Fatih Wednesday Bazaar-Istanbul


On my short trip to Istanbul, we’ve managed to pass by Fatih Wednesday Bazaar or Market which opens only on Wednesdays of course and it’s next to Fatih Cami/Mosque. There you can find whatever you want in cheap prices. Of course the quality won’t be THAT good but some things are worth buying. Like for example; I got shoes for work for a very cheap price around 4KD per pair, which is good for work. As a teacher, my shoes are ruined very easily and after 1 year of using them I throw them because they’ve been used to the max :D so these kinds of shoes from such market and for this price are good for those who spend their time at work walking and going from place to another. You can also get towels, blankets, kids clothes, nuts, dried fruit and other things.

What I liked about this market is the old genuine people of Istanbul chatting with you in Turkish and laughing even though you don’t comprehend every word they say but sometimes we manage to understand or pick a word or 2.

There are chairs all over the place for you to rest on when you’re tired and drink chay in the lovely whether while you watch people pass by or buy their thing.

The spirit, the atmosphere, the whole are is full of vividness and happiness. I loved the place a lot and it’s fun just walking around it even if you don’t want to buy anything.




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The Farm-Albarari


When we were in Dubai, we visited The Farm in Albarari area. I’ve heard about this place a lot from many people and saw many beautiful pictures on instagram but I’ve never thought it would be that magnificent. The place wasn’t that far from our hotel. We got there so easily. The gate was huge and the streets were as if you were in Europe not in a Gulf country.

We entered The Farm Restaurant which was spacious and white, so white. Relaxing and refreshing. We were seated indoors by the lovely staff and started selecting our dishes from their iPad menu (which we prefer all the time). We got cheese platter, bread basket, egg salmon florentine, salmon bagel and at the end we got the chocolate waffles with strawberries and had them with coffee outdoors.

The food was really delicious. The artificial fires and river were so beautiful and amazing. The weather was so nice, we loved the whole experience and would go back again when we’re in Dubai again.

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Floating Market-Bangkok


Our last stop was Bangkok. We stayed in it for a couple of days, a kinda long transit before we go back home. I’ve never been to this city before but my husband has. He didn’t recommend the city because it’s dirty, crowded and full of Arabs, but we had to stay in it, we didn’t have a choice. I suggested we visit the floating market because I’ve always wanted to see how it’s there, buy from them and get to feel the atmosphere. We had to make use of our 2 days stay.

We arrived late at night, so we headed to bed. We woke up early in the morning, had breakfast and got ready for our long car trip to the floating market. Almost 1:30 hrs by car. We reached the place where you take the boat and head to the market, I was surprised to see Thai people speaking Arabic, my husband wasn’t. We got the boat and headed to the market.

The water was very polluted, don’t even think of putting your hand in it :S but the boat was fine, we got the whole boat for ourselves. Our guide/boat rider did a good job in giving us a tour around the market, took almost 2 hrs. The market was big, so many alleys and places to go through and stop by, I loved how he parked the boat near the shops when we wanted to buy things :P

Thai people were very friendly and full of joy and humour. I loved dealing and talking with them. I haven’t seen one Thai man angry or not in the mood, all of them had this vivid spirit. Even when you bargain with them, they make you laugh hysterically :D My husband knew how to deal with them and how to make them lower the price with a  huge smile on their face.

This trip was so much fun, I felt like we’ve achieved something in our short stay. The floating market is a must visit if you’re staying in Bangkok for few days.

This was the end of our short yet amazing trip. Until we take off again, stay safe.

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Flying First Class on Emirates A380-OFF To Bagkok


After Macau, we went back to Hong Kong International Airport to fly to Bangkok and stay their for 2 days and then back home. This time, we wanted to try the suits on Emirates A380 which so many of you have heard about. The flight was already booked 3 months ago so we got a pretty good deal. I was really looking forward for this flight, even though it was short but we had so much fun. The feeling was so overwhelming that I didn’t wanna leave the plane. I still remember every moment on it, the excitement, the joy, the feeling of so much luxury was cool.

We stayed 3 hours in the huge lounger of Emirates airlines, and I don’t have to talk about the quality of the food, yum yum. The service was very good, staff were friendly and everything we needed was there.

