The Oz Land – The Dome Mall


I’ve heard a lot about this place. My colleagues/teachers talked a lot about it but I wasn’t sure where it was located until one of them took her kids and then told me where is it exactly. It’s located in Mahboula, just next to Kuwait Majic Mall. You’ll see a grey building, the place is inside.

What does this place have? Well, it has lots of things; your kids can enjoy 10 minutes with several animals, cats, parrots, rabbits or turtles. My Juju enjoyed her time with the cats, she loves them and had fun brushing their hair as you can see in the pictures below :)

The place also has many games, playground and a sand playground. Juju didn’t want to leave that place, we had to pull her out of it making a lot of noise :/

The ticket for everything costs kd 5/- which is very reasonable and the time is unlimited for the sand playground and other games except for the animal houses.

Take your kids, they will have lots of fun :D






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Happy Day @ZainKuwait


Exactly on the 20th of March 2014, Zain Kuwait celebrated Happiness Day with us by organising an amazing fun event. I arrived on time and saw some people were already in action. We’ve heard things break but they assured us that’s part of the plan, which is the 1st step of enjoying this Happy Day.

The start was with breaking some dishes and letting all the anger and stress out, it was lots of fun, felt kinda relieved. After that we had to write our negative thoughts, stick them on a balloon and let it fly away, I wanted to kill some people :P Moving on to drinking a lemonade, a lemon for a goal I want to achieve in my life, currently I have one :D Then we wrote what we wanted to write on the pledge wall and after that I had to take a funny picture :P

We had lots of fun, it’s been a long since I went to a great and creative event such as that. Thank you Zain :)

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Fun Fair in Alyarmouk Park


Last week, I received a huge lovely invitation that was filled with lots of delicious goodies. I got so excited when I opened it because everything inside it reminded me of all the things I used to eat when I was a child.

I was delighted to accept this invitation and attend the fun fair and indeed it was lots of fun. Now, the weather is still nice and kinda cool at night so I won’t be missing these kinds of events and activities. I took Juju and headed there, gotta say there was a huge problem in the parking because it was located in a residential area but I managed to park somewhere near.

Juju got really excited when she saw all the kids there running around holding balloons in their hands. She started running too and screaming out of joy. The place was very crowded and so many activities were held there. Zumba class for kids which Juju enjoyed a lot. Dogs show where you see dogs acting and doing some moves, hair classes for little girls and lots of delicious booths to discover.

I’ve heard a lot about Sardis Bakery and was eager to try their things. I tried their Rose Cronut and Red Velvet Brownies. Gotta say, the things I tried were beyond amazing, verrrry delicious.

We stayed there for like 2hrs and half because Juju got really cranky afterwords and wanted to take a nap or else we’d have stayed tip the end because it was lots of fun. This fair was for the Down Syndrome Kids.

Well done girls and looking forward for the 2nd event :)

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Causeway Bay Street-Hong Kong


One of the busiest and most crowded streets of Hong Kong. We had so much fun walking around the shops and exploring the so many malls. It’s huge and gives you the feeling that it will never end.

In the afternoon it looks okay, but at night it becomes really beautiful with all the signs and lights and people holding signs wanting to sell you dinner set and so on.

Ofcourse, you won’t find your own space to walk so you will have to push through. I thought it’s like walking in Kuwait but it wasn’t like that at all. In Kuwait we think the country is jammed with people. Just go to China and come back, you’ll think that we have no people at all compared to massive population over there. But the whole experience was really fun and beautiful.

We visited the street twice and couldn’t finish it all. Just get there around 3 or 4pm and hopefully by the end of the night around 10pm you’ll be able to finish it if you’re thinking of going to Hong Kong.

P.S. You have to visit SOGO. A huge department store that has everything. So beautiful and BIG.

