L_Modish Kids Collection


Remember my post about L_Modish Elegant Collection? Now, they have new collection for your kids celebrating the National and Liberation Day. The lovely owner sent Baby Jana 2 Tshirts from her own designs and they were so lovely, we all loved them and can’t wait to let Juju model them and wear them for the National day celebrations. Check her instagram account got more pictures (@l_modish).

Thank you lovely Lolo :*

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Thank You Sacoor Brothers


Last week I received a comfy gift from Sacoor Brothers. It was a very comfy flat shoes that came in black colour. As a teacher, I wear a lot of flat shoes and they can die quickly so I need to buy flat shoes every now and then. I really needed a black one because it goes with everything and this one came on time. The pair is elegant, comfy and I can wear it with anything.

Thank you Sacoor Brothers Kuwait

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An Early Birthday Gift


I know it’s too too too early to get an early birthday gift but well what can I do, I’m a woman who gets whatever she wants on time and let others pay for it lol :P

My mac pro sucks when writing in Arabic and now that I’m a teacher, I use Arabic a lot when doing exams or writing reports. I was thinking of getting a bigger computer but when I saw this Dell with Jacqui, I thought why not get this one. It can be used as a tablet and as a computer, you can switch between screens. Like you can turn it to a tablet with lots of applications to download from the app store (android) and you can go to your desktop, like real windows desktop, hook up your wireless keyboard and voila, it’s a mini computer. Of course it’s not suitable for those who have a bad eyesight but it works just fine with me and i’m in love.

It’s so tiny, light and useful. What ever you want/need is there. There are lost of things i’m exploring tip now, because it’s loaded. I’ll write another post showing you the keyboard and mouse used with the desktop screen.

Oh i forgot to tell you the name :) It’s Dell Venue 8 Pro. And it’s very very cheap. The 32g is around KD 75 on amazon and 64g (the one i got) is for KD 93 something like that.

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Celebrating New Year In Chabd


I rarely go to our farm/Yakhor in Chabd. Not a fan of the area but when the family gathers, it becomes lots of fun. We decided to hit the town on New Year Eve, do some activities and have a BBQ. The weather was really cold on that day. We headed there after work around 4pm with our stuff and started the night around 6pm.

We played Bingo for a while and then we had dinner. A BBQ that was very yummy and delicious. Then we continued the game. Last year I didn’t win and this year I also didn’t win. It was really frustrating, because it was only my husband and I who didn’t win, not to mention my poor aunti who arranged everything for this night lol :P

It was a very lovely night with my dear family and the newly weds (sister and her husband). I hope for those nights to continue for us and for everybody out there.

May 2014 be a better year nshallah.

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Happy New Year


May this year bring you all happiness, health and wealth <3

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A Great Friend @Jacqui


Having a good friend is very common these days but having an amazing friend that showers you with her love and generousity every now and then is very rare. A friend that thinks of you everyday is very rare. A friend that knows what you want and love without even asking is very rare. A friend that helps you whether you need it or not is very very rare … And that’s my beloved Jumana, you all know her as Jacqui.

She’s the sister that my mother didn’t bring, she’s the friend that I rely on and blindly trust. She’s my anchor. She’s an amazing and sweet person, evil and nasty at the same time which is what I really love about her :P

Even when she’s out of the country, she thinks of her dear friends. The 4th of December was her 30th birthday (I just had to mention the number lol) and believe it or not i still didn’t give her, her birthday gift (my time sucks). She was at the United States before that date and she thought of an amazing idea to celebrate her birthday. Customising a birthday gift to her special friends. This girl always gives and never waits to receive back. She’s beyond generous.

The birthday gift was really simple, but it had a big meaning. A letter that spoke from the heart and  hit a spot. I love you Jamoooon. God bless you woman :*

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It’s Nooon Time. We Have A Walker


Yup, you read that title very well. Baby Jana started walking, like 2 weeks ago, but I was too busy to write this post. My crazy little girl started walking and I’m a proud Mama. Now, she’s often running instead of walking. The girl is having so much knowing she can reach a place or thing in a fast way.

I’ve been trying to make her walk the past couple of months but with no hope. She knew how to take few steps but she’d get scared, lower herself and crawl instead. But on that day (2 weeks ago), she started standing by herself and making noises encouraging herself that she can actually stand lol but then, the girl made few steps and fell down.  Without noticing her, she stood up and walked to my dad without falling and from that moment she came to realise that walking is fun, easy and cool hehe :)

I’m so happy but soooo tired at the same time. I can’t seem to sit for 5 minutes. I’m always around her because she might take the stairs and go up, god forbids she falls.

The only good thing about her walking is that she started sleeping very early. Before she used to sleep around 10 pm or so. Now she goes in a deep sleep around 8:30 pm

I have to thank my dear friend Habboush for sending Juju’s Noon to our house. Thank you Habboush :***

For those who don’t know what Nooon is; it’s a kind of celebrations where we throw candy along with money for the kids to collect and enjoy their time. The kinds of celebrations we throw Nooon for are: Baby walking, 1st tooth, collage graduation, a sick person coming out of hospital, and marriage. It’s a nice celebration where kids and adults have fun screaming and shouting and sometimes stealing the money from each others :P

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Writing A Book


I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. And I’m planning for it nshallah. Writing a book means that i’ve achieved something in my life. It means that I’ll be able to tell my daughter that your mother published a book no matter how bad it will be. We start with something, whether it will succeed or not, at least we gave it a try.

