Santa Monica Pier-Los Angeles


It is a place I’ve always seen on TV but I’ve never ever dreamt of seeing it alive and actually visit it. Santa Monica Pier, the popular place that you have seen in many movies was in front of my eyes :D

After we finished from touring Hollywood, we headed Ice Cream Lab (previous post). Then we continued to Santa Monica Pier. The place was crowded because it’s summer obviously. We reached the place very hungry, so searched for a place to eat (post coming) and then we started exploring the area.

It wasn’t THAT huge, but it was decent. It had many restaurants and cafes, small food kiosk and some games to play. Not to mention the sea itself but it was rough, and the weather was very windy and kinda cold (to me). But it seemed that it wasn’t a problem to the people swimming in the sea.

We enjoyed walking on the sand which was cool and soft. Watching children play, teenagers playing volleyball on the beach, lovers talking etc. The place was very relaxing and soothing to the mind and soul. Get your book and beach rug and enjoy the sunset there.






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California Adventure-Anaheim


No one can be THAT old for Disney Land. Even Juju wasn’t with us in this trip, we couldn’t help ourselves but check California Adventure. We visited DisneyLand in Hong Kong last year and it was really cool and small. So in this trip, we were kinda confused, which park to visit, it wasn’t worth visiting both of them, so we decided to hit the California Adventure. We got the tickets from our hotel. Yes, we were staying in Anaheim, and our hotel was 5 minutes away by car from the park.

We took the bus because we didn’t want to waste our time searching for a park space. Reached the park around 10 pm and we entered immediately, even though it was holly crowded but the people there were very fast and efficient. Once we were inside the park, we searched for a place to have breakfast in because we were very hungry and we found a very delicious one :)

The place looked different, not your kind of Disney Land. I believe it was all about movie experiences. Like Cars, Little Mermaid and so. There weren’t any Disney Princesses or fairies except for Sofia The First which belongs to Disney Junior. The park was kinda small, we didn’t expect it to be like that but well we can’t say we didn’t have fun going around checking the shops, games, cafes and restaurants.

We only played 2 games which were for kids lol but every game was crowded with people, it takes forever to play an exciting game. So we decided to just relax and enjoy the park. It was hot in the morning but then the weather cold down and the breeze became really refreshing.

My goal was to get Juju Sofia’s costume, because she’s in love with her, so when I went to the shops I was surprised that they didn’t have Sofia’s costume, I asked around and they told me that I can find it in a Kiosk in Hollywood block. I went there looking for that Kiosk and there it was, everything related to Disney Junior.

Around 2pm, we went back to the hotel, took a shower, relaxed for a bit, changed our clothes and then went to have lunch at In-N-Out. After that we went back to the park but this time driving our car and we found a parking lot which was kinda far but we didn’t mind the walking. We stayed there until the final show which was amazing. Loved everything about it. It was just marvellous.





















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Irvine Spectrum-Los Angeles


Irvine Spectrum was one of the places that we enjoyed visiting in California. It’s near long beach, not that far. So when you’re done with Queen Mary & Fox-trot Submarine, you can head to Irvine to spend the night there and enjoy your time.

One thing I didn’t like about the place was the people residing there, they were all of the Arabian Gulf. I swear it was as if I was visiting Dubai or Kuwait. Full Khalijis, which I kinda avoid when I go on vacation. I like to see new people, new faces, hear a new language, be introduced to other cultures.

So avoid this place in summer if you don’t want to meet your neighbour but visit it if you’re going in a different season. The place is really amazing, the decoration, the shops, restaurants, cafes and it also has a cinema. Full entertainment! I loved it.

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Fremont Street Experience-Las Vegas


Last day in Vegas was spent in Fremont Street Experience. I don’t know how I came across this street but i think it was from google when I was searching for the places to visit in Las Vegas.

We went there around 5:30 pm and it was still daylight so nothing special about it as you can see in the picture. But they closed the street’s entrances and asked us to show their IDs to make sure we’re above 20 years old and maximum security was surrounding the place. They checked all of our bags and wallets to make sure we’re clear but they were very nice with us and the process took less than 2 minutes.

As we entered the street again around 6pm it was still daylight, still nothing special about, so we walked through the kiosks and shops, had coffee in Starbucks and then the fun started. Around 7pm, music started playing in the middle of streets. The were 2 stages, both played by different bands. The music was so loud and energetic. People were dancing and having fun in the middle of the street.