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LoungeBoard Is Now Available

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Dubai AirShow-Indoors Part 2

Let’s continue with our tour inside the exhibition of Dubai Air Show 2011. The hall was divided into 3 parts; main hall, west hall & the east hall. Each one of them was enormous. I loved the booths of every participant, the designs & decoration were amazing. I kinda learned some stuff, husband explained few things, & when I was on my own, i had to ask the people who are taking care of their booths. There was a huge helicopter in the middle of east hall i think; I asked the guy if I can get inside it & he gave me the green light :D It was fun! Took lots of pictures ;)

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Dubai Airshow-OutDoors Part 1

Now, we go outside . . . Where the real models are standing or sitting . . . whatever :P Anyways, the space outside was marvelous, huge, big, I can’t explain it! And so many giant & small models were displayed outside; Boeing, private jets, fighters, helicopters, army ones etc etc etc! We managed to get inside a private on which was amazing! Its price around 14 million US Dollars, damn it, we only have 10 Million in our bank account :P that’s why we couldn’t buy it ;)

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Dubai Airshow-Indoors Part 1

As I said earlier, we were heading to Dubai for the sake of this show which my husband is a regular visitor to it every 2 years! We purchased our tickets for this show last August & were ready for the show. I have to say something; The staff at the exhibition were very helpful, BUT there twitter account sucked because no one was answering me & the lady Sheena who’s supposed to reply to public emails completely ignored us when i sent her an email requesting a map coz we were supposed to drive there but then we decided to take the metro, more fun :D

We reached Terminal 1 around 10:30 & headed there by Taxi! The place was very organized & well prepared. Crowded but we managed to get our badges fast coz we already had Q-Jump numbers. The security was very high & the machines were very precise in detecting anything!

I took many many pictures, I want you to see every bit of that amazing exhibition therefore i’ll divide the show to 2 parts (Indoors & Outdoors) & each post also will be divided to 2 parts! What can I do, the show was big, huge & so many things to look at & take pictures of!

Let’s take a walk around the exhibition, shall we . . .

You insert your 3 Q-Jump number here

& you wait

Voila . . . mn ayam Zajil :P

Security Check

Emirates Airways

Their corner

Their Official Store

A fancy plane in the middle of the hall

From the back

Loved their booth

The exhibition newsletter

Like it?

How about from the inside? ;)

Huge Engine

Colorful plane



From the inside

Wanna start a war?

Loved the display


Boeing planes


What it can carry :D

more Fighters

US Air Force

End of Part 1 :)

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Attending Cirque Du Soleil

I almost or probably completely lost hope in attending Cirque Du Soleil! Coz xCite were very greedy and didn’t allow selling tickets! except when buying up to KD200 you get 2 free tickets, and if you buy up to KD600 you get VIP ones I guess! When I confronted xCite, they replied with this:

“Sarah , Cirque Du Soleil is not an easy troupe to bring down and they are very strict in many things and dealing with them is quite a feat in itself. CDS has requested us to remove all CDS info/videos/rambles/ threads from youtube & facebook and to only leave their approved Red Ad in our site , so it is not about not able to handle criticism .Even though its us bringing them down and paying them a huge amount of money , and as said earlier do you think we didnt want to sell tickets standalone ?….there are many things that are not logical and we agree.”

Ok, I still can’t believe that’s the case but maybe they’re telling the truth, who knows! Now about the show! I wanted to know which show is coming to perform in K-Town, so I contacted Cirque Du Soleil & god their reply was the shortest one I’ve ever received:


Thank you for your interest in Cirque du Soleil.

Further to your question, yes, Cirque du Soleil will be presenting performances in Kuwait. You will find more information by visiting a Xcite Electronics store.

Au revoir,

Cirque du Soleil”

So I went back to xCite & asked them about the show, they gave me a lil bit of clarification:

“Great ! It is all the shows put together to one for Kuwait , therefore a mix of all the best by the Cirque Du Soleil Events.”

mmmmm that sounds interesting! I really can’t wait til I attend the show on the 25th! My best friend surprised me with the tickets by sending an image to me via whatsapp! I almost had a heart attack and called her immediately:”Please, tell me you’re taking me and not going with your husband, Im you friend, your best best friend, take me”! She was laughing alot and she said “Im taking you lady, I’d never go without you, it’s you and not my husband” LOL

The event will first start with Cirque Du Soleil for 1hr and then followed by Moscow Circus for 1hr also! It starts at 7 and ends at 9! It will be held in Doha “Entertainment City”!

