Marisol Experience-Santa Monica-Los Angeles


When we arrived to Santa Monica, we were very hungry as I said in my previous post. We took a quick look around the restaurants in the area and our eyes picked a very far one located at the end of the pier. The location looked very tempting and we actually needed such place. I remembered reading about this restaurant but I didn’t check their menu online so can you imagine our faces when we saw the menu :P ?

When we were seated, they gave us the menu and it was all Mexican food, even the ingredients were Mexican words written in English so it was very difficult for us to comprehend the dish. It’s not your regular Mexican restaurant that you can find here in Kuwait. This was Mexican for real.

The waitress was extremely helpful and she managed to explain everything in detail. We managed to choose 2 main dishes. They brought us complementary nachos with salsa which was amazing. Then our orders arrived. We were worried that the dishes won’t be enough for us but it turned out to be more than enough. Everything looked just perfect, the taste was really good but it was very heavy, we couldn’t move afterwards :D But it was a good experience.

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Ice Cream Lab-Beverly Hills


One of the various places that I really wanted to visit and try was Ice cream Lab. It’s located in Beverly Hills on Santa Monica Blvd. It wasn’t that difficult to find, just write the name in the GPS and it will lead you straight to it. When we got there, it was around 3pm so it wasn’t that crowded, I managed to get my order just in 5 minutes :D

What is Ice Cream Lab? They utilise liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze different natural ingredients into ice cream. The preparation of this kind of ice cream makes it more delicious that the regular one. Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt are all made of Kosher ingredients.

My choice was Blue Velvet which was mixed with cream cheese frosting and it turned out to be really DELICIOUS. I loved it, loved the experience and the whole place. I would have visited the place again but it was very far from our place and not to mention the awful traffic of LA.

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In-N-Out Experience-Los Angeles


One of the many restaurants that I wanted to try in the US was In-N-Out. I’ve read many reviews about it from fellow Kuwaiti bloggers and other people saying it’s the best burger in USA. I have to admit, it is. I mean I didn’t think it will be THAT good.

You’d be very lucky if you find a branch that is not crowded. Every time we want to eat at it, the waiting line is really overwhelming, you have to wait for almost an hr to place your order. People really love it and after trying their burgers, I see why they don’t mind standing in line for a long time.

I did some digging on google about the place and what to order from it. What we ordered was not entirely on the menu. We got 2 double burger with pickles and grilled onions, 2 animal-style fries and 2 cokes. The animal style fries was SUPERB. It’s not on the menu at all but ti’s there, so when you go there, order it and live in heaven because it’s totally DELICIOUSSSSSS. The burger was very juicy, tender and yummy, we loved the sauce, the bun and everything about it. We had the opportunity to eat lunch there 3 times. We tried to find far branches away from the city and not that crowded.

In-N-Out is my first burger place in the US.

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Irvine Spectrum-Los Angeles


Irvine Spectrum was one of the places that we enjoyed visiting in California. It’s near long beach, not that far. So when you’re done with Queen Mary & Fox-trot Submarine, you can head to Irvine to spend the night there and enjoy your time.

One thing I didn’t like about the place was the people residing there, they were all of the Arabian Gulf. I swear it was as if I was visiting Dubai or Kuwait. Full Khalijis, which I kinda avoid when I go on vacation. I like to see new people, new faces, hear a new language, be introduced to other cultures.

So avoid this place in summer if you don’t want to meet your neighbour but visit it if you’re going in a different season. The place is really amazing, the decoration, the shops, restaurants, cafes and it also has a cinema. Full entertainment! I loved it.

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Shoreline Village-Long Beach


After finishing exploring Queen Mary and the Fox-trot Submarine, we headed to village near us called Shoreline Village. It’s a very beautiful and amazing village. Very crowded, full of cafes and restaurants. Also it has an Aquarium but we didn’t visit it. The place is not that big and not that small but you can do a lot of walking.

You’d see people laying on the grass or on chairs just gazing up wondering in the sky. Children playing having fun running around with their scooters. Friends or couples enjoying a meal in one of the restaurants or just walking enjoying the weather.

I’d recommend visiting the place after 4pm. When the sun goes down, the weather cools more and it gets more and more beautiful. I really loved this place. Full of romance <3

We had lunch in an Italian restaurant which I forgot its name but I believe it’s the only one in the village if I’m not mistaken and the food turned out to be WOW :)

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Yard House Experience-Newport Beach


As we were exploring Newport beach searching for a place to eat in, we came by a huge mall called The Triangle that had many restaurants. Yard House caught our eyes and off we went. We were greeted by a lovely lady and seated immediately, the place was HUGE, we didn’t have to wait at all, not like other places.

We asked our server what’s the best burger and she mentioned the Gorgonzola Burger which has blue cheese so we said “why not” Let’s try it”. And we also chose The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, and Summer Salad. We made sure that non of the orders had bacon. Btw, you have to mention that you don’t want bacon in your orders, because sometimes you read the ingredients and you see it’s not mentioned, sometimes the dish has bacon and you just don’t know about it, so let them know in advance that you don’t want  bacon in your order.

Everything turned out to marvellous, delicious, magnificent, OH LA LA LA :D Seriously the food was so good that we wanted to eat more but we were very full lol. The price was also good. The whole experience was great.

The salad had fruit and vegetables and caramelised walnut which gave an extra deliciousness. The Gorgonzola Burger had a very unique taste, we jus loved it. And oh my, the Philly Cheese Stake Sandwich was really good, the steak came well done, juicy, tender and yuuummmmmy.