Around 7:45pm the lights started playing in the ceiling, but at 8pm all lights closed in the streets and a colourful musical show started in the ceiling. It was soooo beautiful with all the colours and stuff dancing with the music. It was unbelievably beautiful, everyone was looking up with a huge smile on their faces.

We loved it.

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The Linq-Las Vegas


A very hip and beautiful place to spend your night at. The Linq is the IT place for dining, shopping, walking, and entertaining district in Las Vegas. It has just opened and everybody is crazy about it. The place is very cool, it has a huge wheel that you can enjoy at night seeing Las Vegas with all its lights. Walking is so much fun in this strip because the weather at night get colder a bit and the music makes this place a vivid district.

Make sure not to miss this place if you’re heading to Vegas and it’s highly recommended to visit it at night.

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“O” Cirque du Solei Experience-Las Vegas


One of the shows that I really really wanted to see was “O” and I was so lucky, I got to see it “yeeepppeee”

I’ve always played youtube videos for this show and checked their websites just to see what they have about it. It always fascinated me, a huge swimming pool in the middle of the theatre and people performing in it was just beautiful on youtube. Now, what about seeing it live in front of your eyes? It was magnificent, unbelievable, it made me speechless.

Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed, don’t know why? They allowed it in Zarkana show but in this show it wasn’t. But i managed to snap some photos *dances* until one lady came and told me it’s not allowed :P

The decoration of the whole place was really beautiful, so dreamy with all the blue, purple and red colours. The performers were really professionals, all the moves they did were really awesome and scary at the same time. My heart stopped for a moment in one of the moves because I thought something wrong will happen :S

If you happen to be in Vegas, make sure to watch this show, it’s a must.

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride Experience-Las Vegas


One of the things that we wanted to see was the Grand Canyon, it was a must-see destination. We wanted to book from the internet but then decided to check the strip shops when we reach there and yeah we got great offers from a shop across the street. They gave us a good price for a 4hrs trip by helicopter, we pass by the famous sights of the Grand Canyon, land there, take photos, have a picnic and then get back home passing by the strip. The price was $405 per person, it was a good offer, so we booked it.

The day came and we were picked up from our hotel by a limo :D Oh yeah, that fancy hehe :P We reached our destination, the Helicopter base was located near McCarran Airport, so many helicopters were there. We were greeted by a very friendly staff, they took our weights, gave us a name tag to put on our clothes and then they asked us to watch the instruction on TV.

Our pilot was called John, he was really nice and funny. My husband asked him for the from seats and he gave us the front seats :D The view was amazzzzing. When we took off, it was verrry scary for I’m afraid of heights, i was about to cry, but my husband was worried that i’d throw up :P But everything started to become cool after 10 minutes or so. i started enjoying the view.

We passed by The Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Black Canyon, Colorado River and an active Volcano that damaged the land before. The view from the top was beautiful. We landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, took amazing photos until our table was set to have a light dinner. As you can see the pictures, the basket was really cute, it had cookies, and apple, pasta salad and Turkey sandwich. They offered us Sodas and Champagne lol, we had the sodas of course :P

The way back was alas beautiful, we passed by Lake Mead again and saw some lands, also passed by the strip and Fremont street experience. The ride was really cool, i wanna ride a helicopter again, it was totally worth it :D

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Zarkana Cirque du Solei-Las Vegas


One of the things that I really wanted to do is watch as many cirque du solei shows as possible. I love such shows and I’m intrigued by the decoration of each show, music, costumes, make up, performance,,,you name it. Everything is spectacular in these shows.

We arrived really really tired, so I planned this day in advance. I didn’t want to waste it in bed, so I got a good offer for Zarkana show and dinner at The Buffet, both in the same hotel we’re staying in. The Buffet was very crowded (post coming) but we were seated after 15 minutes waiting. We finished dinner then headed to the theatre which is very close to The Buffet restaurant.

All staff were very helpful and we were directed to our seats by so many persons, each has his own section to direct you where to go. The theatre was really amazing, so many people, I think it was almost full house. We loved the show, it was marvellous. Loved the live performance of the singers and songs were really nice :)

This is a youtube video if you want to have a look.