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Weekend: Movie Reviews

This movie is a huge disappointment! and add to that, it was butchered by Cinesecape! Honestly, If the movie has so many inappropriate scenes, then why show it? I was expecting alot from this movie but got nothing! It was very very slow, the storyline has nothing special in it, you cant feel the turning point at all! It has an irony, the bible, the cheating, the wife! The movie is a complete chaos! The only thing I liked is Edward Norton’s acting, he was really good! Robert De Niro was awful, he aged alot! Don’t you dare and watch it!

Today I thought of watching this movie maybe it can erase the memory of last night’s awful movie (Stone) and the idea that I paid KD 3 just to watch bullshit! Guess what? it did, this movie made laugh alot, loved it, loved it, loved it! It was light, funny and very entertaining! Loved the script, the acting and specially the toilet scene LOL that made me laugh like crazy. The little boy is smth, he really freaked me out, so cute :) The actor Jason Bateman is a  cutie also, this is the first time I see him in a movie but he turned out to be a well-known actor (Arrested Development)! Also Jennifer Aniston looked very fresh and lovely! Watch it and enjoy your time!

Don’t ask me why I even thought about watching this movie but i did and i regret wasting 2 hrs on it! I mean, who cares about gay rights? Seriously? I love Sean Penn alot and I enjoy watching his movies, he’s a great actor but in this one he really really disappointed me! Or maybe he did it because he’s becoming a political activist! It’s very long, it talks about the life of a gay guy Harvey Milk and his political movements for gay rights! Sean Penn’s acting was the only good thing in this movie and he really looked like a gay man, that’s why he won the Oscar for that role i guess!

Logan-Marshall Green. He’s the reason I watched this movie even after I read not so good reviews about this movie! I hate movies shot in one location! I mean the setting of the movie is just one place which is the elevator in this one! Devil coming to punish a man for his sins in an elevator? Are you kidding me? And it wasn’t scary at all! if not for the dark scenes where you don’t know what will happen and then BOOM! Hated it alot and the only good thing i got from this movie is that I got to see a new face (Chriss Messina) He’s a cutie ;)

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Movie Review: Takers

I’ve been dying to watch this movie ever since it came out in the US and when it got to Kuwait, everybody got busy and we couldn’t go but today we didnt hv much to do so we decided to go the cinema (me and sis) and took my aunt with us ;) Unfortunately, I got sick this morning, my throat was hurting like sm1 was cutting it with many knives, my nose is blocked and at the same time running wild, severe headache and I can’t breath! But I wasn’t about to cancel the reservation! I knew I’d be fine once i see my babies on the screen!

Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, & Matt Dillon along with Chris Brown and other cast star in this movie! Now how can I cancel it?! ;) The movie was fine, not that good and not that bad! The plot is kinda regular, nothing unique in it but what makes it fun is the action scenes and the blue eyes of Hayden and Paul :P The movie is kinda like a mix of Ocean’s 11 & The Italian Job! Robberies, fun, action, plotting, bla bla bla!

I enjoyed watching it alot, I even cried at the end of the movie because one of the characters died *sniff*! well, many characters died, and I’m expecting that to happen coz it’s an action movie, but he was one of my fav :( will not ruing the movie fpr ya! Watch it and you will enjoy it, if you like action :D

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TV Shows Blog @Couch Avenue (Updated)

The one & only, my baby, my partner, my wife & the love of my life *stop ur dirty mind* has just made one of dreams come true :) Jacqui the nerd created this TV Show blog and asked me join her as a co-author *jumping*! We are both tvholic and obsessed about what’s on tv and instead of writing about it on separate blogs, she decided to create a blog derived from hers and keep it just about TV shows! It will consist of shows reviews, episode reviews, news & interviews!

Tune in to TV@CoucheAvenue & enjoy lazy nights with Jacqui & Swera :D

Twitter: @TVCouchAve

Facebook: TVCouchAve

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