Tadco Online Supermarket


How many online supermarkets we have in K-Town? I believe a lot. but how many offer organics, gluten free and healthy products? I believe few of them do.

Tadco is a new online supermarket which has opened recently. It offers a wide range of organic and healthy products coming from the US on weekly basis. They also offer delivery to all GCC countries with a flat rate. I have received a bag full of some of their organic and healthy products to try and review and I have to admit that i loved all of them with no exception and I’ll tell you more about each product under its picture.


Bento Lunch Box

This was supposed to be for Juju but I started using it for work. One of my colleagues loved it and bought one for herself too. It’s divided and it can be used to so many things. Loved it.


Cashew Cookie Bar

Can you believe this bar is made only from cashew and dates? It was really good and made me full.


Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks

My favourite. I finished it in no time. I kept munching on it forever. I thought the bag is small and that it will finish quickly but it didn’t. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Maple Almond Butter

Now that was something so good. I loved dressing my French toast with it and it tasted really good with the banana also. Yum


Sea Salt Seaweed

Do you like Sushi? Then this one will suit you just fine. not everyone will like it but i did and it’s really good if you want to munch on something that won’t make you gain extra KGs :P


Chamomile Night Tea

My nights are not complete without this tea. I’m drinking it almost every night and it makes me more relaxed. Caffeine free.

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Peacocks Lunch @RBlu_Kuwait


Who doesn’t like Chinese food these days? I believe all of us love the cuisine and its sauces and mixes. Not to mention the vegetables used in every dish are really delicious. And all of us felt in love with Peacock which was located in SAS back in the old days, and also felt very bad when it closed its doors for almost 2 years and the hotel changed its name to Radisson Blu. We kinda thought it won’t open its doors but to our surprise, it opened to the public last year. I didn’t get the chance to visit it again but I can still remember the taste of it’s food.

Peacocks re-opened to the public in 2013 with a renovated Chinese atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant. You can see some Chinese Artefacts surrounding the place from the outside and the inside. The colour RED is everywhere as it has been and continues to be. Service is still excellent but let’s talk about the food. To be honest, Peacocks used to be really really delicious, but it reached a point where it started to bring people down. Yes, I remember visiting it once before closing down and the food wasn’t as expected and that’s why people were worried it won’t open again. But guess what? It opened again and the taste of food is like its old golden days, superb.

Before checking what we’ve ordered, I have to thank Mr. David & Mr. Hari for the lovely day, and for making sure that our afternoon was spent perfectly. Now, let me give a briefing about Chinese Cuisine (Taken form Peacocks menu):

“Brief History:Chinese cuisine is an ancient culinary art which originated over 5,000 years ago under the Emperor Fu Hsi (2208-1767 B.C.) who introduced agricultural procedures and the domestication of animals.As culture and religion developed,culinary art was refined and absorbed into the Chinese social order. The main philosophies of China,Taoism and Confucianism, prescribed kitchen customs and table etiquette. Chinese scholars, including the leader Confucius, were gourmets who urged others to perfect this culinary art, all the time encouraging and criticising with wisdom.

Regional Features of Chinese Cuisine:
Due to China’s early civilizations and great difference in customs and traditions, variations of cuisine have emerged according to special products and the tastes of various provinces. Chinese cooking can be divided geographically into four major branches, each with characteristic tastes, ingredients, preparation methods and appearances.”

Now let’s check what’ve ordered from the new exquisite menu:




Complimentary Green Tea


Complimentary Cashews


Deep Fried Prawns on Toast

Verdict: MY FAVOURITE. So delicious and crispy. The size of the prawns was pretty good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Vegetables Spring Rolls

Verdict: It’s a must.


Seafood Dim Sum

Verdict: I ordered this with a doubt but it turned out to be really good. LOVED IT.


Shrimp Spring Rolls

Verdict: They were okay.


Hamour Fingers

Verdict: Oh Boy. That was my grandmother’s choice and it turned out to be realllllly good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


The sauces


Appetizers Feast


Peking Duck

Verdict: Presentation was really cool but the taste was okay, not as expected.