I’ve thought of writing about my marriage life in a funny way, like make it a comedy book but then I’m going to talk about personal things or else the book won’t be interesting. I’d have done it if no one knows who I am but blogging community is stronger than ever and everybody knows everybody. So it was a big no.

Last June or July or probably August, I honestly can’t remember but an idea came to me. I talked to my dear friend about it (You know who you are) and she said that would be nice. All i needed was a push and I had it. Of course, I totally forgot about it and didn’t even write an outline for it but today when I woke from my sleep, I remembered. Straight from my bed to my papers and pen. I’ve finished writing the outline for the Prologue and Chapter 1 and will start writing it now so I won’t be lazy later on.

The hard part will be the end of this book. How to end and who’s going to edit it :)

All the best to me :D

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My Beauty Secrets


Ever since Boklah (Instagram account) started this “share your beauty secrets” and I wanted to take a picture of what I can’t live without and share it with you guys so you might benefit from it one day. So let’s make this short and go through my list of beauty products that I adore and feel comfortable wearing.

1- The PoreFessional by Benefit (Use it before applying anything so it will cover the pores and give your face a very smooth clear look)

2- Shimmering Event Foundation Primer by Kryolan (Apply it before the foundation, it will give your face a natural glow)

3- Lingerie BB by Guerlain (A very light foundation for everyday use, perfect for work or quick errands)

4- Parure Gold Full Cover by Guerlain (A full cover foundation for events, weddings or receptions)

5- Porcelain Mineral Sheer Veil by Madly Yours (gives your foundation a beautiful glow, perfect for parties and you can apply it under the eyes on your cheekbones)

6- Madly cover Loose Powder by Madly Yours (finish your foundation by applying this loose powder which will add a natural color to your skin)

7- Mud Concealer by Dolce & Gabbana (Best concealer so far)

8- Smoked Palette by Urban Decay (Perfect for parties and weddings)

9- The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay Oz The Great & Powerful Limited Edition (Very light and natural colors for everyday use)

10- They Are Real Mascara by Benefit (gives your eyelashes a very natural look)

11- Parad’Eyes Liner by Givenchy (I’ve been using it for a year now and can’t be separated from it)

12- No. 32 Lipstick by Buerberry (The color matches almost everything. You can wear it everyday or even for parties)

13- Maxi Shine Gloss by Guerlain (very light and glossy, for quick or everyday look)

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Mini Ghabga @Danderma’s Resort


Last Friday, we gathered at our dear friend Danderma‘s house (3asa beit 3amer nshallah) just to catch up and have a chito chat. We haven’t met and sat with each other for a long time and we really needed the time to enjoy our time together. We were wearing PJs Jacqui & I, Danderma was wearing a training and PinkGirl was dressed up because she came from an outdoor Iftar :)

What I loved about this gathering is the simplicity. We sat on the floor, infront of the the coffee and tea and lots of savories and desserts. We couldn’t stop our mouths neither from talking nor munching :D

We discussed lots of things. What happens in Danderma’s resort, stays in Danderma’s resort *wink*

It was supposed to be a simple gathering but then we named it a mini ghabga at Danderma’s resort :)

Thank you Naddoooya for the lovely gathering :*

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Teachers Ramadan Ghabga (Gathering)


The best thing I came out with from teaching is the salary lol (JK) It’s the teachers that I work with. They’re much better than the ones I worked with 8 years ago. The ones I work with now are really friendly, polite, respect everyone and they are fun and active. You can talk to them, share with them your likes and dislikes and all that jazz.

Yesterday, our dear teacher Miss Lulwa hosted a ghabga at her apartment where she gathered us all again but outside the school’s doors :P Miss Lulu is leaving this year on September to UK to complete her post graduate studies so she won’t be with us for a whole year … We will miss u Miss Lulu and your place will be empty (not literally) I will be sitting on her desk :D for next year only ;)

The ghabga was kinda modern, not the traditional one but definitely a beautiful cozy one. We talked and gossiped about school ofcourse and ate delicious desserts as you can see in the pictures.

Pistachio Rose Cake from The blue Bakery. Verrry delicious, really good and you can feel the rose taste in your tongue. Loved it. Instagram @TheBlueBakery

Raja2i dessert from Caramel Bakery. Was very good but kinda heavy, so a lil bite will be good and it’s good for 6 to 8 persons. Instagram @Caramel_Kuwait

Banoffee Trifel from J’s Bakery. It was ok. Not that wow but ok. Also good for 6 persons. You can order it from

Thank you Om Khaloodie for the wonderful Ghabga and wish you all the best in your life :*

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Thank You @Laki_Noon


On the eve of my birthday, a driver came knocking on our doors delivering a package for Madame Sarah. The shape of the box said it’s a cake but who would send a cake?

I opened the box immediately and say a beautiful owl cake with a “Happy Birthday” message. I swear I looked like a lil child with my mouth wide open :D I’ve always wanted someone to surprise me with an owl cake and it happened this year hehe :D

I wondered who’s the sender and it turned out to be the beautiful ladies behind @Laki_Noon (instagram) store. I can’t thank them enough for this beautiful surprise. You’ve made my day ladies :***

The cake was by @faitmaisonq8 (instagram). The details of the cake was so beautiful and clean as you can see from the pictures. Oh and the owl, how cuuuuute <3 The flavor was pistachio and vanilla. Never tried pistachio before because I’m a red velvet addict but this one was sooo delicious and fluffy, not heavy at all. Very light and delicious.

Again and again and again,,,Thank you lovely ladies :)

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