Cocoa Cabana Opening Night


I received a lovely invitation to attend the official opening night of Cocoa Cabana that is located in Divonne Complex next to The Village. The invitation was in a huge bucket, inside that bucket there was a huge chocolate egg that I had to break it to get my invitation.

I can summarise the opening night in 2 words, delicious and cozy. When I went there, the owners were already in the cafe waiting to greet us. They gave me a quick introduction to the concept of their place and talked about the decoration and  menu of their place.

We were seated outdoors because the weather at that time was really amazing, so we thought why not enjoy the whole thing. We choose 2 salad dishes to start with, a burger and 3 desserts yum yum (as you can see in the pictures). I will explain everything under each dish. Oh and they have an amazing Arabic Coffee.


The invitation


What’s inside the egg


Our table


A cozy place to enjoy your time reading and eating


more pictures of the decoration


The Jazz Man


Fried Goat Cheese Salad

Verdict: My favourite so delicious and yummy. The combination of the greens, beetroot, sundries tomato were was fabulous.


Dynamite Shrimp Salad

Verdict: The sauce is the king of this dish, heavy yet delicious.


Classic Burger with White Chocolate Sauce

Verdict: Weird, and delicious. You feel something different with this burger but beautifully different. You’ll love it.


Candy Bars

Verdict: They were okay, kinda hard to bite.


Chocolate balls

Verdict: Yummy yet heavy but i loved the fruit that came with it.


S’mores cake

Verdict: The IT dish of the night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


And the finale was with this amazing and delicious Arabic Coffee.

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Lunching at Home With @ZeeBrgr


Last month, Zee Brgr sent us some dishes for 2 persons to enjoy at home. It included, Zee Brgr Salad, Zee Classic Brgr, Essa Brgr, and regular fries. This wasn’t the first time I eat from Zee Brgr. I tried their food several times before and now they’re working on opening their new branch, the old one has been closed and now they’re only delivering through until their branch opens.

I loved the Essa Brgr, it was so moist and tender. It melted in my mouth in seconds, without knowing it, there was no Zee Brgr. My favourite burger *yum*.

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@iMushroom_Choc Deliciousness


Last month, the mania of the Mushroom Chocolate started on instagram and everybody went nuts on them. I honestly, got tempted with their looks, especially the inside of the mushrooms and wanted to try them. I what sapped the lady and ordered from her quarter of a kilo. I received around 1 dozen of the Mushroom Chocolates. You might think it’s not enough, well to me as an individual was more than enough. 1 piece is really heavy, I shared it with my husband when we drank our afternoon Turkish coffee. The amount which I’ve ordered stayed for 10 days or maybe more. It was really amazing, I loved it.

Order from their instagram account @iMushroom_Choc

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Jadi Morgen’s Organic Food


Last month, I received a mini box from @JadiMorgen that contained some organic dishes. Pesto sauce, hazelnut spread, almond milk with cardamom, oaties and brownies. All of them were organic and freshly prepared in the morning.

“We at Jadi Morgen are firm believers in going back to the basics, because we believe food served in its simplest, most natural form is more beneficial to the body. Our top-notch natural ingredients are prepared in the least processed methods possible,  recommended by the top integrative nutrition schools. We are committed to delivering you nutritious meals, minus the harmful additives and toxic preservatives. We are on a mission to bring you closer to nature”

Check their website for extra information

Thank you and keep up the good work :)

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Gingerbread Man @Bugshiti


3 months ago, I went to my sister in law’s apartment and attacked her gingerbread man basket which she got from her friend. We all loved it, it was very delicious and the timing was just perfect, winter.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a huge bag from a newly opened home business called @Bugshiti that had a lot of delicious goodies. You name it, gingerbread man, biscuits and a very delicious granola mixture. The lady turned her talent to business which is very good. I love it when people use what they can do to make extra living, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The best were the gingerbread man and the granola, loved them. The biscuits were Juju’s favourite but they were kinda heavy, good for afternoon tea.

Thank you Lulwa and wish you all the best :)

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@TheDietCare New Lunch Menu


Last month, I was chosen by The Diet Care team to try their new lunch menu for 5 days. I’ve already tried many diet places and written about them but not Diet Care so I thought why not?

The meals came in sealed plastic boxes and labeled with dates and where to keep them. The delivery was made around 12pm or 1pm just before my arrival from work which was very convenient for me.