Schezwan Lobster

Verdict: On the menu it doesn’t say this dish is spicy but the waiter tells you that before confirming your order and it turned out to be really spicy but really good and amazing. If you are into spicy food then this definitely will be your IT dish.


Singapore Style Noodles



Sweet & Sour Prawns

Verdict: The prawns came very HUGE and delicious. The taste of the sauce was really good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Pan Fried Sliced Beef with Leeks and Chili

Verdict: The whole family loved this dish and it was my aunt’s favourite dish. Not spicy at all and really yummy. DELCIOUS AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Sauteed Gulf Lobster with Black Beans

Verdict: The WINNER of all dishes. Our favourite and it became my signature dish in Peacocks. The whole mix was just amazing. And the quantity of the lobster was really decent. LOVED IT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Lunch Feast


Leche Fruit Salad

Verdict: That was desert dish and I loved it.


Tiramisu Cake

Verdict: My aunt and sister’s choice. Both loved it and said it was really light and yummy.

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Happy Belated Birthday @Jacqui


She’s the best friend ever. She will make you happy just with her genuine smile and white heart. She knows what you like and what you hate and she wouldn’t bring the thing you hate close to you ever. She’ll make your life as happy as she can with all her gifts, designs, or ever just her whatsapp chats.

I’m talking about my T.V. Shows junkie friend Jacqui or as Juju calls her “Samoona” as in “Jumana” lol :P She has turned 31 last Thursday *Old Woman* :P and I wish this year will bring joy and happiness and more success nshallah as I’m sure that she’ll shine one day and become this big person in our society with great power.

As we wanted to make something in return for all her efforts and gifts to make us happy. We decided to throw her a surprise birthday party before her actual birthday without her noticing anything. So we created a whatsapp group behind her back to plan everything. I took care of the food, Danderma took care of the balloons and decorations and PinkGirl, well the whole thing happened in her house/tent and she took care of decorations and food also.

She came very late and we were very hungry on that day because we didn’t have lunch, we were saving extra space for all the food we were going to eat on that night. Of course she was surprised and didn’t know about our plans :P We bought some Elevation Burgers and made them as a cake for her and another cake but this one is the delightful orange Kenafa which was really delicious, I loved it.

We love you Samoona, may all your wishes come true. I know one is coming within few days ;)

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Lunch At The Gathering Bistro


So remember last Monday’s Gathering? Well, they had a little competition for all of us and we had to guess the ingredients of a new signature dish they had, which was Iced Parmesan Salad. I guess right and I won an invitation for 2 persons, yeeepppeee (I love winning) :D

I took my sister with me as she has been nagging forever to try this place. We arrived around 2pm on Friday afternoon and it was really quiet and serene. The weather was extra nice and made the whole atmosphere really nice. We wanted to try other dishes we haven’t tried last time but we ended ordering some of the dishes we ordered last time because they are really good, like the Mushroom Soup, Iced Parmesan Salad and the T-Burger.

But let’s check out what we ordered this time for lunch:

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Lunch at @VapianoKuwait


Last week, I received a lovely invitation from Obai & Hill Bahrain to try the new dishes or season specials added to the menu of Vapiano which has recently opened in The Avenues Phase III. We went last Friday afternoon and I though it was going to be quiet but I was wrong. It was very crowded and vivid. So many families were having their lunch there and it’s a good restaurants for parents with kids.

I put my dad in charge and went to order us some food. We were very hungry as we both didn’t have breakfast that day. Let’s take a look at what we’ve ordered:

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Sky Lounge @RBlu_Kuwait


Have you ever heard of Sky Lounge? I have, but i’ve never tried it until last Thursday. I received a lovely invitation to visit the place and try it out, check their menu and enjoy the lovely weather. I gotta say, my experience was beyond amazing. The place was so blueish with a green touch. The decoration was so classy and cozy. We wanted to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze. We took the table at the top and the view was marvellous. The sofas were very comfy, heaters were everywhere so it wasn’t cold at all, waiters were all over the place not like other restaurants where you need to wait for ages to catch a waiter come outdoors.