When we entered the plane, the air hostess welcomed us and showed us the way to our suits (it feels so good saying it :P ). As you can see in the pictures, the seat or the suit was really huge, only 16 seats in the first class. The door closes with a remote control on your side and no one can see you, so if you were a lady with veil, you can take it off and sleep comfortably. The food was so fine, as if you were dining in a hotel and Oh the toilets, they were really big and spacious, both had a shower (for long flights).

I really enjoyed my time on this flight and would love to go on it again in the near future.

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St. Paul Ruins-Macau


After walking for probably more than an hour, we reached this alley where we kept on going up until we saw the wall of St. Paul Ruins which I’ve seen only in google and as I mentioned earlier didn’t know how to get there but it was a mere coincidence. The place was crowded with tourists, people from every where came from all over the world to visit this sacred place (to them).

We went up the stairs thinking there will be something, all we saw tombs of I-don’t-know-who because the sun was really sharp, it was hot and I wasn’t in the mood to go around the tombs reading to whom it belonged but we enjoyed the view from up there, it was just beautiful seeing Senado Square from the top and the tiny people :)

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Senado Square-Macau


One of the famous places in Macau is Senado Square. It’s the centre of everything and it has a lot of historical sites, once you start walking from that fountain you’ll see many European style buildings, churches, ruins etc. We walked a lot in that place and tried to find a cafe to rest our legs but there wasn’t any at the top, when we came down, we went to McDonald’s to have lunch and guess what? in the same alley we found lots of cafes :P

Anyways, we kept walking up in the alleys until we saw something that looked like the ruins of St. Paul. I saw some pictures of it on google but didn’t know how to get there, it was a coincidence. The place was very crowded, so many people from every where but we were the only Arabs :)

I’ll write a post about St. Paul ruins later, but let’s continue talking about Senado Square. The place is divided to so many places, so many alleys and streets to walk through them, lots of people and students coming from every where, I advise you to go there when the sun is down so you want get burned while walking.

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The Grand Canal-Macau


If you’ve googled Macau a little bit, you probably stumbled upon The Grand Canal. A not so huge shopping mall inside The Venetian huge hotel and has its own Gandola rides in a mini canal. I expected the place to be a little bit bigger but it was fine, there weren’t a lot of cafes, only few which we didn’t like so we went outside to the other mall and stayed in one of the cafes there.

I loved walking there and listening to The Gandola riders or whatever you wanna call them sing in Italian, their voices were really good and enjoyable. We took a ride which was fun even though we weren’t in Venice, we kinda felt like we were there.

The place is worth visiting and going around the shops if you want to do some shoppings. After that you gotta check the huge casino :P

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Dining at Rossio-MGM Macau


After booking MGM  hotel in Kuwait, I decided to take a look at the hotel and found out about some restaurant. What caught my eyes and tummy was Rossio, why? Because it had seafood and I’m addicted to it. They offer open buffet of whatever you want to eat, all kinds of seafood are there in the buffet; lobster, oysters, mussels, scallop, crabs, sushi, steak, noodles, soup, salads, stews, ice cream, candy and dessert and so many, I can’t even remember what was there in the buffet.

We had to make a booking, the restaurant was full that day but we managed to find a table for 2 at 8pm. When we reached there it was over crowded, so many people were dining there, not only couples but also families. Even though it was insanely crowded, the service didn’t disappoint. The staff looked very busy but they were friendly. The food was really good, loved everything about it, specially the seafood buffet which I enjoyed to the max, on the other hand my husband enjoyed the meat section, he loved the steak and how tender it was, not to mention the delicious sauces they offered. The bill came out around KD 30/- which was kinda reasonable.

Don’t miss dining at Rossio

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MGM Hotel-Macau


The best hotel I’ve ever seen and stayed in so far. I can’t describe how beautiful and stunning this hotel was.