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Broadway Burger Bar & Grill-Las Vegas


Las Vegas has a lot of hotels, and each hotel has its attraction, attractions, show, museums, dining places, casinos, clubs etc. Every hotel is HUGE and you’d spend more than 2 hours exploring it all. One of the hotels that we liked from the outside and wanted to see from the inside was New York New York hotel. This hotel was really huge and the decorations from the outside makes you feel as you’re literally in New York.

When we went inside, the place looked like the old New York, the decoration was really amazing, old buildings of new york and these buildings had either small souvenir shops, cafes or restaurants. One of these places that caught our eyes was a burger place called Broadway Burger Bar & Grill. We were somehow hungry so we said why not try the place? We weren’t disappoint. :)

The girl at the front greeted us with a huge smile and showed us where to sit, then our waiter came and explained everything. We ordered The Philly Cheese Steak Burger & Southwestern Burger, we made sure that they don’t add bacon to them and they followed our instructions. Also the waiter showed us a list of extra sauces for free and told us to pick one or two so she can bring them to us.

Both burgers turned out to be so yummy and delicious, juicy and tender. I loved the Southwestern burger more where my husband enjoyed the Philly Cheese Steak burger more, but all in all, we loved them both. The service was awesome and also the price turned out to be really reasonable :)

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Serendipity 3-Las Vegas


A friend recommended this place to me and I said why not? It’s located in Caesar’s Palace and I called in advance to make a reservation because I didn’t want to stand in a long queue and wait to be seated. Guess what? Even with our reservation, we waited like 7 minutes :P

The place is really huge and it faces the strip, so it gets really busy at night but the view is beautiful. Imagine eating your burger and watching the lights of Las Vegas change, people passing by, cars coming and going, it’s just beautiful and so alive.

We ordered The Asian Chicken Salad, The ABC Burger, and The Portobello Mushroom Burger. Every dish turned out to be amazing especially the Portobello Burger, all juicy and tender. But what we didn’t like is that it took them 25 minutes to serve our orders, it’s really long but the waiter told us this is the normal time for the orders to be prepared and also it was too pricey for burgers, our bill came around $75 which is too much.

We tried and it was delicious but I don’t think we’ll go to it again if we happen to be in Vegas :P

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Jean Philippe Patisserie Experience-Las Vegas


I’ve heard a lot about this place and how famous it is in Las Vegas. To my luck, it was located in the hotel we were staying in Aria Resort and Casino, but whenever we want to try it, we leave because of the marvellous line standing to get breakfast or snack, it was always crowded except for a time or 2 where we got lucky to try some of the items on the menu.

This place is owned by the famous award winning French Chef Jean-Philippe Maury. There are 2 branches in Vegas, one in Aria and the other one is in the Bellagio hotel which is bigger than the one in Aria. The items on the menu are a lot, you can’t decide what to get because everything seems to be delicious and especially when you’re hungry, you want to eat everything :P

Let me tell you what we tried; We got the cinnamon roll, cherry danish, blueberry danish and chicken pesto panini (some of the items are not photographed). Everything was amazing and delicious, also very fresh, but my favourite was the cherry danish, it’s a must try, trust me :D

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Five Guys Experience-Las Vegas


One of the many places that were on my list was Five Guys burger place. It was a must-try for me, I wasn’t planning on leaving the US without trying it of course.

We were shopping in the South Premium Outlet in Las Vegas and then we got hungry so we decided to check the restaurants in the outlet and guess what? Five Guys place was there yeeepppppeeeee “shake it”. I got really excited when i saw the signs and went there immediately :P yum yum

We ordered the double cheese burger, fires and coke. The burger turned out to be amazing, really good. Everything was prepared in front of us, the staff were really nice and efficient. It wasn’t crowded, maybe because it was located in an outlet “maybe”. The price was very good for 2 persons. All in all it was a very nice experience, and we’ll visiting the restaurant again before we leave the country :D

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Kuma Snow Cream-Las Vegas


One of the things I came across on instagram was Kuma Snow Cream that is located in China Town, just outside the strip. We just googled the location on our gps and it was easy to find. Usually, it gets crowded at night so we decided to get there in the afternoon so we won’t find a long line and we didn’t. We greeted by a lovely girl and introduced us to the menu, flavours, then toppings and then sauce. We choose mango and strawberry and added strawberry and mango sauce and chose some weird toppings but they turned out to be really great.

The place isn’t that big, it’s ok but I don’t think it can hold a lot of people at night. They have 3 sizes for the snow, like mini, ninja and sumo. Sumo looked like a real sumo wrestler, it was HUGE.

If you don’t know what is “snow cream” it’s snow mixed with sweetened dairy to make an ice cream substitute. I thought it’s not going to turn out good but it was delicious, loved it a lot and i’d recommend it to anyone heading to Las Vegas, you have to try it.

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The Buffet Experience-Las Vegas


The show we booked had an offer, a buffet dinner at The Buffet. When we got there, it was really crowded, we were kinda upset because we were very hungry and the crowd was unbelievable. But the staff were very fast and professional, we were seated after 15  minutes waiting or maybe less.

The Buffet was HUGE. We just couldn’t believe how huge it was. Everything we desired for dinner was there. You name it, Asian, American, Latino, Mediterranean, Seafood, Sushi, Italian, Indian etc. We wanted to try a little bit of everything but we couldn’t, it was too much. Everything was really delicious. If you wanted special food, like if you were allergic from something, there were chefs on every station that can help you with your order.

The service was really good, even though it was very crowded, everything was served properly and on time. Try it if you’re heading to Vegas.

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