Tadco Online Supermarket


How many online supermarkets we have in K-Town? I believe a lot. but how many offer organics, gluten free and healthy products? I believe few of them do.

Tadco is a new online supermarket which has opened recently. It offers a wide range of organic and healthy products coming from the US on weekly basis. They also offer delivery to all GCC countries with a flat rate. I have received a bag full of some of their organic and healthy products to try and review and I have to admit that i loved all of them with no exception and I’ll tell you more about each product under its picture.


Bento Lunch Box

This was supposed to be for Juju but I started using it for work. One of my colleagues loved it and bought one for herself too. It’s divided and it can be used to so many things. Loved it.


Cashew Cookie Bar

Can you believe this bar is made only from cashew and dates? It was really good and made me full.


Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks

My favourite. I finished it in no time. I kept munching on it forever. I thought the bag is small and that it will finish quickly but it didn’t. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Maple Almond Butter

Now that was something so good. I loved dressing my French toast with it and it tasted really good with the banana also. Yum


Sea Salt Seaweed

Do you like Sushi? Then this one will suit you just fine. not everyone will like it but i did and it’s really good if you want to munch on something that won’t make you gain extra KGs :P


Chamomile Night Tea

My nights are not complete without this tea. I’m drinking it almost every night and it makes me more relaxed. Caffeine free.

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Provence Event by L’Occitane


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a private event by TheSideTalk to attend a night filled with beautiful essence and organic food at L’occitane-Tanagra Alfanar.

The door of the store was decorated with a beautiful country bicycle, lavender and yellow flowers. I loved the entrance very much, felt like I was in a country side not in an actual mall. As I entered the store, the aroma hit me. All of you who use L’occitane products know how aromatic their products are, how they smell so good and make you relaxed.

The was a variety of organic food, healthy fresh juices and other delights. We were offered a hand massage and also we had the opportunity to discover our essence that relates to our personality. The event was so relaxing, I really enjoyed it because it was quiet and serene.

Thank you for the lovely night :*

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Bio Oil’s Magic


Last week I received a package from Ali Abdulwahab Almutawa Pharmacy that had a lot of products. The main was Bio Oil, the magical stretch marks and scars oil. A lot of pregnant women use Bio Oil during their pregnancy. I used it at first but then some people told me that there’s a better cream, turned out the opposite. Wish I continued using it but in my next pregnancy (IF) i’ll use it nshallah.

“Bio-Oil is the #1 scar and stretch mark product in over 17 countries around the world, and will now finally be available in Kuwait. It is a specialist skincare product not only meant for mothers and mommies-to-be, but also those affected by skin issues from athletes to growing adolescents. It helps promote even skin tone, nourishes aging skin, and lubricates dry, flaky skin (which we all know there is a lot of in this dry, desert climate!). It is also effective for other numerous skin problems, and as a dry oil, leaves no oily residue for those who worry about clogging their pores.”
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Cooking Night at Little Ruby’s


I received a lovely invitation from Little Ruby’s to attend a night full of cooking and delicious meals at their newly opened branch in The Avenues. I tried their food before and it was really good. This time, I was excited to get inside their kitchen and experience how they cook their delicious dishes.

We arrived on time, greeted by the owner and seated. We selected new dishes to try and I chose a dish to cook which was the mushroom risotto. I gotta say that it took me a while to get inside the kitchen and cook because it was full house, but it was a very nice experience. Now take a look at the things we tried on that night:

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L’Occitane December Beauty Box


Last week, I’ve received a beauty box from L’Occitane. Like every month, I received  beauty box full of new products to try and review. This month is the month of Acacia. The smell of this essence is really nice and flowery. You’ll feel more refreshed after taking a bath with the sparkly shower gel, add a little bit of the perfume and you’re in a very beautiful yellow garden.

Get the perfume, it’s amazing.

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Villa Babak Experience @The_Avenues


Last week my husband and I were invited to try the food of Villa Babak which is located in The Souk area in The Avenues Mall. I’ve heard a lot about this place long time ago but i didn’t get the chance to try it.

It’s situated deep inside the souk area, just ask the security men and they’ll guide you. The place is quite big, not that much but it can accommodate a number of people if it gets crowded on holidays or such days. We were seated near the mini fountain and started going through the menu that had photos of each dish which is a good thing. Not all restaurants do that and wish they would, because photos help us choose better especially if it is a new place we are trying.

We chose some famous Persian food and most of the dishes were really good especially their famous Zarash rice. The atmosphere, staff and money wise were really good.

Check out the things we ordered:

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Orogold Facial Treatment


If you haven’t noticed yet, let me tell you something about myself. I love cosmetics. I love trying new lines of skin care products, facials, spas, treatments and so on. Whatever new in the market, i’ll be more than happy to spend some money on it so I can try it and check if it’s worth it or not.

A couple of weeks ago, i wrote about the opening of Orogold 4th branch which was at Symphony mall. This time, i’ll be talking about their facial treatment. I received an invitation from Miss Sarah Alsaleh to try their facial. I chose the Hilton Resort branch because I wanted a relaxing place and so it was.

I was greeted by Miss Raisa, who introduced me to the whole line and informed me that every product they have has 24k of gold. And that each line is set for a certain age but you can mix some lines together to get a better result. She showed me their store which was a little bit small but enough for customers to check the products. They have 1 facial room. Their facial treatment costs KD 25 but if you get products from them for your skin they will give you few sessions for free.

