Book Review: Game of Thrones (Song of Ice & Fire) Book 1

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It took me ages to finish this book. A book that is made of many sequels and has many many characters is not my kind of book, but I’ve heard and read a lot about it and wanted to read it so bad. The crowded characters made it almost impossible to read this book not to mention the writing is really difficult and not easy for the eyes. I wanted to read the books first and then watch the show but because the book was very difficult to comprehend with all the kingdoms, families, names and groups, people suggested that I watch the show first so that I can know the characters and reading will be easier. And it did.

The writing style is beyond magnificent with all the details and descriptions. The characters are really good, I can’t imagine an author with such gift creating so many great characters in one book/story. One thing that I didn’t agree on which was killing Eddard Stark, that was just difficult to digest but I guess that what made this book amazing.

Can’t wait to start reading the 2nd book

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Book Review: Go Set A Watchman


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I’ve never read To Kill A Mockingbird but I’ve heard about it and how great the book is. I’ve bought this book because I’ve seen its cover everywhere and it’s related to that amazing book.

The reading sometimes is light and sometimes it confuses me, I feel like I’m lost. I can’t get what the author wants the reader to know or understand.

I loved the characters and how a whole family is consumed with what the community or the neighbours would say if a person did a deed they didn’t approve on. I can relate that to our society/community here in Kuwait. I loved Jean-Louis strong character and how she stands up to her family trying to convince them of her point.

But something made that book somehow boring.

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Book Review: One Hundred Names


I honestly can’t believe that Cecelia Ahern wrote a book like this! I’ve wasted my time on a pointless book.

I loved all the books I’ve read for Cecelia Ahern. She is a brilliant author. But in this book, she failed to capture my attention or taste.

The book starts with a great beginning. I mean really great, it captures your attention from the very beginning. But then, I felt bored reading the book and finding nothing to that great story related to the 100 names. In fact there was no story at all, I kept on reading and reading hoping there will be something WOW. And when we get to know that the main character Kitty finally finds out the link between the 100 names, guess what? Again there’s nothing :/

Pointless and I’m really disappointed.

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Book Review: After You


I’ve been waiting for this book for a very long time and couldn’t believe it when I saw it on a bookstore shelf before its official worldwide release, I bought and started reading it. Now, I’m going to comment first on why people were so upset with this book? I really thought I was going to read an awfully written sequence but it was the opposite. And actually, you can’t call it a sequence but more like a CLOSURE to Lou’s life. This book gives a reasonable ending to Lou’s life. To be honest, Lou wasn’t going to have a REAL life with Will because of his disability, even if she loved him and remained loving him, he had to die in the first book so Lou can have a normal life. It was tragic yes, but very reasonable.

Moving on to After You. As I said this book is a closure to Lou’s life after Will. We see her dealing with his loss in a very messy way, being scared of new feelings and dealing with Will’s problems even after his death. Which I feel it was irrelevant to the story. Why give Will a daughter he didn’t know about and make Lou deal with his and her mess?! That I couldn’t understand and kind of didn’t like.

I loved Sam’s character all, I actually fell in love with him too (can’t wait to see this book as a movie). Donna his partner is such an entertaining character. Lou herself is still witty and funny even though she can be a little frustrating with all her sadness and so but that’s a normal thing.

I loved this book. It made me laugh, be angry, and happy at the end :)

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Book Review: Gone Girl, Sharp Objects & Dark Places


I’ve managed to finish all Gillian Flynn’s books which came as a set that I found on amazing and found very easy and light to read but of course my opinion differs from one book to another, so here are my reviews of the 3 books.

Gone Girl

Brilliant. Just brilliant! I’ve never read a book that had such a twisted character that you enjoy reading about and trying to figure out why is the character like that and why is the character doing all of these things! I loved how the writer made you think of something and then turned the whole thing upside down. How she built the characters and how they’ve changed through out the events of the story.

The ending …. what was that about? I don’t want to have spoilers here but are you thinking what I’m thinking? Did she even do it?

