Shu Uemera Christmas Collection-Limited Edition


I came across Shu Uemra‘s booths and boutiques in Hong Kong every where. Where ever you go there’s a Shu Uemera store or mini booth. I’m crazy about this Japanese cosmetics line, very healthy and easy on the skin specially the concealer and foundation base.

I came to know that there will be a limited edition collection by Takashi Murakami (Famous Japanese Artist) for Shu Uemera coming this October for Christmas. Of course I was so excited but the day of the launch was the day we were supposed to go to Disney Land. I was kinda afraid that I won’t be able to find anything when I go there in the evening.

We reached the store about 6 or 7 pm and yeepppeee the whole collection was there, not what we witness here in Kuwait lol :P Of course the ladies there were very helpful and saw an easy fish to make her buy almost everything from the collection :D You can see what I got in the last picture. And they pampered me with lots of gifts and mini cosmetics :)

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August Beauty Box from L’Occitane


This month’s box contained products for the hair which I haven’t expected at all. I was waiting for another box that has lotions or milks or toners but never thought this month will be about hair.

You know how we (women with veil) suffer from a sleepy dull hair. It’s so frustrating how the hair stays the same for the whole day. When I saw the box and what it contained, I got excited and tried it immediately. The results were marvelous, my hair stayed full of life and volume. Even the smell was so good.

The box contained hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, and a volumizing mist. All products were great but the best were the shampoo and the conditioner, they will do just fine.

Thank you L’Occitane

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L’Occitane July Beauty Box-Ramadan Style


As you know, every month the people of L’Occitane Kuwait send me a box filled with great things to enjoy. Every box is better than the other with the products they include. This month, it had what I wanted to try long time ago.

I know I’ve taken a long time to review these products because I wanted to try them for a period of time to see the results. Now I can say, so far this is my favorite beauty box from L’Occitane.

It contained:

Immortelle Eye Makeup Remover

Immortelle Essential Water (very refreshing)

Immortelle Cream Mask (My favorite product in this box)

Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator (amazing)

Cherry Blossom perfume.

My favorite and best products were the cream mask and the brightening exfoliator. The mask would give you a lil pain, burn or whatever you wanna call it. When I used it i got irritated from the burn feeling, and when I removed it my face turned reddish. Very red that I got scared, but after few minutes it cooled down and the results were just perfect. Every week I use it and there’s a happy smile on my face because I know the pain that will come will give my skin a good result.

The exfoliator was really good and I’m still using it. You can feel it cleaning your skin while using it. At first, you won’t feel that it’s doing anything but when you keep on using it on your face you will get the amazing results.

Thank you L’Occitane

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My Beauty Secrets


Ever since Boklah (Instagram account) started this “share your beauty secrets” and I wanted to take a picture of what I can’t live without and share it with you guys so you might benefit from it one day. So let’s make this short and go through my list of beauty products that I adore and feel comfortable wearing.

1- The PoreFessional by Benefit (Use it before applying anything so it will cover the pores and give your face a very smooth clear look)

2- Shimmering Event Foundation Primer by Kryolan (Apply it before the foundation, it will give your face a natural glow)

3- Lingerie BB by Guerlain (A very light foundation for everyday use, perfect for work or quick errands)

4- Parure Gold Full Cover by Guerlain (A full cover foundation for events, weddings or receptions)

5- Porcelain Mineral Sheer Veil by Madly Yours (gives your foundation a beautiful glow, perfect for parties and you can apply it under the eyes on your cheekbones)

6- Madly cover Loose Powder by Madly Yours (finish your foundation by applying this loose powder which will add a natural color to your skin)

7- Mud Concealer by Dolce & Gabbana (Best concealer so far)

8- Smoked Palette by Urban Decay (Perfect for parties and weddings)

9- The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay Oz The Great & Powerful Limited Edition (Very light and natural colors for everyday use)

10- They Are Real Mascara by Benefit (gives your eyelashes a very natural look)

11- Parad’Eyes Liner by Givenchy (I’ve been using it for a year now and can’t be separated from it)

12- No. 32 Lipstick by Buerberry (The color matches almost everything. You can wear it everyday or even for parties)

13- Maxi Shine Gloss by Guerlain (very light and glossy, for quick or everyday look)

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L’Occitane June Beauty Box


So, I started waiting for this box at the end of every month waiting to see what’s new and what to try and enjoy. This month it included 2 new items, not in the store but in the beauty box. A body scrub and a Shea butter cream.

I have to tell you that I really really loved the scrub. Leaves your body soft and moisturized with a beautiful light scent of freshness and cleanness. It’s easy to use and I’m replacing it with body scrubs as it cleans better.

The Shea butter is very different from other creams. This one is very thick and heavy but light on the skin and gives your it a glowy soft look and texture. I love looking at my hands after applying the Shea butter on them. And it stays for long hours. You don’t need to apply cream every now and then to keep your body moisturized.