Raisa started the facial treatment with Termica mask, where it went inside my pores, opened them and got all the toxins out. It was very hot, it took some time to cool down. After that she applied the Termica serum. Then we moved to the Vitamin mask, to close the pores and refresh the skin. After the mask, Raisa applied the Vitamin C serum. At the end, she used the Collagen mask which was very cold, and applied the collagen serum later on. My skin looked very alive, no black pores (she didn’t use a machine) and glowing.

I loved their products and I can’t wait for the current line I’m using to finish so I can try their lines.

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Orogold 4th Branch Opening-Symphony Mall


I received an invitation from the lovely Sarah Alsaleh to attend the opening of Orogold 4th branch in Kuwait which was at Symphony Mall. I arrived late to the opening because i had to wait for Juju to wake up and then for my aunt to come and sit with her at Missoni Hotel :P to my luck they were running a bit late so I didn’t miss a thing.

The store was a bit spacious, it has 2 rooms for customers’ facials but not more than that. They also have all their products available in store and if you want to know about any products, the ladies will help you for sure. I will be trying their facial soon in Hilton Resort-Almangaf and I will let you know how it went.

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Shu Uemera Christmas Collection-Limited Edition


I came across Shu Uemra‘s booths and boutiques in Hong Kong every where. Where ever you go there’s a Shu Uemera store or mini booth. I’m crazy about this Japanese cosmetics line, very healthy and easy on the skin specially the concealer and foundation base.

I came to know that there will be a limited edition collection by Takashi Murakami (Famous Japanese Artist) for Shu Uemera coming this October for Christmas. Of course I was so excited but the day of the launch was the day we were supposed to go to Disney Land. I was kinda afraid that I won’t be able to find anything when I go there in the evening.

We reached the store about 6 or 7 pm and yeepppeee the whole collection was there, not what we witness here in Kuwait lol :P Of course the ladies there were very helpful and saw an easy fish to make her buy almost everything from the collection :D You can see what I got in the last picture. And they pampered me with lots of gifts and mini cosmetics :)

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August Beauty Box from L’Occitane


This month’s box contained products for the hair which I haven’t expected at all. I was waiting for another box that has lotions or milks or toners but never thought this month will be about hair.

You know how we (women with veil) suffer from a sleepy dull hair. It’s so frustrating how the hair stays the same for the whole day. When I saw the box and what it contained, I got excited and tried it immediately. The results were marvelous, my hair stayed full of life and volume. Even the smell was so good.

The box contained hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, and a volumizing mist. All products were great but the best were the shampoo and the conditioner, they will do just fine.

Thank you L’Occitane

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L’Occitane July Beauty Box-Ramadan Style


As you know, every month the people of L’Occitane Kuwait send me a box filled with great things to enjoy. Every box is better than the other with the products they include. This month, it had what I wanted to try long time ago.

I know I’ve taken a long time to review these products because I wanted to try them for a period of time to see the results. Now I can say, so far this is my favorite beauty box from L’Occitane.

It contained:

Immortelle Eye Makeup Remover

Immortelle Essential Water (very refreshing)

Immortelle Cream Mask (My favorite product in this box)

Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator (amazing)

Cherry Blossom perfume.

My favorite and best products were the cream mask and the brightening exfoliator. The mask would give you a lil pain, burn or whatever you wanna call it. When I used it i got irritated from the burn feeling, and when I removed it my face turned reddish. Very red that I got scared, but after few minutes it cooled down and the results were just perfect. Every week I use it and there’s a happy smile on my face because I know the pain that will come will give my skin a good result.

The exfoliator was really good and I’m still using it. You can feel it cleaning your skin while using it. At first, you won’t feel that it’s doing anything but when you keep on using it on your face you will get the amazing results.

Thank you L’Occitane

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My Beauty Secrets


Ever since Boklah (Instagram account) started this “share your beauty secrets” and I wanted to take a picture of what I can’t live without and share it with you guys so you might benefit from it one day. So let’s make this short and go through my list of beauty products that I adore and feel comfortable wearing.

1- The PoreFessional by Benefit (Use it before applying anything so it will cover the pores and give your face a very smooth clear look)

2- Shimmering Event Foundation Primer by Kryolan (Apply it before the foundation, it will give your face a natural glow)

3- Lingerie BB by Guerlain (A very light foundation for everyday use, perfect for work or quick errands)

4- Parure Gold Full Cover by Guerlain (A full cover foundation for events, weddings or receptions)

5- Porcelain Mineral Sheer Veil by Madly Yours (gives your foundation a beautiful glow, perfect for parties and you can apply it under the eyes on your cheekbones)

6- Madly cover Loose Powder by Madly Yours (finish your foundation by applying this loose powder which will add a natural color to your skin)

7- Mud Concealer by Dolce & Gabbana (Best concealer so far)

8- Smoked Palette by Urban Decay (Perfect for parties and weddings)

9- The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay Oz The Great & Powerful Limited Edition (Very light and natural colors for everyday use)

10- They Are Real Mascara by Benefit (gives your eyelashes a very natural look)

11- Parad’Eyes Liner by Givenchy (I’ve been using it for a year now and can’t be separated from it)

12- No. 32 Lipstick by Buerberry (The color matches almost everything. You can wear it everyday or even for parties)

13- Maxi Shine Gloss by Guerlain (very light and glossy, for quick or everyday look)

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