When my husband and I were looking for hotels to stay in in Macau, we were lost, all hotels were very beautiful and looked marvellous. We chose MGM and the hotel didn’t disappoint at all. When we first entered the lobby, we were speechless. The interior of the place was more than amazing but when we saw the ocean hall where it was designed to make you feel like you were in the sea, we couldn’t say a word. We just kept looking up and down and around. As you can see in the pictures which are  not showing you the real beauty of the place but a lil bit of it. In reality, it’s more than beautiful. The ocean hall has many cafes and restaurants, we had dinner at Rossio’s (coming post) and wanted to try the other restaurants but didn’t have time.

We arrived around 12 pm but they told us to wait until 3 pm until the room becomes ready. We didn’t mind that, the place was huge to explore and spend some time in it beside the hotel was connected to a mini mall where we went and had a walk in, not to mention the ocean hall where we saw a diver feeds the fish. They informed us our room is ready around 1:30pm and thank god we didn’t have to stay for that long. Our room was the smallest one in the hotel but it was very spacious. Plenty of place to put your things in without feeling jammed. And oh the toilet/bathroom, soooo beautiful.

Loved our stay at MGM Macau, the service of the hotel was more than great, the staff were very friendly, the place was very entertaining, you won’t feel bored at all if you didn’t go out, they even gave us 2 free tickets for a rock concert but we didn’t have the time to attend.

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Macau at Night


Walking in Macau at night is more than fun, you enjoy the cool breeze at night, exploring the hundreds of casinos there, chatting with people from all over the worlds and looking at the most amazing buildings ever with all the colourful lights and signs. Just beautiful.

But if you keep on walking tip after midnight then you’ll start seeing things probably you wouldn’t want to see or look at. Drunk people all over the streets, he she people or whatever you call them, a woman who’s a man who is a …….. you name it :P

The city is not for kids at night, of course you don’t want your kids looking at such situations. But the city is safe, you’ll find cops every where, because they’d expect things to happen after you get drunk and lose all your money. No one will come near you.

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Hello Macau


Hello Macau, Hello mini Vegas

Macau is like the sin city of Asia. I’ve always wanted to visit this country and see how is it like over there. The country is full of casinos, wherever you go there is a huge casino. You turn left, casino. You turn right, casino. You go straight casino. I swear with no exaggeration every 10 mtrs you’ll find a casino. People are gambling day and night non stop.

I’ve always wanted to enter a casino and see how it is like inside there. My oh my, it’s full of lights and … I don’t know how to say it, but it looked like people were having lots of fun losing their money lol :P I wanted to take a photo of the place but they immediately lowered my camera and informed me it’s not allowed. I tried to do a trick with my iPhone and take a quick photo with it but guess what, a hue came from now where and asked me to shut it off. I swear, i tried hiding it but cameras were all over the place. I felt i was in Las Vegas TV Show :D

Macau was really beautiful and fun to be in only for 1 or 2 days, that’s it. We spent only one night there and thought it was more than enough. Unlike, Hong Kong which was very affordable. Macau was very expensive, taxes every where. Whatever you buy, you gotta pay the shop/restaurant taxes add to that government taxes. So my advice, just go there, explore the city and have fun but don’t buy anything.

Macau was occupied by Portugal so wherever you go you’ll find signs written in Chinese, Portuguese and English. The buildings over there have this European style and structure, you’ll see it every where. I will show some buildings when I post about Senado Square and St. Paul ruins. And the country is full of huge beautiful hotels, every hotel is linked to the hotel. And literally, every hotel has its own mall, wherever you go, there is a hotel, casino, and a shopping mall.

It’s a not a family city, for couples yes, but totally not for kids.

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Galley Cafe-1881 Heritage


As I mentioned in my previous post we were really exhausted and tired from walking under their sharp sun, we searched for a place to rest our legs and drink coffee to freshen up and get our energy back to continue walking and exploring the area.

We found a beautifully decorated cafe called Galley. We wanted to sit outside and enjoy the greeny colours but we wanted a lot of AC because we are not used to walking in the sun. We were seated inside but because the wifi wasn’t strong so we changed our seats and got the ones near the window. You know, we have to whatsapp our family and instagram what we are doing every now and then :P

The service was good at Galley, the dessert we ordered which I forgot its name was really delicious and I can still feel the yummy flavour, but the prices were kinda over-rated, I believe because of the area. It’s full of wealthy people and the hotels are really luxurious. But it’s worth it :)

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