Everybody enjoyed the opening of Magnolia Bakery a couple of years ago (I think) and we all became excited to try their famous confectionary (for those who haven’t tried them before) or just pick up our favourite dish from them.

I myself haven’t tried it before outside Kuwait, I only tried it when it opened. Tried 3 cupcakes, liked 2 and disliked 1. This time I went back for their famous Banana Pudding. And why was I waiting that long?

It’s the most delicious thing ever. So moist, creamy, fluffy and mouth watering. I loved it. Perfect for morning breakfast or just for snacking on it in the afternoon with a good cup of black coffee.

I bought the big pot and took it with me home, it stayed their for a couple of days having the same flavour. Even Juju loved eating it, she kept saying “Mama ice cream” hehe she thought she was eating an ice cream not a pudding.

If you haven’t tried it yet (like me) then I advise you to go ahead and pick your pot :)

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Winter Festival in @KidzaniaKuwait


After receiving the delicious invitation from Kidzania Kuwait. We couldn’t go immediately because Baby Jana fell very sick and we had to wait few weeks to drop the place a visit. And we weren’t disappointed at all. The place looked so wintery.

When we first entered everything looked dazzling. Artificial snow comes down every few seconds, songs played every where, white and light decorations are all over the place and there’s even a new place made only for winter festival with lots and lots of winter games. You see penguins everywhere, up and down. Juju enjoyed looking at the lights and kept saying “letat letat” as in “lights lights”.

I took Juju to the painting studio to paint on her face and she enjoyed it a lot. I chose a wintery drawing to suit the mood and the decoration. It also matched her clothes.

There’s also a Frozen Pass where you can enjoy shows and some events but it’s not suitable for Juju’s age. I believe from 4 or 5 and above.

We loved everything <3

Kidzania Winter Festival continues tip the 24th of Jan 2015. Don’t miss it.

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Slim Secrets Snack Bar


Sometimes when we are at work, we get hungry, very hungry to be precise. And what ruins our healthy lifestyle (if we have one) is the unhealthy snacks we munch on when we are at work. We tend to eat anything in front of us just to shut the hunger in our tummy and we don’t think about the ingredients of what we eat (most of the time).

Last week, I received a plexi box from Slim Secrets filled with snack bars that are low in sugar, low in carb, gluten free and high in protein. What I loved about those snacks is how they are divided. One for breakfast, one for the evening, and others for the afternoon or whenever you want energy.

I tasted the one for breakfast which was perfect for my morning mood because it contained coffee. And I also tried the one with white chocolate and berries and the one with vanilla and almond, both were really amazing and they do make you full easily, so you don’t have to spend your money on lousy snacks or meals when you feel hungry at work.

This is the best solution.

They are available in Saveco or you can order from them directly from their instagram account @slimsecretskw

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Season Greetings from @KidzaniaKuwait


<3 Happy New Year <3

I received a huge colourful basket from Kidzania Kuwait full of sweet, candy and chocolate. All the products in this basket are being sold in Dean and Deluca.

Of course, all the candy and chocolate are meant for Juju but I couldn’t resist, beside she’s sick and candy makes the cough worse, so I’m keeping some for her when she gets better :P

I also received tickets for Kidzania Winter Festival which started on the 11th of Dec 2014 and will end on the 24th of Jan 2015.

I’m going this week and will be posting about it soon nshallah.

Zank you Kidzania Kuwait <3

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A Day at @HelloKittySpa With Baby Jana


Weekend and spa, the perfect combination :)

Last Friday, Juju and I were invited to try some of Hello Kitty Beauty Spa treatments and offers. We chose hair, pedi and mani. We arrived there around 11:15 am and started immediately with Juju’s hair :P The place was crowded mashallah so we had to wait for a place to be empty and it didn’t take that long. The staff were efficient and professional.

I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that Juju loved the place from the beginning. Actually, no. She was terrified and I had to hold her at the beginning. Even when they were washing her hair, I had to hug her. So imagine my face almost being washed with Juju’s hair :P

Then they took her to the styling chair where she had to sit next to an older girl. She kept looking at her all the time and I think that made her comfortable because after that I left her by herself with the stylist to enjoy herself and she did :D

For Juju’s hair, I asked them to trim it a bot and blow dry it later. The trimming didn’t take that long and the blow dry procedure was really funny with Juju. I kept calling her name to turn her face to me but she didn’t move a muscle :P She just kept looking at me from the corner of her left eye because she was enjoying he blow dry. And as you can see from the pictures she turned out to be really cute with straight hair. I loved it and I think I’ll be straightening her hair more often. Some people commented on her instagram photo that curly hair suits her better. hhhmm! I also had blow dry and it was really quick and nice even though my hair is long. Ask for Hanan, she’s great with young kids.

