Guest Writer- The Maze Runner By Spencer Blohm


As you know that I’ve never had a guest writer on my blog before, but when Spencer Blohm contacted me regarding my review of The Maze Runner book and wanted to share his point of view on the matter, I didn’t mind at all. Here’s his piece of writing.

“The new film The Maze Runner opened at the top of the box office charts, but this blockbuster sci-fi film began as a bestselling young adult novel from author James Dashner. As is the case with any film adaptation of a novel, there have been a number of changes. Whether they were for the better or worse is up to the individual viewer but what we end up with is the same story being told in two very different ways.

One only needs to look at the other powerhouse YA series that have made the journey to film to see the varying degrees of deviation from the book. It’s always a source of contention for readers when even the smallest liberties are taken, but clearly those who have seen the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, or Divergent (all of which you can watch on demand through providers like DirecTV or online at sites like Amazon Prime) don’t seem to mind that much.

The novel version of The Maze Runner follows Thomas (played by Dylan O’Brien in the film) as he wakes up in an elevator with no memories except his name. As the elevator doors open, Thomas finds out he is far from alone. Now he must find out why he and the others have been sent to the Glade and why they have been locked inside a giant stone maze.

A major component of the The Maze Runner novel is the life the Gladers have made for themselves. These kids have been sent to this mysterious place and have created a whole society, complete with rules, responsibilities and a way of doing things much akin to Lord of the Flies. Generally, these rules are followed and everyone works together to make survival in the Glade easier for the whole.

 In the book we are allowed seeming unlimited access to this world. James Dashner not only sets up this wonderful world of survival, but he gives us the time to experience and feel what it is like to be a Glader. The movie adaptation takes this joy away from us. Instead of watching Thomas learning and adjusting to life in the Glade, he jumps from one dangerous situation to the next. Watching the film, I felt almost robbed of this special bond with the Gladers.

Speaking of special bonds, in the novel version of The Maze Runner, a lot of time is spent on the relationship between Thomas and Teresa (played by Kaya Scodelario). They have the ability to communicate telepathically, giving the reader insights into them as characters. Using the new accelerated timeline, the filmmakers were able to completely cut out the telepathic bond between our two main characters.

The filmmakers also decided to change certain aspects of the Glade and maze itself. In the book, the maze and Glade are underground. The sky the Gladers see is fabricated to simulate actual outside sky and weather. The movie has our heroes surviving beneath a real sky, as the maze and Glade complex is located above ground.

Other liberties have been taken with the layout and sectioning of the maze. In the movie we see the maze sectioned off into 8 numbered areas. Each day a different area opens up for the Gladers to explore. This numbered sectioning also helps leads to an easier puzzle for Thomas and the others to solve.

As a whole, the The Maze Runner novel and film versions both tell a great story, each with their own unique vision and style. While die-hard fans of James Dashner’s novel will be off put (and possibly upset) with some of the changes made, those that go in with an open mind will leave happy. For those of you who did like the movie, then you’re in luck because the film for the second book in the series is currently in pre-production and is expected to be released in September of 2015.”

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The Commons-Calabasas


It’s just across the street from our hotel, what a location :)

A small open air complex that has a cinema, shops, supermarket, cafes, restaurants and Barnes & Noble :) As if i was living in heaven :D The whole place was so clean and beautiful, a lot of greens which we rarely see in our area. Beautiful clean breeze to breath every morning and every night. We loved taking a walk around the place, just going and coming back. Even walking in the parking lot was so much fun with those tall huge trees covering the area.

We enjoyed our nights going to the cinema, choosing from a very small variety of movies but we didn’t mind it at all. The movies didn’t have anyone working there except the guy who we bought the tickets from and the one selling us popcorns and snacks. We entered without anyone asking us about our tickets, and we headed to our hall without being directed there. Also when we got inside the hall, no one asked us for our tickets, we seated ourselves and that was it. People there trust the people of Calabasas. No one would ever dare to cross the line which we liked and respected very much.

My mornings in this city were very beautiful. Why? Because I had to spend them in Barnes & Noble, a huge bookstore that we don’t have in Kuwait and I don’t think we’ll ever get to see one. Every day, I’d wake up around 9 am, take the car and head to The Commons, park in front of the bookstore, order my coffee and choose my table. To my surprise, it was really crowded. I didn’t think i’d see a lot of people in the place because I thought they might be at work, but actually many of them were doing their work in the coffee shop of Barnes & Noble.

