Happy Day @ZainKuwait


Exactly on the 20th of March 2014, Zain Kuwait celebrated Happiness Day with us by organising an amazing fun event. I arrived on time and saw some people were already in action. We’ve heard things break but they assured us that’s part of the plan, which is the 1st step of enjoying this Happy Day.

The start was with breaking some dishes and letting all the anger and stress out, it was lots of fun, felt kinda relieved. After that we had to write our negative thoughts, stick them on a balloon and let it fly away, I wanted to kill some people :P Moving on to drinking a lemonade, a lemon for a goal I want to achieve in my life, currently I have one :D Then we wrote what we wanted to write on the pledge wall and after that I had to take a funny picture :P

We had lots of fun, it’s been a long since I went to a great and creative event such as that. Thank you Zain :)

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Fun Fair in Alyarmouk Park


Last week, I received a huge lovely invitation that was filled with lots of delicious goodies. I got so excited when I opened it because everything inside it reminded me of all the things I used to eat when I was a child.

I was delighted to accept this invitation and attend the fun fair and indeed it was lots of fun. Now, the weather is still nice and kinda cool at night so I won’t be missing these kinds of events and activities. I took Juju and headed there, gotta say there was a huge problem in the parking because it was located in a residential area but I managed to park somewhere near.

Juju got really excited when she saw all the kids there running around holding balloons in their hands. She started running too and screaming out of joy. The place was very crowded and so many activities were held there. Zumba class for kids which Juju enjoyed a lot. Dogs show where you see dogs acting and doing some moves, hair classes for little girls and lots of delicious booths to discover.

I’ve heard a lot about Sardis Bakery and was eager to try their things. I tried their Rose Cronut and Red Velvet Brownies. Gotta say, the things I tried were beyond amazing, verrrry delicious.

We stayed there for like 2hrs and half because Juju got really cranky afterwords and wanted to take a nap or else we’d have stayed tip the end because it was lots of fun. This fair was for the Down Syndrome Kids.

Well done girls and looking forward for the 2nd event :)

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Elie Tahari Official Opening-360 Mall


On the day of Valentine, I was invited to attend the official opening of Elie Tahari store located at 360Mall. I’ve always fancied his brand. So elegant, chic and classic. It suits almost every event. Whether you want something casual for work or chic for evening, you’ll find it there. I’ve owned a couple of pairs of  shows which I loved so much and wore so many times, very comfy.

Drop them a visit if you’re looking for some colourful outfits. The new collection is really nice.

Thank you for the invitation and the red flower.

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La Panthere Fragrance by Cartier


Last week, I attended the event of La Panthere by Cartier where we were introduced to the new fragrance for 2014 that will be launched on the 15th of March.

The perfume has its own place inside Cartier store located in 360Mall. It hasn’t been priced yet but soon it will be. The bottle is shaped as a diamond in the inside and has the face of a Panther, the famous symbol of Cartier. And they’re celebrating the 100th year since they;ve launched the Panther face (watch 1914).

I loved the smell of the perfume, but when I left it for a couple of days on my clothes and smelled it again, it was more than wonderful. I also did the trick of leaving the bottle inside the fridge for 3 days and then I used it, amaaaaaazing. So feminine and strong at the same time.

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Boutikee Casual 2nd Branch Opening – @The_Avenues


I received a VIP invitation from Boutikee Casual to attend their 2nd branch opening at The Mall-The Avenues. We all know that the 1st branch is located at Discovery Mall, and it’s been there for a long time. but now, it’s time to expand and they chose the perfect location.

They have local and Khaliji brands along with some international ones. Make sure to check their store, and take a look at the goods, loved the accessories.

Wish you all the best <3

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Drawing on Coffee at Costa CoffeeShop


Yesterday, I attended Costa Coffee’s fun event where they hosted a Japanese artist who came all the way from Japan to Kuwait just to entertain Costa’s customers. Kohei Matsumo is a famous artist in Japan who is known by drawing on coffee.

I arrived a little bit late and it was crowded, but the sweet Dalal Alsaeed managed to get my picture drawn on my coffee, I told her to ask him to draw an owl on my coffee and voila :) as you can see in the pictures, my cute lil owl :D

Kohei Matsumo will be at Proud To Be Kuwaiti village, if you want him to draw on your coffee, get your sketch ready and head to the village :)

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MJ Night At Luscious Boutique


I received an invitation from the owner of Luscious Boutique; Hala Abu Alhasan for the launch of the new collection which is inspired by Michael Jackson. The collection has been revealed yesterday around 6:30pm at the boutique in AlTijariya Tower.

When I arrived, Michael Jackson’s famous hits were playing all over the place. The atmosphere was really cool and hip, I wanted to dance to every song. The people there were very nice and sweet, got to meet new ones. And we also got to meet the lovely funny lady @TheVeeView (Instagram) She rocked the night with her MJ outfit. And the delicious treats were from @LittleTreatsQ8 (instagram).

Wish you all the best Hala and more events to come nshallah :*

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Celebrating New Year In Chabd


I rarely go to our farm/Yakhor in Chabd. Not a fan of the area but when the family gathers, it becomes lots of fun. We decided to hit the town on New Year Eve, do some activities and have a BBQ. The weather was really cold on that day. We headed there after work around 4pm with our stuff and started the night around 6pm.

We played Bingo for a while and then we had dinner. A BBQ that was very yummy and delicious. Then we continued the game. Last year I didn’t win and this year I also didn’t win. It was really frustrating, because it was only my husband and I who didn’t win, not to mention my poor aunti who arranged everything for this night lol :P

It was a very lovely night with my dear family and the newly weds (sister and her husband). I hope for those nights to continue for us and for everybody out there.

May 2014 be a better year nshallah.

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Happy New Year


May this year bring you all happiness, health and wealth <3

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Black & White Night at Joe’s Cafe


Last week, I received an invitation to attend the opening of Joe’s Cafe and Joseph and Joe store at the same time in The Avenues-Prestige. I got there on time but it was very crowded mashallah. It was a very fashionable night, couldn’t stay that long because I had another event going on at the same time. Couldn’t try the food but will be going there soon nshallah when school is on break for 2 weeks. Here are some photos of the event.

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The Official Opening of Lotus Corner-Soug Sharq


I received a beautiful yummy invitation full of delightful things to fill my hungry tummy with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t touch any of the sent stuff because I’m on a detox program, I’m saving it for my free day which is coming very soon nshallah :)

The official opening event was almost 2 weeks ago. I went there early because I was really busy that day, unfortunately the event didn’t start until later on when I left. I managed to take few pictures of the place but I honestly don’t have much to say except that we all know how Lotus biscuit tastes like, even Baby Jana became addicted to it. Every day she eats 2 fingers :P

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AlRoudan Tournament Passport


How cool is this passport, ha?

It’s really beautiful and creative. A passport to pass or fly to all Alroudan Tournament events for this Ramadan 2013. I really loved the idea of personalizing a passport for people so they can attend the events held or organized by Alroudan.

You can get yours for KD45 if I’m not mistaken and you can attend all the events, football matches, meet famous players or football divas etc.

Thank you Alroudan Tournament & Senyar for the lovely passport.

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