The box also included a hand cream as always and a lavender soup which I’m using on daily basis now for my hands. Beautiful items for this month. Thank you L’occitane.

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Brand New Nivea Body Lotion


I’ve received a box of Nivea goodies to try their new products. To be honest most of the goods inside the box are the same haven’t changed except for the fairness body lotion with raspberry essence, this was new to me and i immediately tried because I love anything that has raspberry in it.

The smell was sooo good and the texture of the lotion was perfect. As of its effectiveness, I can’t tell you about that because I have to use it everyday and i actually don’t use the same lotion everyday. I change from lotion to lotion.

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L’Occitane Launches New Fragrances @The_Avenues


Last week, L’Occitane held an event to introduce the new 4 fragrances that have been launched on that day.

Full of colors, flowers & summer is what I can say about this new collection. Vanilla, Magnolia, Green Tea & Jasmin create La Collection de Grasse. Each essence has a variety of products; hand cream, soap, moisturizer, perfume etc. My favorite was the Magnolia & Vanilla, very beautiful and hot.

In the store, we were introduced to the collection and also we were given a mini test to see which fragrance suits our personality more. My sister did the test because I was busy with the camera and Juju :P and not to mention it was full house mashallah.

The talented artist Nawaf Alshemmari was also there drawing life for the audience (picture above). Amazing job wallah!

Once my sister knew what fragrance suits her, she was surprised to know that she already has it :P and me too! (see picture down).

Thank you Shayma Bakhsh for the lovely event and more to come nshallah :)

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L’Occitane May’s Beauty Box


Just as the previous month (read here), I’ve received from L’Occitane Kuwait May’s beauty box.

Now, this month, it’s floral, summery & full of freshness & vividness. I liked the colors of the bottles before even opening them or smelling the scent. And when I did smelled them, I felt as if I was in a garden. It takes to another place, a gazebo surrounded with blossomed flowers & the fresh breeze bringing the smell of those flowers to you.

I loved the Pivoine Shimmering Oil. It’s not sticky at all & it gives you this beautiful shimmer. Good for parties or girls’ gatherings ;) Also shower jelly (Yup jelly not Gel) & body milk are very good. The body milk doesn’t make your skin sticky at all & it keeps your skin hydrated for few hrs. Also the smell stays for a while even when you wash your hands with water, you can still smell the scent on your skin. Ofcourse their hand creams are very popular, I don’t have to tell you about them, or do I? :P

The perfume is amazing, very light & summery.

Thank you L’occitane for May’s beautiful beauty box :D Loved it

P.S. I loved this month’s beauty box more than April’s ;)

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Labello New Lip Butters


I received a small box from Dubai that has the new Labello lip butters that come in 3 flavors (Original, Raspberry & Vannila & Macadamia). I preferred the raspberry, the smell was beautiful. My husband took the original & liked it too. It doesn’t color your lips at all, and it’s very light, which is good for our extremely hot weather in summer.


“Contains Hydra IQ, Shea Butter and Almond Oil. The indulging Lip Butter formula pampers lips and relieves dry, chapped lips. It seals in moisture in your lips long- lastingly and leaves the sensitive skin of the lips well protected against the external influences.”

Raspberry Rose

“The big innovation for the Lip Butters: real Raspberry aromas in the formula provide authentic flavor and fragrance experience. The interaction of smell, taste and the touch of the lips indulges all senses.”

Vanilla & Macadamia

“The big innovation for the Lip Butters: real Vanilla and Macadamia aromas in the formula provide authentic flavor and fragrance experience. The interaction of smell, taste and the touch of the lips indulges all senses.”

Oh and the box also has 3 macaroons which are very delicious YUM YUM

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L’Occitane April’s Beauty Box


I received April’s Beauty Box from L’Occitane to try the Almond Set to try & review. Now let’s see what’s inside my beauty box?

Almond Milk Concentrate: “Rich in almond oil & almond milk, this body cream nourishes and softens the skin. The blend of silicium and almond proteins, which are similar to collagen, effectively fights skin slackening by restoring skin’s support tissue.”

Almond Supple Skin Oil:”This body oil fights dry skin & lack of firmness. Concentrated in almond oil, rich in omega-6, and cameline oil, rich in omega-3. It helps to repair the hydro-lipidic barrierfor a more supple skin that no longer feels tight.”

Almond Shower Gel: “Enriched with almond oil. Leaves a subtle mouth watering scent of fresh almond for a delightful skin.”

Almond Soup: “Floral fragrance of almond blossoms and contains crushed almond shells to gently exfoliate the skin.”

Almond Slimmer Massager: “A massage accessory that stimulates microcirculation, ensures that the active ingredients penetrate the skin well in order to enhance and extend the effectiveness of the treatments.”

I’ve quoted for you what each product is supposed to do or achieve after a period of time. I’ve tried the products for 3 days now & here’s what I can say about few of them, others will definitely take time

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L’Occitane Tender Loving Protection with Shea Butter & Honey


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Happy Magical Holidays-Thank You L’Occitane





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