Book Review-The Maze Runner


Okay, so now I’m back to reading, finally. I stopped reading for so many reasons; work became really hectic at the end of the year, then Ramadan came then I travelled then I came back home, and now I’m reading :) so here’s my review of this book.

If you liked The Hunger Games, then you may like this book and you may not. I’m having mixed feelings about it. I think the writer tried so hard to make it as good as the Hunger Games but somehow failed in few points. Like trying to make a unique language for the characters, nicknames and so. I kinda felt it was poor. The story though is intriguing with all the experiments, diseases and WICKEDness. It has a plot but it starts weak then it gets stronger.

While I was reading the book, I said to myself “I won’t read the other books,I’ll just watch the movies”, but after reading the last page I changed my mind and I’m hoping Book 2 will be much better. I hope the characters will develop and be stronger.

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Chiara Ferragni Look Alike Kids Loafers


I’ve written about this account before and I’m still writing and will always write. It’s an instagram account that I enjoy looking at and exploring the new goods posted everyday. Remember Juju’s Birkin which I bought for her last year in Eid? Read Post and this year’s Juju’s Gerge’an outfit along with the head peace were from the same account Read Post. And this Eid I got Juju these Chiara Ferragni’s look alike loafers :D Aren’t they cute? Wallah I’m in love, I can’t wait for Juju to wear them.

I woke up around 3pm and as always, I tend to check instagram once I open my eyes in bed, I was scrolling down and voila, so many Chiara Ferragni loafers for babies and toddlers :) I immediately contacted the sweet lady and asked her to deliver them today before futoor asap and she did :D I’m so happy, I just love dressing Juju with the latest trends.

You can check her account and order from her @cristeaux

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Thank You @ZainKuwait عيدكم مبارك


Waking up this afternoon to a beautiful and fancy Eid gift from Zain Kuwait Social Media Team … What an amazing day. These people have been with us ever since we started blogging, they were our friends, blog-colleagues, brothers and sisters etc. You name it. We love them and we can open up easily to them, either complain and or suggest something or whatever we want to say, we can say it to them. They showered us with their love, kindness and generosity. They treat everyone the same way unlike other companies.

The huge black leather box contained Arabian perfume, Bukhoor, Mubkhar, Coal and Coal lighter, oh and a mini travel bag for the whole set, yes you can take the whole thing with you if you cannot be separated from you Bukhoor and Mubkhar. So fancy.

Thank you Zain :)

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Sugar Rush Push Pops Experience


A couple of days ago I received a cute box from @SugarRushBakeryQ8 (instagram) that had Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Push Pops. When i saw the push pops I immediately remembered the good old days when we used to enjoy eating the colourful ice cream inside these push pops. i loved the idea of making Red Velvet cake inside push pops. It’s fun to look at and eat from. Bet the kids would enjoy their time eating from it.

Now let’s talk about the flavour. I’m a huge fan of red velvet, I always order red velvet especially for customised cakes, everything is red velvet. So imagine my excitement when I found out that the Push Pops had red velvet inside them *yeeeppppeee*

The cake was kinda light, delicious and creamy. The quantity is good enough for one person, suitable for kids and birthdays. Also it will be nice to have it in your gatherings and remind your friends of their childhood :D

Thank you Khoulod for the delicious package and wish you all the best :*

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Iftar at Dean & Dealuca @The_Avenues


Last week, my sister and I went to Iftar at Dean & Dealuca at The Avenues-2nd phase. Mashallah the place was getting crowded by the time we reached the place around 6:30pm. Around 6:45pm it became full and a long line started to build up.

We were seated and offered some dates. Then we started checking their iftar menu which we liked very much. We ordered Muhamara and Humus, Mansaf, Kubba Sajiyah and Askar dish. Everything was very delicious and yummy especially the muhammara and  kubba sajiyah yum yum.

The service was somehow slow, because it was very crowded but they brought our order very fast and it was fresh not cold or anything like that. The quantity of food was very decent and the prices were reasonable.

Thank you Dean & Deluca for the lovely Iftar :)

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Mini Ghabqa #Take2 غبقة حضرتنا


Last Monday, we gathered at Jumana’s house, you all know her as The SideTalk. I haven’t been to her house before but this lady is so kind and nice, I’ve know her ever since we were pregnant with our babies and we’ve kept in touch. She’s one of the few people that I feel comfortable with so we all gathered at her cozy place wearing somehow fancy Darra’as (not THAT fancy). The gang members were DandermaJacqui, and PinkGirl. It’s always fun gathering with these girls.

Jumana’s house was so whitish and full of coziness and comfort. I felt so happy entering her house and sitting on her huge sofas and facing a huge bouquet of mini pink roses. The lady was so busy going and coming back from the kitchen preparing the table. We decided not to eat a lot on Fitoor so we can have fun together eating delicious food, yes we can have lots n lots of fun eating food lol :P

She made a delicious Syrian Taboulah, it was so yummy :P we ate Caesar pizza, hummus, fatayer and a lot of desserts. Aaahhh the desserts were awesome, heavenly awesome especially the Turkish Muhalabiya which I posted about on my instagram account (check it out if you want more information @crazyyetwise).

