Kidsville Carnival-Wahran Park


I’m loving what’s going on in our country Kuwait in the past couple of years. Carnivals, parades, celebrations and so many things start from November tip April. So many activities and things to do or enjoy for kids. Every weekend, I have a place for Juju to take.

Last week, there was this beautiful carnival organised and arranged by @Kidsville_Kw (instagram). It was held in Wahran park in Shamiya. To me the place is kinda small, I prefer Discovery Mall garden which is more spacious and it has a huge parking. But this one is also okay.

We went there around 3pm and the place mashallah was full. Kids running every where, enjoying their time. Parents resting on chairs or floor pillows enjoying a cup of coffee. Other kids were eating from the delicious kiosks around the garden. And Juju’s pre-school was there which made Juju very happy seeing her picture on the TV :)

It was really fund, and what made it extra fun, the Zumba dancing with Rana Al-Omani. She is really amazing with kids. Juju kept dancing and clapping all the time. She made the children very happy.

We enjoyed our day to the max :D

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Khaneen Restaurant Experience


I’ve heard a lot about Khaneen restaurant located in Almubarakiya, used to be called “Tikka o Loomi”. Never tried it before but the pictures of the new restaurant, decoration, and food attracted me.

On a lazy Friday, I asked my father to join me to lunch with Juju and my brother joined us too. It was a very lovely day spent with family. The weather was amazing. And the seating area was beyond than beautiful. Full of flowers, greens and an open space under the sun (not direct).

When we got there, it was around 1pm. It wasn’t crowded at all. So we picked the biggest table, because we wanted to be comfortable eating our food. Juju loved playing around the table. Going up and down the stairs.

The menu came with a very good variety of food. The prices were kind of reasonable and the food looked fabulous.

We ordered some traditional dishes and all tasted really good. Loved them all. It won’t be our last visit, we’re definitely going there again.

Now, let’s check what we’ve ordered.

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Haleeb O Hail Gers Egaily


I received the best gets gaily cake ever from Haleeb O Hail. The box was beautifully wrapped with a red flower and the smell was coming out of that box, I couldn’t help myself but stick my nose on the box :P

As I opened it, the smell went out and it was really strong. The smell of cardamom. It makes everything taste delicious.

The cake itself was really moiety and tasty. It melts in your mouth and it stayed as it is for more than a week. All in our tummies.

Yum Yum

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Tasty Shawerma from Mearmisha


A couple of weeks ago, we received the Dewaniya package from Mearmisha that had a great quantity of Beef and Chicken Shawerma along with dips, fries and pickles.

I don’t like receiving a plain platter. I like it when it comes with dips and other things that complete the whole meal. The variety and quantity of pickles was really good or maybe more than good. The dips were really amazing, especially the green one which was the winner. The whole family loved it.

Now, which one we liked more, beef or chicken. Well, the beef one was the best. We ate them all, and fought on who will get the last piece :P My sister won ;)

Get the Diwaniya package from them if you’re planning a cozy gathering with your friends or family members.

Instagram @Mearmisha

Telephone: 2261 5234 / 9918 9890

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Make Meaning-360 Mall


Where to take your kids on the weekend?

Sometimes parents run out of ideas or places where they can take their children to enjoy their time and do somethings useful.

Well, there is a new place which has lots of activities and things to do. It’s so much fun to go there and enjoy your time with your little ones.

Make Meaning has recently opened in 360 Mall near FunCity in the 3rd floor. Mashallah the place was really crowded when I took Baby Jana on a Saturday but that wasn’t a problem at all. The staff were very efficient and attended to us immediately. They showed us our table then explained everything to us. They told me what’s suitable for Juju’s age and we chose the model to colour. They also provide you with the colours, glitters and everything.

You can colour so many models: candles, cups, and you can also make soaps, and candles. The prices are a little bit high but well, it won’t be a problem if you take your kid their once a month.

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Healthy Shopping from Dean & Deluca


A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely box from Dean and Deluca with gift card to enjoy at the cafe or in the supermarket. Of course, I chose the supermarket because it brings me joy and happiness. Going through all the products, reading their ingredients and nutrition data. t’s more fun.

All the new healthy products you’ll see them at the front shelves just when you enter. The variety is amazing. I had lots of fun shopping there. Some products are really healthy and some are not THAT healthy. Some of the products’ prices are very reasonable and some are kind of expensive but I guess it depends on their origin and ingredients.

My favourite product is the healthy organic coffee, so light on the stomach.

I bet you’ll find something that suits your life style if you’re into healthy products.

Here are some of the products available at Dean and Deluca.

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@DallahKuwait New Lemon Almond Cake


I just love every product Dallah invents or creates. They’re just perfect in everything whether its traditional or modern desserts. They always have a new winner. They make us go back in time with their improved versions of traditional desserts like Beith Alqe6a, Ghuraiba, Damlooj and so on. Not to forget their modern desserts like Crown Jewels (My fav), Pumpkin Cake, Smoked Pecan Cake etc. You can never go wrong with their wide selection of desserts. If you have a gathering then Dallah is your perfect choice.