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Book Review-The Maze Runner


Okay, so now I’m back to reading, finally. I stopped reading for so many reasons; work became really hectic at the end of the year, then Ramadan came then I travelled then I came back home, and now I’m reading :) so here’s my review of this book.

If you liked The Hunger Games, then you may like this book and you may not. I’m having mixed feelings about it. I think the writer tried so hard to make it as good as the Hunger Games but somehow failed in few points. Like trying to make a unique language for the characters, nicknames and so. I kinda felt it was poor. The story though is intriguing with all the experiments, diseases and WICKEDness. It has a plot but it starts weak then it gets stronger.

While I was reading the book, I said to myself “I won’t read the other books,I’ll just watch the movies”, but after reading the last page I changed my mind and I’m hoping Book 2 will be much better. I hope the characters will develop and be stronger.

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كتاب: مذكرات امرأه مختلفه

رواية مذكرات امرأه مختلفه للكاتبه أنفال الدويسان هي بالفعل رواية من نوع آخر. تتحدث الرواية عن مذكرات فتاة تختلف كثيرا عن باقي أخواتها، فهي البطة السودة (كما نقول) بينهم. لا هي بمستوى جمالهم و لا رشاقتهم. يتزوجان بسرعه و تظل هي بدون زوج حتى يأتي ذلك الرجل الجميل، حلم كل فتاة. و لكنها لا ترتاح له. تتزوجه بسبب ضغوطات الاهل، و من هنا يبدأ مشوار هديل في حياة جديدة لم تتخيلها ابدا.
بداية الروايه مضحكة، محتواها باكي، و لكن نهايتها مقنعه للبعض و غير مقنعه للبعض الاخر. لا اعرف ان كنت سافعل مثل مافعلت هديل في نهاية الرواية اذا كنت في مفس موقفها، و لكن لا اتوقع منها ان تفعل شيء اخر غير ذلك.
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كتاب: شارع العطايف

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 10.07.21 PM

أول كتاب اقرأه باللغه العربيه. انصدمت من جرأة الكاتب في وصف أحداث القصه، نظرا للحدود الملزومه علينا كمجتمع خليجي، لم اتوقع لكاتب سعودي ان يكتب بهذا الشكل او الوصف.
قصة ٣ شبان كانوا يعيشون في حي اسمه العطايف، كل له قصته التي يحاول ان يخفيها عن اهله و اصحابه و لكن مع مرور الزمن ينكشف هذا السر. هل يمتنع عن الخطأ؟ لا، بل يكمل غير مبالي بما سيقول عنه اصحابه او اهله. ينحدرون الى الاسفل، يمارسون كل انواع الرذيله بلا تفكير ابدا حاى تأتي لحظة الموت فتتغير كل الحسابات.
اعجبتني القصه جدا و بكنها كئيبه و تعيسه جدا. احزن عندما اعلم بان هناك اناس يعيشون بهذا الوضع.
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Book Review: Catching Fire

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 9.51.42 PM

Many people favoured this book over the 1st one and said it’s the best one in the trilogy. To be honest, yes somehow it’s better but still I feel there was something missing. Something related to Katniss and Gale. I mean obviously the reader can feel something going on between Katniss and Gale but still we don’t get that much of them in the story. We see more of Katniss and Peeta who irritates me a lot. Don’t you hate it that he’s always with Katniss all the time, and don’t you get worried that she might fall for him? I don’t want that to happen and that’s why I’m going to start reading the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy tomorrow because I want to know what will happen next.

Of course, the story of Katniss the Mockingjay symbol of rebellion develops a little bit and we see that many people risk their lives to save her because she’s their only hope for a new beginning.

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From Real Books To E-Books


hhmmm … I’m not sure how to start this post but I have to start with, I failed my books big time. Not that I stopped reading but I actually stopped reading them, real books and started reading ebooks using either my iPad (Kindle app) or my Kindle Paperwhite. I know I’ve talked so many times about my hatred towards ebooks and that I will never ever use them but I blame it on Jacqui, she was the one who got me the Kindle Paperwhite and I started using it later on. She got it for me last June but I actually started using it late November and I gotta admit, it’s easier to read books on it. You can read books in a very fast way and keeps you going. Yes, there’s something with ebooks that keep you going, you don’t want to stop, and you forget your surrounding and focus only on your book. Maybe because you can’t see how big the book is and you keep on turning the pages not knowing when will it actually end unless you touch the screen to see where you are.