At the end of our mini ghabqa, Jumana had a lil surprise for us all. Her baby”s Gerge’an. How cute is baby Yuyu? ha? Soo damn cute :D Thank you Jumana for having us in your beautiful house. We loved everything :*

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Thank You iFUNity for The Gerge’an


A couple of days ago, I received a huge Gerge’an package from inFUNity play area which is located in 360Mall. I love the place because it has games for all ages. I used to take Juju there ever since she was 9months old and she would enjoy her time to the max. The people who work there are very friendly and active, they will definitely draw a huge smile on your child’s face once you enter the area. And sometimes they make nice offers, like charge for 20KD and get 8KD extra, something like that.

The Gerge’an package came with delicious sweets from NagwaKuwait (Hail o Zaafrn before). I loved the packaging and the sweets, very delicious and yummy.

Thank you inFUNity for the yummy Gerge’an and for the gift :D I’m sure Juju will enjoy her time to the max :)

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Iftar at Palms Restaurant


Last week, my husband and I went to Palms Restaurant to have Iftar there. We always go out and try places for iftar in Ramadan but this year we’re not feeling like it, maybe because of the weather or something but we managed to go to Palms.

The place full of Ramadan theme, the decoration was really beautiful, it felt so Ramadany. We were seated in our table which had some appetisers as you can see in the pictures; tabular, fattoush, hummus, bamia and mutabal , Leban and some dates. We also ordered Jellab and Vimto. They had 2 kinds of soups, Lentil and Vegetables soups, we tried both of them and they were really good.When we started eating the appetisers, the buffet was very crowded, so we waited until people went back to their places. We chose from a variety of dishes, the food was really delicious. We loved the whole atmosphere.

At the end, an Egyptian man was going around tables offering Erq Sous drink which i don’t like at all but my husband does and he said it was amazing. I loved the way he was dressed and pouring the drink, as if we were in Egyypt.

Thank you Palms Restaurant for the lovely iftar.

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Gluten Free Nut Milks @purplesunflowersq8


I cam across an account that produces fresh nut milks as a home business. I believe the owner is Indian (not sure though) but she does great job. The flavours she has are really tempting, I wanted to try the unique ones so I ordered Pistachio nut milk with vanilla bean and Cashew nut milk with mixed spices and rose water. The owner was sweet enough and sent me Almond nut milk to try. It took her 2 days to make and my order was delivered on time.

The bottles were organised and all details and information were listed on them along with the expiry date. Note that all milks are sweetened by dates, if you want them sweetened, if you don’t want them sweetened, you can ask her not. My favourite was the Cashew one, oh my god, it was really delicious and refreshing, cold and very soothing especially for sohoor. I loved her products.

You can try her nut milks by ordering from her. Check the instagram account @purplesunflowersq8

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Gerge’an Party


Every year in Ramadan we celebrate Gerge’an with lots of candies and chocolates. It’s a very special occasion that children have fun and enjoy their time. You see mothers getting creative with their Gerge’an ideas. This year I didn’t want to make for Juju anything and want it to be quiet but I found some boxes hidden in my wardrobe and thought why not use them and make Gerge’an for Juju. It was very simple and small. Because I have other arrangements I decided to make it simple. The other arrangements you’ll know about it in 2 weeks :D

 Here are some pictures from the Gerge’an party which we attended and had lost of fun. My sweet heart is all grown up now as you can see in the pictures :)

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Mini Ghabga غبقة حضرتنا

photo 4

Finally, my beautiful fat macbook pro is alive with a new heart :D It’s been more than 2 weeks. He was dead for no reason, I tried to revive him, but nothing worked until I called fixaid (tried them before for my iPhone) and they’ve informed me that they have to take the pc with them to the workshop. The idea of your pc away from your sight is kinda scary, so i waited for another idea or way to fix my computer but there was nothing. I called them again and they’ve fixed the problem in 4 days. The hard disk was dead and they had to replace it with a new one (512GB upgraded).

Of course everything was gone, but the most important things were backed up on an external hard drive. I’ve lost my blog watermark :( all the programmes I used to work on were all gone (need to install them again). And I’ve lost Juju’s 18months pictures :( *Sniff* and my school work *aaaaaahhhh* which I didn’t back but i can get it from my colleagues when the academic year starts again.

Now, I’m back to writing and this time, i’ll be talking about our mini Ghabqa which was hosted by our dear Danderma aver les amis Jacqui and PinkGirlq8. I love these girls, they’re the closest to my heart and I can say whatever I want in front of them not worrying what will come out of my mouth at all. I can act freely and easily. I can wear whatever i want in front of them, and that exactly what happened in our mini Ghabqa which we called غبقة حضرتنا quoting the name from Saray Abdeen TV show which we are addicted to.

In Kuwaiti Ghabqas (Ramadan gathering after Iftar) you have to wear a very elegant Darra’a and wear jewellery and make up. We didn’t want that in our Ghabqa, we wore house Darra’a and sat on the floor facing the table full of yumminess and watching TV.

It was a very nice and cozy Ghabqa where we had lots of fun together. I love you girls :*

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Little Treats Chocolate Tart


Yesterday I received a delicious light chocolate tart from Little Treats (@littletreatsq8). I honestly love their stuff, whatever they do is delicious and yummy. I ordered from them sugar cookies for Juju’s 1yr birthday and they were amazing.

This chocolate tart was also delicious, light, moist and yummy, it melts in your mouth in seconds and it’s the perfect dessert for after fotoor to give your body the sugar and energy it needs.

You can order it from their Omina Malla branch or by calling them, check their number in their instagram account @littletreatsq8

Thank you my dear Nouf :*

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