Dark Places

I have to admit I didn’t see that ending coming but felt something was weird with Ben (the brother who’s supposed to be the killer). I didn’t like it that much, it was going really slow not like Gone Girl beside i couldn’t feel anything towards the main characters neither Libby nor Ben. But it was a decent read!

Sharp Objects

I honestly was expecting something really good and strong just as Gone Girl but this one wasn’t strong enough. Neither the characters nor the plot were strong enough to get into the reader’s mind and feelings. Couldn’t feel attached to the main character nor to the mother, couldn’t sympathise at all. I admit the story is somehow good, but it lacked the ability to reach out to the readers. It started really slow and boring but the last4 chapters were good enough to give it 3 stars.

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Book Review: The Silkworm


I’ve bought this book not knowing it was written by J.K. Rowling herself. I just liked the synopsis and it has been a while since I’ve read a crime novel.

I’m going to tell you the truth. I promised myself not to buy a book that exceeds 350 pages because some writers include un-necessary details that make the novel somehow boring but I got this book which is over 450 pages and I was never bored at all. On the contrary. I liked reading it slowly to enjoy reading every detail, every sentence, every conversation. It was really interesting and It has been a while since I’ve read a book this good.

This is supposed to be the 2nd book for Agent Comoran Strike series. The first book was called The Cuckoo’s Calling which I haven’t read yet and I’m planning to. The good thing is that you can read the 2nd book without reading the 1st book and getting lost. Only few bits about the main character’s life which you can follow follow up with easily.

All the characters in this book were amazing. Each had its own characteristics and persona. You get to suspect them all from their actions and the words they say in the book. The suspense that Agent Strike creates moving from character to another and analysing what he thinks and who’s the killer and why he did it. So on…

A book within a book. The metaphors and what each character resembled in the novel inside this book were mind blowing. I loved it and I thought this was creative writing at its best.

I’m planning to read the first book asap and I will not stop reading for her as Robert Galbraith.

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أنين هند-عبدالعزيز العوضي


أسلوب روائي جديد على مجتمعنا، ربما هناك روايه تحمل نفس الاسلوب و لكن لم اقرأ نفسها من قبل. اسلوب جميل و خفيف و سهل جدا يمتع القارئ حيث لم استطع ان اضع الكتاب الا بعد ٤ ساعات متتاليه استطعت ان انتهي من قراءتها. النهايه جميله جدا لم اكن اتوقعها، شخصيات محببه للقلب. حوار مميز يجعلك تشعر بالاسى حتى على الحاكم الظالم. طريقة السرد كانت مستفزه نوعا ما و لكن ربما اعطت للروايه نكهتها. .هي روايه من وحي الخيال و لكن من خلال قراءتي لها احسست بانها تتحدث عن واقع دولنا العربيه المخيب. عليكم بقراءتها بمعرفة ماذا اقصد

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الغيمة التاسعة-محمود شاكر


كل ممنوع مرغوب و هالروايه نمنعت بالكريت و لكن قدرت احصلها. روايه رومانسيه جدا رائعه. للبعض يمكن تكون جريئه شوي و يمكن يقولون شوهت معنى الحب و لكن نقدر نقول انها غيرت معنى الحب شوي من وجهة نظر بعض الناس. بالنسبه لي كانت جدا جميله، طريقة السرد كانت جريئه شوي و لكن الكتابه مافيها شي و تم اختيار الالفاظ بطريقه ممتازه.

الشي الوحيد اللي ماعجبني طريقة الانتقال بين سرد الاحداث بالماضي و الحوار بالحاضر، كان فيها شوي تشويش على القارئ.

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ذكريات ضالة-عبد الله البصيص

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صعوبات الحياة قد تجعل منا شخص آخر لا نعرفه. فقد نولد اطفال بريئون و لكن قد نتحول الى مجرمين في لمح البصر. هذا ملخص الوراية التي تحكي قصة من الواقع، واقع البدون المرير و واقع التعامل معهم. تدور احداث القصه حول شخصيتين او بالاحرى ثلاث و لكن التركيز ينصب على سلمان و حميد. فقد كانوا اصبحوا اصحابا بعد ان انتقلت عائلة حميد الى العيش في نفس منطقة عائلة سلمان، و تشاء الاقدار ان يتفرقوا بعد الغزو العراقي الغاشم ليلتقوا في ظروف لم يتوقعها احد ابدا.