Then we went to have our nails pedicured and manicured. Juju chose her favourite colour which turned out to be pink. She didn’t like to be touched with all the tools so we only coloured her nails. So cute, I wanted to eat her foot :D As for me I tried the treatment and it was really nice. You have your own kit to take with you home. Loved that. Ask for Amany to colour your child’s nails, she’s a professional with children.

Can’t wait to try the Turkish Hamam and Massage with Juju :P

Thank you Hello Kitty Spa for the lovely day :*

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Tadco Online Supermarket


How many online supermarkets we have in K-Town? I believe a lot. but how many offer organics, gluten free and healthy products? I believe few of them do.

Tadco is a new online supermarket which has opened recently. It offers a wide range of organic and healthy products coming from the US on weekly basis. They also offer delivery to all GCC countries with a flat rate. I have received a bag full of some of their organic and healthy products to try and review and I have to admit that i loved all of them with no exception and I’ll tell you more about each product under its picture.

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Peacocks Lunch @RBlu_Kuwait


Who doesn’t like Chinese food these days? I believe all of us love the cuisine and its sauces and mixes. Not to mention the vegetables used in every dish are really delicious. And all of us felt in love with Peacock which was located in SAS back in the old days, and also felt very bad when it closed its doors for almost 2 years and the hotel changed its name to Radisson Blu. We kinda thought it won’t open its doors but to our surprise, it opened to the public last year. I didn’t get the chance to visit it again but I can still remember the taste of it’s food.

Peacocks re-opened to the public in 2013 with a renovated Chinese atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant. You can see some Chinese Artefacts surrounding the place from the outside and the inside. The colour RED is everywhere as it has been and continues to be. Service is still excellent but let’s talk about the food. To be honest, Peacocks used to be really really delicious, but it reached a point where it started to bring people down. Yes, I remember visiting it once before closing down and the food wasn’t as expected and that’s why people were worried it won’t open again. But guess what? It opened again and the taste of food is like its old golden days, superb.

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Happy Belated Birthday @Jacqui


She’s the best friend ever. She will make you happy just with her genuine smile and white heart. She knows what you like and what you hate and she wouldn’t bring the thing you hate close to you ever. She’ll make your life as happy as she can with all her gifts, designs, or ever just her whatsapp chats.

I’m talking about my T.V. Shows junkie friend Jacqui or as Juju calls her “Samoona” as in “Jumana” lol :P She has turned 31 last Thursday *Old Woman* :P and I wish this year will bring joy and happiness and more success nshallah as I’m sure that she’ll shine one day and become this big person in our society with great power.

As we wanted to make something in return for all her efforts and gifts to make us happy. We decided to throw her a surprise birthday party before her actual birthday without her noticing anything. So we created a whatsapp group behind her back to plan everything. I took care of the food, Danderma took care of the balloons and decorations and PinkGirl, well the whole thing happened in her house/tent and she took care of decorations and food also.

She came very late and we were very hungry on that day because we didn’t have lunch, we were saving extra space for all the food we were going to eat on that night. Of course she was surprised and didn’t know about our plans :P We bought some Elevation Burgers and made them as a cake for her and another cake but this one is the delightful orange Kenafa which was really delicious, I loved it.

We love you Samoona, may all your wishes come true. I know one is coming within few days ;)

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Lunch At The Gathering Bistro


So remember last Monday’s Gathering? Well, they had a little competition for all of us and we had to guess the ingredients of a new signature dish they had, which was Iced Parmesan Salad. I guess right and I won an invitation for 2 persons, yeeepppeee (I love winning) :D

I took my sister with me as she has been nagging forever to try this place. We arrived around 2pm on Friday afternoon and it was really quiet and serene. The weather was extra nice and made the whole atmosphere really nice. We wanted to try other dishes we haven’t tried last time but we ended ordering some of the dishes we ordered last time because they are really good, like the Mushroom Soup, Iced Parmesan Salad and the T-Burger.

But let’s check out what we ordered this time for lunch:

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أنين هند-عبدالعزيز العوضي


أسلوب روائي جديد على مجتمعنا، ربما هناك روايه تحمل نفس الاسلوب و لكن لم اقرأ نفسها من قبل. اسلوب جميل و خفيف و سهل جدا يمتع القارئ حيث لم استطع ان اضع الكتاب الا بعد ٤ ساعات متتاليه استطعت ان انتهي من قراءتها. النهايه جميله جدا لم اكن اتوقعها، شخصيات محببه للقلب. حوار مميز يجعلك تشعر بالاسى حتى على الحاكم الظالم. طريقة السرد كانت مستفزه نوعا ما و لكن ربما اعطت للروايه نكهتها. .هي روايه من وحي الخيال و لكن من خلال قراءتي لها احسست بانها تتحدث عن واقع دولنا العربيه المخيب. عليكم بقراءتها بمعرفة ماذا اقصد

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