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Mini Ghabqa #Take2 غبقة حضرتنا


Last Monday, we gathered at Jumana’s house, you all know her as The SideTalk. I haven’t been to her house before but this lady is so kind and nice, I’ve know her ever since we were pregnant with our babies and we’ve kept in touch. She’s one of the few people that I feel comfortable with so we all gathered at her cozy place wearing somehow fancy Darra’as (not THAT fancy). The gang members were DandermaJacqui, and PinkGirl. It’s always fun gathering with these girls.

Jumana’s house was so whitish and full of coziness and comfort. I felt so happy entering her house and sitting on her huge sofas and facing a huge bouquet of mini pink roses. The lady was so busy going and coming back from the kitchen preparing the table. We decided not to eat a lot on Fitoor so we can have fun together eating delicious food, yes we can have lots n lots of fun eating food lol :P

She made a delicious Syrian Taboulah, it was so yummy :P we ate Caesar pizza, hummus, fatayer and a lot of desserts. Aaahhh the desserts were awesome, heavenly awesome especially the Turkish Muhalabiya which I posted about on my instagram account (check it out if you want more information @crazyyetwise).

At the end of our mini ghabqa, Jumana had a lil surprise for us all. Her baby”s Gerge’an. How cute is baby Yuyu? ha? Soo damn cute :D Thank you Jumana for having us in your beautiful house. We loved everything :*

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Thank You iFUNity for The Gerge’an


A couple of days ago, I received a huge Gerge’an package from inFUNity play area which is located in 360Mall. I love the place because it has games for all ages. I used to take Juju there ever since she was 9months old and she would enjoy her time to the max. The people who work there are very friendly and active, they will definitely draw a huge smile on your child’s face once you enter the area. And sometimes they make nice offers, like charge for 20KD and get 8KD extra, something like that.

The Gerge’an package came with delicious sweets from NagwaKuwait (Hail o Zaafrn before). I loved the packaging and the sweets, very delicious and yummy.

Thank you inFUNity for the yummy Gerge’an and for the gift :D I’m sure Juju will enjoy her time to the max :)

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Gerge’an Party


Every year in Ramadan we celebrate Gerge’an with lots of candies and chocolates. It’s a very special occasion that children have fun and enjoy their time. You see mothers getting creative with their Gerge’an ideas. This year I didn’t want to make for Juju anything and want it to be quiet but I found some boxes hidden in my wardrobe and thought why not use them and make Gerge’an for Juju. It was very simple and small. Because I have other arrangements I decided to make it simple. The other arrangements you’ll know about it in 2 weeks :D

 Here are some pictures from the Gerge’an party which we attended and had lost of fun. My sweet heart is all grown up now as you can see in the pictures :)

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Mini Ghabga غبقة حضرتنا

photo 4

Finally, my beautiful fat macbook pro is alive with a new heart :D It’s been more than 2 weeks. He was dead for no reason, I tried to revive him, but nothing worked until I called fixaid (tried them before for my iPhone) and they’ve informed me that they have to take the pc with them to the workshop. The idea of your pc away from your sight is kinda scary, so i waited for another idea or way to fix my computer but there was nothing. I called them again and they’ve fixed the problem in 4 days. The hard disk was dead and they had to replace it with a new one (512GB upgraded).

Of course everything was gone, but the most important things were backed up on an external hard drive. I’ve lost my blog watermark :( all the programmes I used to work on were all gone (need to install them again). And I’ve lost Juju’s 18months pictures :( *Sniff* and my school work *aaaaaahhhh* which I didn’t back but i can get it from my colleagues when the academic year starts again.

Now, I’m back to writing and this time, i’ll be talking about our mini Ghabqa which was hosted by our dear Danderma aver les amis Jacqui and PinkGirlq8. I love these girls, they’re the closest to my heart and I can say whatever I want in front of them not worrying what will come out of my mouth at all. I can act freely and easily. I can wear whatever i want in front of them, and that exactly what happened in our mini Ghabqa which we called غبقة حضرتنا quoting the name from Saray Abdeen TV show which we are addicted to.

In Kuwaiti Ghabqas (Ramadan gathering after Iftar) you have to wear a very elegant Darra’a and wear jewellery and make up. We didn’t want that in our Ghabqa, we wore house Darra’a and sat on the floor facing the table full of yumminess and watching TV.

It was a very nice and cozy Ghabqa where we had lots of fun together. I love you girls :*

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