From 6pm til 11pm everyday they serve sushi platters along with other dishes. Of course if you are a sushi lover then this place is definitely for you. We ordered some appetisers that turned out to be awesome and the sushi platter was really huge, it’s good for 4 persons. We were 3 and couldn’t finish it all. The desserts was classy and delicious. We didn’t want to leave the place, it was really nice.

Now, let’s explore what we ordered;

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The Gathering Bistro New Menu


Last Monday, The Gathering Bistro held an event with Senyar company where they introduced or launched their new menu. To be honest, I haven’t tried their food before so that was my first time in the restaurant. The location of the place is really beautiful with all the red flowers and fire heaters that made it so cozy and wintery, not to mention that it was raining that day.

We were seated outdoors because the weather was amazing, we were given the new menu and we had a variety of dishes to try. Everything was just amazing, some dishes were ordinary, some were wow but nothing under the average.

Now let’s explore the dishes we’ve eaten and my verdict;

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@DallahKuwait New Caramelised Pecans Cheesecake


When the door bell rings and I see a Dallah huge bag, then I know something delicious coming to my tummy. Last week, Dallah introduced their new item on the menu which was Caramelised Pecans Cheesecake. Can you imagine the taste? I bet you can’t. Yum yum.

The cheesecake itself covered with caramel and topped with caramelised smoked pecans. Btw I don’t like pecans at all, but in this cheesecake they were extremely delicious and I had to pick them all and eat them :P The cheese layer was light and delicious and the bottom was so crispy and yummy. I loved it it.

Thank you Dallah and wish you all the best <3

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Afternoon Tea At The Meat Company


A couple of weeks ago, The Meat Company introduced something new to their menu. An Afternoon Tea Pyramid that contains 2 mini beef burgers, 4 mini sandwiches & 8 kinds of desserts. The concept is new to them and they wanted to introduce us to it so we can let the people know about it.

I kinda liked the idea. When you want to have a meeting or a quick break you can always order this dish which is for 2 persons, a fuzzy drink comes with it and you can choose either coffee or tea later on. This dish is served from 12 tip 5 pm.

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Camel Milk @CostaKuwait


2 weeks ago, we were invited to the opening of the new Costa Coffee branch which has opened in Miral (After Hilton Mangaf). The event was exclusive and Camel milk was being served only in this store as a change and trying new things. To be frank, I was hesitant because i’ve never tried it before but I’m always ready for new things. And it turned out to be very sugary. They also served dessert from Magnolia Bakery.

There was a band playing old songs, Photo Booth and dinner was served later on in Mayas restaurant. I loved the whole event. The new decoration of Costa Coffee which was modern chic and the atmosphere was lovely even though it was crowded but I didn’t mind that.

Thank you Costa Coffee Kuwait <3

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Vapiano’s 12th Anniversary


Last week, Vapiano celebrated its 12 anniversary and we were asked to join them and celebrate it with them. Husband and Juju accompanied me. We arrived there around 7pm. The place was filled with white and red balloons which made the whole atmosphere exciting. Juju went nuts over the balloons :P

They gave us our card, and there was a special menu on our table. We chose some delicious dishes. I gotta admit some were very difficult to pronounce :P We enjoyed eating our food, having a nice chat and enjoying the beautiful music. Juju was dancing and eating at the same time and she didn’t want to leave the place.

I loved my creamy mushroom pasta with chicken and the red pasta with shrimp (as you can see in the pictures) was more than amazing, loved it more than the creamy mushroom one. The Strawberry Mascarpone dessert was heavenly. But didn’t like the tiramisu that much.

Thank you Vapiano and wish you all the best <3

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Shayn-Zain Chocolate Cake


A couple of weeks ago, i received a lovely package that had small cups designed in a very beautiful and attractive way. I loved the packaging a lot. And the design on those cups was really cools (9awerni chennek matadri) which means “Take a picture of me as if you don’t know” :P

I was wondering what was inside those elegant cups. Delicious chocolate cake with nuts. The texture of the cake was really delicious and yummy. It melts easily in your mouth and if gives you the feeling of heaven. I had black coffee after having half a cup and that was one of the best snack i’ve ever had.

You can order from their account on instagram @shayn_zain

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