I abandoned my real books (only 15 left on my shelf) and I started buying ebooks and reading them like a crazy woman. It’s becoming addictive, beside you can get your books in a matter of seconds which is really awesome. You don’t have to pay for taxes, wait for it to be delivered and then pay shipping and customs fees not to mention when they don’t release the book for your from customs because it’s banned in here.

I love how it’s easy to use, easy to read, and easy to order books. Just a click and it’s downloading. I might upgrade my Kindle to a better one next year :D

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Book Review: The Hunger Games

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.29.52 PM

Creativity at its best. I didn’t want to read this book after all the fuss the movie made thinking this is a teenage thing and it wouldn’t suit my taste. But after watching the trailer of Catching Fire I got intrigued and said to myself “This book can’t be worse than Fifty Shades of Ugliness. Got the trilogy on ebook and started reading and from the first few chapters I got hooked.

I love reading books where writers create a world totally different from ours, draw the setting in your mind and make you live the story as if you are one of the characters if not the hero :)

I don’t have to talk about the story because probably I’m the last one on earth who’ve just finished reading it and everybody knows the whole thing. I just wanted to talk about how amazing the book was and i couldn’t keep it down. I finished it in 3 days which is a record. Loved it

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Book Review: Me Before You

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.32.29 PM

If you’re in the mood to be depressed and blue then this is the best book to get in that mood plus the current weather, you have a great setting to dive into your own world of misery and sadness. I’ve heard about this book, that it’s sad and everything but I haven’t imagined it would be THAT sad and totally depressing.

A caregiver falls in love with quadriplegic young man who was very fit and alive before he had a motorbike accident and had him on that wheelchair since then.

Will has no interest in going out and living his life because from his own point of view, he lost his life when he lost all movement in his body. There comes Lou, his new caregiver who tries her best to take care of him and makes his life as easy as possible but Will is determined to push Lou away from him just as he did with the other ones. To his surprise, Lou gets closer to him and he starts falling for her, until Will decides something that shatters Lou.

Great story, great writing, great characters. You can feel everything and everybody in this book. You somehow get to live the life of Lou and sometimes the life of Will and suffer from what they’re suffering. At the end I cried but I also laughed. Loved the book.

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Book Review: The Witness


I’ve always been a Sandra Brown fan and will always be, I just love the way she writes, how she makes get inside the story, live every chapter and feel what the characters are feeling. I even sometimes think of what will happen next before going to sleep.

The Witness is about a lady who’s running for her life from the closest people in her life, she’d do anything to protect her son’s life, even if that meant kidnapping a man suffering from amnesia. And a love story happens with all the running and hiding.

I won’t be talking about the writing in here because as always, it’s excellent. The story is also good, I loved it but what I didn’t like is the amount of characters, I just hate it when there are more than 4 or 5 characters in one story, I somehow get lost and to me the story loses its value.

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Writing A Book


I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. And I’m planning for it nshallah. Writing a book means that i’ve achieved something in my life. It means that I’ll be able to tell my daughter that your mother published a book no matter how bad it will be. We start with something, whether it will succeed or not, at least we gave it a try.

I’ve thought of writing about my marriage life in a funny way, like make it a comedy book but then I’m going to talk about personal things or else the book won’t be interesting. I’d have done it if no one knows who I am but blogging community is stronger than ever and everybody knows everybody. So it was a big no.

Last June or July or probably August, I honestly can’t remember but an idea came to me. I talked to my dear friend about it (You know who you are) and she said that would be nice. All i needed was a push and I had it. Of course, I totally forgot about it and didn’t even write an outline for it but today when I woke from my sleep, I remembered. Straight from my bed to my papers and pen. I’ve finished writing the outline for the Prologue and Chapter 1 and will start writing it now so I won’t be lazy later on.

The hard part will be the end of this book. How to end and who’s going to edit it :)

All the best to me :D

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Book Review: The Ruins of Us



Have you ever read a book so fast because there was a story but the writing was really boring and you wanted to know what will happen at the end? That was my case with this book. I finished it in 3 days even though I didn’t enjoy reading it at all.

There is a story about an American lady who fell in love with a Saudi man, married him and went back to his country to spend the rest of her life and raise their children. After years of living together, she finds out that her husband is married to another woman and haven’t told her for 2 years. The story is about the American lady’s reaction, action and what she will do or won’t. How his 2nd marriage ruined their lives and their children’s, what will happen next and how they will they continue living together after what happened.

There’s a story but the writer failed to express the characters wisely. i felt detached from every single character, couldn’t feel them at all. I haven’t felt pity towards the American wife nor anger towards husband. The children’s situation didn’t affect me at all.

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