Their newest creation is The Lemon Almond Cake. Moist, spongy, delicious and not so citrus. The lemon taste is there but not actually there if you get what I’m saying. And I have to tell you that it stayed fresh in the fridge for more than 2 weeks. Baby Jana went nuts over it. When she wakes up in the morning she’d ask for it immediately. It’s very light. You’ll never feel full or stuffed even if you had a huge slice.

It’s definitely a winner.

Thank you Dallah and wish you all the best.

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One Week Left from The Academic Winter Break


They call it spring break but in my dictionary it’s winter break because it’s freaking damn cold.

So only one week left from our academic break and it passed by so fast, as if yesterday was the last day of school. It’s not that I’m upset because we’re all going back to work, in fact I love my job and what comes with it. I have so many advantages which I won’t talk about them but the administration in our school are really good. But the fact that we spend a lot of energy in our job makes us exhausted when we get back home and not in the mood for our children or family.

Well, let’s enjoy the few days left and have breakfast outdoors to enjoy the  beautiful mornings. Last week or the week before (can’t remember) I went to Veranda to enjoy a quick meal with my friend. We ordered the apple pie and cree brûlée. The creme brûlée came in 3 flavours and all were really good, I loved it, not to mention the presentation. It was really nice. Try it if you haven’t tried it yet.

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Pearl Salon Services


A couple of weeks ago, I visited Pearl Salon located behind Mogul Mahal restaurant. They invited me to visit their newly opened salon and try some of their services.

I went their early in the morning (love mornings) and it was really beautiful. The whole place is decorated in white and a lil bit of light grey. I love white, it gives the place a lovely vibe, and you feel more relaxed sitting their and being pampered.

I tried their ginger hair treatment which was really good. The smell and the texture of my hair afterwards was really nice. Also the pedi and meni was good. They have a separated place for pedicure and menicure with some of greens for your eyes to enjoy and a tv to keep you occupied. Their massage was verrry nice.

Thank you Pearl Salon for the lovely time and I hope you keep up the good work forever.

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Hello MADO Kuwait


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to Torrero restaurant to have lunch their and somehow it turned out to be a very bad experience which I’ll talk about later on. I didn’t want to go back home upset so I suggested we drop MADO a visit, and off we went.

Mashallah the place is always crowded even on weekdays in the afternoon but we managed to have a table inside because it was kinda chilly outdoors. We were welcomed with a lovely smile from the manager and then the waiter took us to our table. Most of the staff speak Arabic, so it won’t be a problem dealing with them, not like in Turkey when you face some people who don’t speak English and you have a difficulty connecting with them.

The decoration was really lovely, as if we are really in Turkey, with all the Turkish staff, Turkish music and not to mention The FOOD. Speaking of food. I was surprised to see that they do offer meals suitable for lunch and dinner. I always went to MADO in Istanbul just for the dessert and never bothered to look further in the menu. So if you’re going there, try their Turkish food either for lunch or dinner, I bet it will taste good.

Now, let’s talk about what we’ve ordered. Husband chose Muhalabiya which came topped with 2 scopes of ice cream and I got the Pistachio Burma *OMG*. The Pistachio Burma was heavenly delicious, I really loved it. Husband loved his Muhalabiya, he said it was amazing. The ice cream is almost like the one they offer in Turkey if not the same.

The service was really good. The staff was very lovely and we got our orders on time. The Turkish Tea was just perfect and the prices were very reasonable. Loved the whole thing.

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Magnolia’s Famous Banana Pudding

1 10.32.19 AM

Everybody enjoyed the opening of Magnolia Bakery a couple of years ago (I think) and we all became excited to try their famous confectionary (for those who haven’t tried them before) or just pick up our favourite dish from them.

I myself haven’t tried it before outside Kuwait, I only tried it when it opened. Tried 3 cupcakes, liked 2 and disliked 1. This time I went back for their famous Banana Pudding. And why was I waiting that long?

It’s the most delicious thing ever. So moist, creamy, fluffy and mouth watering. I loved it. Perfect for morning breakfast or just for snacking on it in the afternoon with a good cup of black coffee.

I bought the big pot and took it with me home, it stayed their for a couple of days having the same flavour. Even Juju loved eating it, she kept saying “Mama ice cream” hehe she thought she was eating an ice cream not a pudding.

If you haven’t tried it yet (like me) then I advise you to go ahead and pick your pot :)

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Winter Festival in @KidzaniaKuwait


After receiving the delicious invitation from Kidzania Kuwait. We couldn’t go immediately because Baby Jana fell very sick and we had to wait few weeks to drop the place a visit. And we weren’t disappointed at all. The place looked so wintery.

When we first entered everything looked dazzling. Artificial snow comes down every few seconds, songs played every where, white and light decorations are all over the place and there’s even a new place made only for winter festival with lots and lots of winter games. You see penguins everywhere, up and down. Juju enjoyed looking at the lights and kept saying “letat letat” as in “lights lights”.

I took Juju to the painting studio to paint on her face and she enjoyed it a lot. I chose a wintery drawing to suit the mood and the decoration. It also matched her clothes.

There’s also a Frozen Pass where you can enjoy shows and some events but it’s not suitable for Juju’s age. I believe from 4 or 5 and above.

We loved everything <3

Kidzania Winter Festival continues tip the 24th of Jan 2015. Don’t miss it.

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