الروايه ممنوعه في الكويت و لكن استطعت الحصول عليها من موقع في الانستغرام. الكتابه رائعه و سرد القصه ممتع و لكن يحتوي على الفاظ نابيه و حساسه لبعض القراء و لكن من وجهت نظري بأن هذا النوع من الالفاظ قام ببناء خلفيه عن المستوى الاجتماعي لعائلة سلمان و الشخصيات الاخرى في القصه.

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يابعده-علياء الكاظمي


هذا أول كتاب اقرأه للكاتبه علياء الكاظمي حيث شدني الغلاف و تلاهف الناس على شراءه. فقلت ما المانع؟! في الحقيقه تكاسلت بعض الشيء كون الكتاب يحتوي على عدة صفحات و لكن ما ان بدأت بقراءة القصه حتى عشت كل لحظه كتبتها الكاتبه عن الفتاة الجميله بسمة. بعض الاحداث او التفاصيل كان لا داعي لها فاحسست بان القصة طالت على الفاضي كما نقول ولكن ما ان وصلت الى منتصف القصة بدأت الاحداث بالتسارع. ابكتني القصه كثيرا حيث ان بعض الاخداث ذكرتني بالماضي الاليم. كم هي مؤلمة الحياة! و لكن دائما ما يأتي الفرح بعد ذلك لينسينا ما حدث.
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متحف الأرواح -عبدالوهاب السيد الرفاعي‎

أول كتاب اقرأه للاستاذ عبدالوهاب الرفاعي و ان شاء الله لن يكون الاخير. استمتعت جدا بقراءة هذه الروايه اللي غيرت رأيي بالكتاب الكويتيين. هناك
بعض الكتاب الذين يريدون فقط الكتابه للشهره و لكن البعض الاخر يكتب ليبدع و من امثالهم عبدالوهاب الرفاعي. فالقصه نفسها غريبه و النهايه اغرب و اروع.
تبدأ القصه ب “صغيرة” التي تنتقل للعيش مع اخوها الكبير بعد رجوعها من الدراسه في الخارج حيث انه والدها متوفي و لايوجد الا بيت اخيها الكبير لتسكن فيه. تحدث بعض المشاكل فيقرر الاخ بأن يرسل صغيره للعيش في بيت جدهم الذين لم يروه منذ سنين طويله و الذي تبرأ منه ابيهم بسبب السحر و جرائم القتل التي حدثت في ذلك المنزل. لم تستطع الرفض فذهبت صغيره الى بيت جدها طريح الفراش الذي لايتكلم و لا يتحرك، و بدأت حياتها هناك. فبعد ان قررت تنظيف تكتشف غرفه صغيره تم دفنها و الختم عليها. تحتوي هذه الغرفه على عدة تماثيل واحد منها يشبهها تماما و الذي احدث الرعب فيها حيث انه جدها لم يرها من قبل. و تبدأ هذه التماثيل بالتجول في البيت بعد ان تم فتح باب الغرفه المدفونه. لا أريد ان اكمل فنهاية القصه لاتطرأ على البال ابدا و لكن يجب القول بانها كانت حزينه جدا.
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Book Review: How To Tell Toledo From The Night Sky


This book started with a good beginning but then it became a bit boring, but after a while it becomes interesting. If you have a wild imagination, then you’ll like this book. It’s about Sally & Bernice who got pregnant together on purpose just to have 2 babies destined to be together, they gave birth on the same day and in the same hospital and separated them when they were 3 years old so they can meet after so many years of separation and fall in love without knowing about it, but eventually they know about it.

The writing was kind of strange but I liked it and it was easy to read even though i felt something was strange about it. Loved the characters, all of them except Belion, so boring. The story plot becomes interesting when you start exploring the past life of Bernice & Sally and what happened to them and how they planed all of this. Sometimes you’d feel sorry for Bernice and sometimes pissed at her. So overwhelming. The book was okay.

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