Let’s talk food. The quantity more than enough, variety of choices; I was given the choice to select from various meals and I got very confused which one to choose for everyday and thank god all my choices were perfect. Let’s talk quality; the dessert was really amazing and heavy, I had to share them all with either my husband or my daughter. Main dish was also great, fulfilling and delicious. Salads weren’t that wow, I mean I can do those kinds of salads at home. When I’m dieting, I’m expecting something extra ordinary, the main dish and dessert were excellent but the salads need more improving.

All in all, it was a great experience. Thank you Diet Care.

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Anniversary Celebration at @MakiRest


Every year, my husband and I tend to celebrate our anniversary at Maki. The day we got married (Melcha) we went to Maki Marina Crescent branch, and from that day, we decided to celebrate our anniversary at Maki. This year, our 3rd one together and more to come nshallah, we went to Burj Jassim branch, very quiet and serene, we went without Juju because we wanted some quiet time for ourselves. We kinda went early, not on the exact date of our anniv because hubs had other arrangements on that day. But who cares, it’s a celebration :)

As always, the service, the staff, everything was perfect not to mention the delicious and amazing food. We got our favourite salad “Beirut Maki Salad” amazing, and we ordered other delicious new dishes which didn’t disappoint at all.

Waiting for our 4th year but of course we will be going to Maki before that date :P

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Blossom January Deliciousness


Last month, we celebrated the national and liberation days with lots of yumminess and deliciousness. One of those moments was with @BlossomJanuaryq8 heavenly red velvet jars filled with kinder and chocolate sauce.

The box was huge and heavy, all jars were made of glass, and each jar is more than enough for one person, intact 1 jar can be shared by 2 persons.

I’ve ordered from them the red velvet pudding last year and I gotta say the service and quality of food is still the same and hope it will continue like that.

Thank you Blossom January :)

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Junk Yard Dinner Experience-Arabella


Last month, I went to The Village with my sister and had lunch at JunkYard. The food was really amazing as I’ve written. This time, I received an invitation from the owner himself to try their newly opened branch located in Arabella. The place is bigger than the one in The Village, tables are also bigger and wider. Staff are very nice and helpful as always.

This time, we’ve changed our orders, decided to try new things (check pictures). Everything was superb specially the Shrimp Fajita but the onion rings were kinda oily, preferred the Street Fries we’ve ordered the 1st time at The Village.

Visit their branch in Arabella and enjoy street style food. The burgers are killers :)

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The Farm-Albarari


When we were in Dubai, we visited The Farm in Albarari area. I’ve heard about this place a lot from many people and saw many beautiful pictures on instagram but I’ve never thought it would be that magnificent. The place wasn’t that far from our hotel. We got there so easily. The gate was huge and the streets were as if you were in Europe not in a Gulf country.

We entered The Farm Restaurant which was spacious and white, so white. Relaxing and refreshing. We were seated indoors by the lovely staff and started selecting our dishes from their iPad menu (which we prefer all the time). We got cheese platter, bread basket, egg salmon florentine, salmon bagel and at the end we got the chocolate waffles with strawberries and had them with coffee outdoors.

The food was really delicious. The artificial fires and river were so beautiful and amazing. The weather was so nice, we loved the whole experience and would go back again when we’re in Dubai again.

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Sticks and Balls Treat


Last month I’ve received a huge bag from @sticksnadballs_ (instagram) that had a huge tray full of yumminess. The tray had chocolate balls attached to sticks and a creamy delicious white sauce poured on them.

1 stick is more than enough, it’s heavy and the quantity is more than enough for 10 persons (From my opinion). We kept eating from it for almost a week.

The presentation of the tray and bag was really good, so you can order it if you’re visiting someone or if you want it for your gathering.

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Crown Jewels @DallaKuwait


Whatever Dallah creates, rest assured that it will taste delicious and satisfy your taste buds. They’ve been experimenting for a while on a new dish that had raspberries in its ingredients, and i’m rasp-maniac-berry. I was waiting for it to come out and to my luck, I received a box from the guys behind Dallah to try it. The box was huge, so you should have seen my face the moment I opened the box and saw lots of jewels waiting to enter my tummy :D

The taste was really good, not that sugary or too sweet, not that heavy. In fact, you can eat 2 in a row, and that what I did. A combination of creamy custard with raspberries and crushed biscuits. Really good. Well done guys.

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